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Taking a cruise on a vacation is a popular way to travel and we understand why. Cruising lets you travel internationally without a lot of the hassle normally associated with travel, and you save a lot money. A cruise is all inclusive, you sleep well, and have a ton of fun. This is a family friendly way to travel and show your kids the world. There are a lot of cruise lines to choose from when booking a trip for your family but you need to find the perfect one for you and your kids. Carnival has an amazing option for families to cruise to the Caribbean. The Carnival Fantasy is always ready to set sail and take your family along for an adventure of a lifetime.

Carnival Fantasy

The Carnival Fantasy is one of the many cruise ships that are a part of Carnival’s fleet that sails all over the world. Carnival Fantasy is a newly renovated ship that can sail with about 2,000 guests. The Fantasy is ideal for travel with family. It is conveniently located for families in the southern United States, it travels to paradise-like locations, the food will please everyone, the opportunities for fun and entertainment are endless, and the staterooms are modern and comfortable. If you are interested in cruising with Carnival, the Fantasy is a wonderful ship and we have all the details here for you.

Fantasy Port and Destinations

The Fantasy departs from Mobile, Alabama. Mobile is incredibly convenient to families who live in the southern United States. You can drive to your cruise instead of flying and save money. Cruise to the Caribbean or the Panama Canal. Decide how long you want to get away, as short as 4 days and as long as 10 days. No matter the length of the cruise, you will relax and have fun the entire time. Every destination of the Carnival Fantasy is tropical and gorgeous. This ship allows you to step aboard in Mobile, travel to paradise, and come right back to where you started with no stress!

Fantasy Dining

One of the best things about a Carnival Cruise is the dining. From the moment you board the Carnival Fantasy until you disembark, you are served delicious meals around the clock. Step onboard and head straight to the Ledo deck. Lunch is served there from the start.

The buffet in the Lido Restaurant will have a wide variety of hot choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, daily. There is also a lovely salad bar with cold cuts and fruit as well as the Sweet Spot for dessert. Swirls, the soft serve ice cream is located in the Lido Restaurant. In between meals and even late at night, you can always order pizza or sandwiches in this same spot.

Outside on the Lido Deck are two of the most popular spots for lunch. Guy’s Burger Joint is a ridiculously delicious burger place created by world famous chef Guy Fieri. Burgers are made to order and you can try them Guy’s way or ask for it just the way you like it and customize with the burger toppings bar. Next to Guy’s is the BlueIguana Cantina. Stop here for yummy burritos and tacos. They serve breakfast as well. With lots of toppings and salsa choices, you are sure to have your dream taco while on board.

For dinner, you get the pleasure of dining in one of the more formal dining rooms. You choose an early or late seating time and every night you arrive to dine at the same table with the same lovely and professional waitstaff. Dine on your time is also an option. You will enjoy a 3 course meal with a new menu every night. For at least one night of your cruise, you will dress up in “cruise elegant” attire for dining room. It is so fun to see how everyone dresses up. Most families don’t dress up for formal dinners very often so this is such a special treat. Your children will even be presented with a kids menu each night and are treated like royalty!

Throughout the cruise, if you are thirsty for a little more than the included juice, water, tea, and coffee, you can purchase soda and alcohol from the different bars on board. If you know you are going to drink extra beverages a lot, there is an unlimited plan to purchase for soda (Bottomless Bubbles) or alcohol (Cheers).

No matter which of the fabulous dining choices you go with, you will not spend a moment of your time on the Carnival Fantasy feeling hungry or thirsty and you will be able to find something you love 24 hours a day.

Fantasy Entertainment and Activities

Universal Lounge – The Universal Lounge is center of the entertainment on the Carnival Fantasy. Here your family will be able to enjoy Hasbro, The Game Show, musical performances from the Playlist Productions, Bingo, and more. If your kids love the towel animals found in your stateroom every night, check the schedule for the towel animal program in the Universal Lounge to learn how to fold up these adorable creations on your own. The towel program ends with a silly, musical towel animal puppet show that will have everyone clapping along.

