How to Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

If you’re a makeup lover who loves to embrace the seasonal changes, it can be an exciting time when the air starts getting cooler, the days start getting shorter, and school is back in session— it means that Fall is approaching! But if you haven’t quite switched your wardrobe from tank tops, cutoffs and flip flops, to cardigans, leggings and booties, there are ways to prepare your skin and makeup bag for the cool weather ahead. Read on to find out 5 easy ways to transition your makeup bag from summer to fall.

For makeup lovers, Fall usually means matte skin, vampy lips, and muted makeup tones. But when you aren’t quite ready to switch out your makeup products completely, here are some easy ways to ease yourself into the transition.

Prepping your skin

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With drier air approaching, you can also think about starting to exfoliate your skin more regularly. When the humidity in the air is completely gone, it’s a good idea to exfoliate once a week or so to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. The Loving Tan Skin Polishing Mitt is the perfect tool for this job. Hang it in your shower and throw it in the wash machine when you need to, this mitt is far more hygienic than any loofah sponge you could use.


From the dewy summer skin to matte skin in Fall, a velvet or satin finish foundation will put you right in that happy medium. The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick is a favorite for its pigmented formula without wearing too heavy on the skin. Look for foundations with hydrating ingredients to prepare your skin for the cooler weather ahead.


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Swap out neutrals glosses for lipsticks or stains with deeper burgundy and plum hues. An easy way to get away with a bold lip in late summer/early Fall is to pair it with a super simple eye. Opt for a neutral eye with a winged liner, and pop on some natural looking lashes if you must. Ardelle Natural Demi Wispies or Red Cherry Wispies are the perfect lashes to give you super length, while still remaining daytime appropriate.


Since you’ll no longer be spending days lounging at the pool or relaxing on the beach, you can ditch the waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara can be hard on lashes when used on a daily basis. The agents used to make it waterproof can be heavy and drying. Additionally, since it takes more to remove waterproof mascara it can lead to excess rubbing and tugging on your lashes, causing lash loss, and promoting wrinkles on the delicate eye area.


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An easy way to transition from summer to fall makeup is by switching up your blush. Switch from bright fuchsias and bubble gum pinks to soft peaches and pinks. This will give a more understated look for the fall, which is more about muted tones and deeper shades. Try the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso for a soft peach shimmer on the cheeks, which is perfect for the transitional period between summer and fall.


In transitioning to Fall makeup, you can side aside the shimmer bronzers in your makeup bag and save them for next year. Fall is the time to transition from natural and dewy to a more contoured face. If you’re intimidated by the thought of contouring, try the KKW Creme Contour Kit. The kit was created with the makeup-beginner in mind, so it’s perfect for anyone who has trouble blending out cream products. It gives a natural looking finish no matter how much you build it up, so it’s basically impossible to mess up.

Now that you know how to transition your makeup from summer to fall, which one of these tips will you incorporate into your makeup routine?

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Photo credits: Kristen Love

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