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Parents know that shopping for clothing for your children can be fun…when you have the time. Going into a store and shopping for clothes is exhausting with little ones, even when you love fashion. Online shopping has made this easier, but sometimes even that can be stressful. The options are endless and it can be hard to sift through each page. With the rise of online clothing subscription boxes for adults, it’s a wonder that there isn’t something like it for kids. For busy parents on the go, a professional children’s styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle can be a lifesaver. Wee Blessing is just that! They help you and your kids feel and look your best while giving you back what matters most…your time!


Why Wee Blessing Will Make You Say #Blessed

If you ever find yourself dreading clothes shopping for your kids, then an online subscription box like Wee Blessing might be the answer to your prayers. This clothing subscription service delivers clothes from your personal style profile right to your doorstep each month or each quarter, making sure that you have the new clothes you need when you need them.

Wee Blessing gets you started by helping you put together a personal style profile. You’ll tell them a little about your family- sizes, favorite brands, budget, favorite colors, and more. From newborns to 14 year olds, they have you covered. You can select your child’s style from a selection of categories and even let them know what things your child likes to wear on a regular basis so their professional stylists can choose the perfect items for your box. You can even let them know what your child doesn’t like to wear which is perfect for kids who might have issues with textures, elastic waist bands, or just really don’t like to wear pants (there’s always one).

Wee Blessing really wants to get to know your child so they can create the perfect style profile for them. They will ask your child’s favorite hobbies, sports, or activities. They want to know what your child’s favorite characters, their favorite colors, and what patterns they like to wear. Wee Blessing will also ask you what stores you typically shop at in order to gauge your price point and your child’s style. For either your boy or your girl, the Wee Blessing subscription box is, well, a blessing.

What to Expect from your Wee Blessing Box

There are two options for subscription boxes: monthly or quarterly. Each box will contain 4 outfits per child. Once you receive your box, you have 10 days to decide what you like and what you want to send back. There is no charge to send items back, and you only pay for what you keep. Wee Blessing wants you to love what your child gets, and they want you to love the prices. That’s why each piece is guaranteed to be 40-60% off retail.

With brands like Disney, Nike, Gap Kids, Carter’s Old Navy, The Children’s Place, Sperry, J. Crew, and more, Wee Blessing strives to give you the perfect items for your child’s style. This comfortable striped tee and khaki pant for boys is perfect for the chilly fall and winter weather. Each piece can be worn together or separately for additional looks. For your girls, the casual sweatsuit is great for a walk to the park with a warm cup of hot cocoa or for play dates.

Wee Blessing is a must for the ever-changing styles of your kids. Your little girl will love getting a box of clothes just for her. All the styles are hand-picked to make sure she loves them and they are something you know she will wear. From play dates to school days, playground climbing to biking around the neighborhood, Wee Blessings provides clothing and styles that she loves- because they were picked just for her!

Good fitting jeans are hard to find, but with Wee Blessing you don’t have to do the work. These Nautica Jeans are just what your growing-up-too-fast son wants for school. The baseball tee is a perfect staple to his wardrobe too. Both styles were curated by an athletic and casual style profile, making it fit the bill for his personal look.

All of your favorite brands (and maybe even some you haven’t tried before) picked just for your child’s personal style and sent right to your door. What more could you ask for? Wee Blessing saves you the one thing you can never get back with your ever-growing kids- time. Watch each month or each quarter as your child’s face lights up with their new styles. After each shipment, you’ll have a chance to give feedback on what you love and what you don’t so that each delivery will just get better! But don’t be jealous Mom and Dad- Wee Blessings also offers styling services for men, women, teens, women’s plus sizes and maternity so now everyone in the family can enjoy getting their new digs delivered right to their door.

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