Mini GolfMini golf is classic family fun and your family can enjoy this every day on your cruise. The course is suitable for all ages and experience levels. It just feels extra fun to play golf on the very top of a giant cruise ship.

Various Live Musical Performances – While cruising and exploring the different areas of the ship, you will stumble upon live musical performances from singers, bands, DJs and other musicians. Whether it’s a 90s music dance party or simple steel drums on the Lido Deck, there is never a dull moment on Carnival’s Fantasy.

Pool and Water Works – Up on the Lido deck you will find the pool, hot tubs, and Water Works on the Fantasy. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with this area because your kids will want to spend a lot of time here. Water Works is amazing! There are two water slides and a splash area for kids (and adults) of all ages. Slip and slide the day away while cruising through the Gulf of Mexico. The view at the back of the ship where Water Works is located is breathtaking. If you want some quiet time, there are hot tubs and lounge chairs in the Serenity Adult Only Retreat.

Dr. Seuss at SeaDr. Seuss sails Carnival! On the Carnival Fantasy, your kids have the chance to interact with beloved Dr. Seuss characters. They can march in a parade with Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two, and Sam I am. The parade ends at the Universal Lounge where everyone takes a seat for an interactive reading of “The Cat in the Hat” with the cruise director. One morning there is a Dr. Seuss breakfast in the Jubilee dining room. The dining room is decorated in a way that makes you feel like you just walked into Seuss’s world. The menu is right out of the books. Green Eggs and Ham is an actual choice for breakfast! The Seuss characters will also come visit each table and you can take pictures with them all.

Camp OceanCamp Ocean is the kids only experience on the Carnival Fantasy. Kids ages 2-11 are welcomed here and they will have a blast. This isn’t a boring kids club. Camp Ocean is active, exciting, and enriching. From the minute you walk up to Camp Ocean, your child will be greeted by the kind and professional staff. The kids are safe and cared for and they will enjoy all the activities in aged based groups. Everything in Camp Ocean is nautical themed. The games, crafts, songs, and more are all connected to the ocean. You can enjoy some adult only time knowing that your children are enjoying some kid time! If you are traveling with teens, they have options like Club O2.

Spa and GymSpa Carnival is a serene space on board where you can get pampered. You are welcomed into the spa and can relax in the lounge while you wait for your treatments to begin. There are specials offered throughout the trip. Make an appointment for a skin treatment, massages, body wrap, even teeth whitening is available. If you need to get a workout in while aboard, the gym here has state of the art equipment and beautiful views of the ocean. There is also a walking/running track on the top deck around the mini golf course.

Shopping – The Fun Shops aboard the Carnival Fantasy are a shoppers dream come true. The selection is amazing and you save a ton of money on everything. Jewelry, perfume, fashion, Carnival souvenirs, candy, liquor, and more are all available right on the ship. Throughout the cruise, specials and giveaways are announced so be sure to take advantage of those opportunities as well.

Fantasy Staterooms

Your Fantasy Stateroom is your home base while you are aboard. No matter which type of room you select, you will have an incredibly friendly and helpful steward assigned to your room the entire cruise. All the staff on board make sure you feel cared for throughout your cruise. Room service is complimentary. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and feature all the amenities necessary for your vacation. There are three stateroom options aboard the Carnival Fantasy.

Interior – Rooms that sleep 2 or 4 people, for a view book a porthole room.

Ocean View – Sleeps up to 4 and you have a large window. Your kids will love looking out over the great big blue ocean whenever you are in your room. Connecting rooms for large groups available.

Suite – Rooms that sleep 3 or 4. Each suite has a balcony. VIP check in included.

The Carnival Fantasy really does provide the ideal setting for a family vacation. You pick the options that work for your preferences and budget. Have the kids pack up their bags and you pack yours. Begin to explore the world with your little ones on a cruise to the Caribbean. Every detail has been thought of for your trip and the Carnival Fantasy is more fun than you can imagine.

For a personal account of a recent cruise on the Carnival Fantasy you must read “Life Lessons Learned On a Carnival Cruise.”

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