6 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas for Beginners That Won’t Break the Bank

Have you ever found yourself wondering about craft ideas for beginners? You know, things you can do without extra training or skill that won’t hurt your budget. And, ideally useful projects you can get done in a limited amount of time with kids running around. We know, it sounds impossible. But, never fear. Daily Mom has some simple and affordable crafting ideas for those of us who want to dabble in arts and crafts.

While it can be difficult to find projects that are both easy to accomplish and don’t require expensive tools, we’ve got you covered with these six craft ideas for beginners. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find materials and training to get started. Plus, kids of all ages (that includes you, Mom!) will have lots of fun trying out different projects and exploring their creative sides. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a budding artist in your home!

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By following these kid friendly craft ideas for beginners, not only will you end up with some amazing creations, but also you’ll be able to spend quality time with your kids (or just yourself, if some “me time” that you’re after). So grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Resources for Beginner Crafters

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won'T Break The Bank

The best part about crafting with kids is that you don’t need to break the bank to do it. Creating fun, simple craft projects can be a great way to explore your creative side and make something special for yourself or a loved one. But for the beginner crafter, it can be hard to know where to start and what resources are available to make crafting easier and budget-friendly. Thankfully, there are many helpful resources available to get you started on your crafting journey, no matter what type of project you are hoping to undertake.

Consider supplies. There are plenty of craft ideas for beginners that don’t require expensive tools. You can make use of everyday items that can be found in your home, such as cardboard, paper, string, and glue. With a little ingenuity, you can come up with plenty of fun and creative craft ideas that your kids will enjoy.

When it comes to training, you don’t have to look far. From magazines and websites to tutorials and workshops, there is something for everyone looking to jump start their crafting skills. For this article, we are focusing on blogs and videos on social media.

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank

Believe us when we say there are tons of budget-friendly craft ideas and supplies out there. With the right resources, you can take your crafting skills to the next level and make something truly special!

Creative Fabrica is an amazing platform that moms can subscribe to find activities for their kids to do! Whether it’s t-shirt making, paper crafting, coloring pages, or digital craft kits, moms can be sure to find something fun and creative for their children to do.

Crafting is a great way to help kids express their creative side and hone their developing motor skills. It is also a great way to help them develop problem-solving skills and encourage creativity. With Creative Fabrica, parents have access to a range of crafts for kids and crafting activities that their kids will enjoy.

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank

With a wide variety of options, moms can easily find the perfect craft ideas for beginners. Crafting activities include t-shirt making, paper crafting, coloring pages, and digital craft kits. Each activity is designed to be engaging and fun for kids, while also providing them with a sense of accomplishment. T-shirt making is a great way to allow kids to express themselves. Kids can create their own custom designs on t-shirts and wear them proudly. Not only is this fun and creative for them, but it also helps them become more confident in their abilities.

The platform also provides access to a library of craft kits and templates, which can help parents and children create their own custom crafts. The kits and templates can be used to create personalized gifts, cards, and decorations that are perfect for special occasions. The library also offers a wide variety of themes and ideas, so parents can easily find the perfect craft activity to suit their children’s interests.

With Creative Fabrica, moms can provide their kids with engaging and creative crafts for kids that they will love. With a wide variety of options, moms can be sure to find something that their kids will enjoy. From t-shirt making to digital craft kits, Creative Fabrica has something for everyone. Try Creative Fabrica with your kids for free!

Craft Ideas for Beginners

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won'T Break The Bank

Crafting is a great activity for kids and adults alike, as it allows you to express yourself through creativity. For beginners, crafting can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right supplies and instructions, anyone can start crafting. Here are six craft ideas for beginners who are just starting out!

Crafting with T-shirts:

T-shirt making projects are the perfect way to keep kids busy and engaged. With Creative Fabrica, moms can choose from a selection of t-shirt making kits that include everything needed to create unique t-shirts with fun designs. Kids can use fabric paints, markers, and fabric sequins to create their own t-shirt masterpieces and express their creativity.

Suggested Supplies:


T-Shirt Printer

T-Shirt Fabric Paints

T-Shirt Markers

Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank

Crafting with Paper:

Paper craft is another great way to get your kids involved in creative activities. Creative Fabrica offers a wide selection of paper craft projects, from simple origami to more complex constructions. Kids can make their own greeting cards, build 3-D models, or create puppets using paper, glue, and scissors. Kids can be as creative as they want with paper crafts and create unique and beautiful works of art.

Create Paper Flowers:

Suggested Supplies:

Construction Paper


Kids Scissors

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank

Crafting with Coloring Pages:

Coloring pages are a fun and easy way to keep kids busy. Creative Fabrica offers a wide selection of coloring pages featuring much-loved characters, animals, and scenes from nature. Kids can choose their favorite coloring page, grab their favorite colored pencils or markers, and get creative as they color away!

Suggested Supplies:

Colored Pencils



Water Paints

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank

Crafting with Digital Craft Kits:

Creative Fabrica also offers digital craft kits that can be printed out and used to create crafts. Kids can print out the kits, color them in, and assemble them to create their very own 3-dimensional projects. Whether it’s a 3-dimensional paper castle or a 3-dimensional paper robot, kids can get creative and have lots of fun crafting with digital craft kits.

Craft Idea! Create 3D Hats

With Creative Fabrica, moms can find all the tools they need to keep their kids engaged in creative activities. From t-shirt making to paper crafts, coloring pages to digital craft kits, Creative Fabrica has something for every kid!

Fleece Tie Blankets

This is a perfect craft for adults and any kids who are old enough to tie their shoes. It’s also completely customizable to your tastes! Pick up fleece at a store like JOANN’s – they have dozens of options and they often have sales and coupons. Fleece is very forgiving, so if you mess up your cuts a little bit, the final product will look great! You can view instructions here. These make for amazing, personalized gifts!

Cardboard Marble Run

This fun craft produces a fun game for toddlers. All you need is a piece of cardboard (cut from the side of a big box is fine), cardboard tubes (like toilet paper and paper towel rolls), and glue. Simply glue the tubes to the board in ways that would allow you to slide marbles through. Go for variety in angles. When it’s all dry, you have a marble run! Note: If you don’t have marbles, you can use mini pom pom balls (also called puffballs, depending on the brand). What a fun way to reuse items!

Homemade Greeting Cards

Crafting doesn’t get much simpler than greeting cards. All you need is paper and whatever else you have – paint, markers, crayons, tape, glue, and glitter. The sky is the limit here! If you need ideas, click here.

Paper Snowflakes

It can be a white Christmas any time of year and in any climate! For this project, all you need are white paper and scissors (make sure to supervise any little ones with sharp items). Fold the paper into triangles or squares and cut out fun shapes. Don’t be nervous trying to make it perfect. Sometimes the final products turn out to look more like monster faces or bugs than elegant snowflakes, but there is still a ton of fun to be had! If you need help figuring out the folding, check out this YouTube video. Take this craft a step further by hanging the snowflakes to the ceiling with tape and string. In no time at all you’ll have a beautiful winter wonderland!

T-Shirt Headbands

This is a fun craft for little girls, and because it reuses old material, it’s also eco-friendly! Just get old t-shirts (make sure they are clean) and cut them into strips. Follow this video to learn how to make a cute Celtic knot. Then, all you need is fabric glue or a hot glue gun to finalize your headband, and voila! You have a cute new accessory!

Shortening Candles

This craft involves heating on a stove, so it may be best for older kids and adults. The instructions can be found in this short video. With shortening, string, essential oils, old crayons, and empty jars, you’ll have incredibly cute candles you can use as home décor or a gift to friends and family! Almost all the items needed for this craft are probably laying around your house, so this is a good way to put them to use, keep them out of a landfill, and declutter your space.

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Benefits of Crafting

10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won'T Break The Bank

Are you inspired yet? Crafting has so many benefits, so if you aren’t on board yet, keep reading.

  • One of the key benefits of crafting with kids is that it encourages creativity and problem-solving. Crafting projects can help children and adults express themselves in a variety of ways. From drawing to painting and sculpting, crafting can be a great way to explore new media and discover hidden talents.
  • Many crafting materials are easily accessible, making it an affordable activity for families of all sizes.
  • Crafting with kids can foster the development of fine motor skills as children learn to accurately manipulate objects and materials.
  • Crafting can create a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem. By producing tangible results, we can learn to take pride in our work, no matter how simple or complex it is.
  • Finally, crafting with kids can be a great way for families to come together and have fun. Whether it’s an afternoon spent making cards for a special occasion or a week-long project that is done together, crafting is a great way to connect with your children and create lasting memories.

Crafting with Creative Fabrica is an enjoyable and creative way to keep your kids entertained. With so many crafting options available, there is something to suit every child’s taste. Whether it’s creating something special with t-shirts, designing a paper craft, coloring pages, or digital craft kits, Creative Fabrica provides the materials and tools to make it easy for everyone to get creative. Download 10 items to get started making crafts! What project do you plan on tackling next?


Encouraging Cognitive Development Through Crafts



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10 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas For Beginners That Won'T Break The Bank
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