Rabbit as a Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

Rabbits are the cutest bundles of fur you ever did see. If you think that puppy in the window wanted you to take him home, just wait until you see a rabbit’s oversized ears and precious little face. You won’t stand a chance. Here are 7 great reasons to hop to it and get a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbits Can Be Trained

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

Owning a rabbit as a pet has a bunch of perks. One major perk is that they are trainable in many ways. Most people are surprised when they discover that rabbits can be litter trained. This is super convenient for rabbit owners as they do not have to rush home to let their bunny outside to use the restroom. Litter boxes can be easily emptied and cleaned as often as you would like to prevent any unfriendly smell. Rabbits can also be trained to do tricks, be hand-fed, and walk on a leash. Investing time into your pet rabbit, along with their personality, will determine what you are able to train your rabbit to do.

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Rabbits Have Unique Personalities

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

Everybody is different. This is true for rabbits too. Each rabbit has its own unique personality. Some rabbits may prefer to lazily lay around while others like to play with toys. As you and your rabbit spend time together you will be able to see what foods, toys, and treats they prefer. Having a rabbit as a pet you will find they have their likes and dislikes, good days and bad days, and loveable quirks (like everyone else in the house).

Feeding Rabbits Is Fun

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

Who knew feeding anyone other than yourself could be this fun? Rabbits can be trained to be hand-fed. They love fruits, vegetables, herbs, pellets, and bunches of hay. Having a rabbit as a pet will force you to visit the often forgotten produce aisle at the grocery store. They require a smorgasbord of food daily. Their diet consists mostly of Timothy hay but also requires rabbit pellets, fresh leafy greens, and a little bit of fruit as a treat. To cut costs and have leafy greens readily available, feel free to show your green thumb and start a herb garden in the backyard. Rabbits need access to water and hay at all times. Your rabbit’s diet will be very important. Not only will feeding them be fun but also a great opportunity to bond with them.

Rabbits Love To Be Loved On

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

Rabbits are typically affectionate pets. They love to be shown attention and affection. However, their version of affection may be different than yours. Rabbits often prefer to be on the floor rather than held. They feel more secure on solid ground and will most likely enjoy light petting on their head or on their shoulders. Rabbits are curious and playful. Sitting on the floor with your rabbit and allowing them to play and explore around you is a good way to build trust and allow them to approach you when they are ready for physical contact. If you are watching and listening, your rabbit will let you know how and when they want to be loved on.

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Rabbits Don’t Require Much Upkeep

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

Let a girl know when you find a pet that doesn’t take any work. For real. Having a rabbit as a pet does take work but probably not as much as you would believe or that of other pets. When you have a rabbit as a pet you don’t have to worry about making it home in time to not clean up a mess. Additionally, you most likely won’t be walking this furry friend in the rain or picking up piles in the neighbor’s yards. Rabbits are all about self-hygiene so no need to dunk them in the sink or tub. They can bathe themselves. Yay for not getting soaked with an after-bath shake. As if these are not enough reasons to get a rabbit as a pet, you can skip the routine vaccinations other pets need that can become very costly.

Rabbits Are Cute

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

The big ears, twitching nose, and cottontail. Have you ever seen anything so cute? Surely not! These little fellas are so stinking adorable. Visitors are sure to get excited when they discover that you have a rabbit as a pet. Your visitors will probably want to feed them everything in the fridge once they know you can hand feed them fruits and veggies. Rabbits come in all colors, breeds, and sizes. There is no way that you won’t find one that catches your eye.

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Rabbits Are Quiet Pets

Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

And the best reason to own a rabbit as a pet is that they are quiet. Whew. Goodness knows your house is probably loud enough on the day-to-day. Rabbits don’t typically make a lot of noise such as barking. Rabbits communicate with soft sounds. Happy rabbits will often grunt and purr. Angry rabbits get louder to make you aware to back off. Hissing, screaming, and growling means you have really ticked off your rabbit and if you get a foot stomp you better check yourself. That means they are about to wig out. Keep your rabbit happy and you will have yourself a quiet rabbit.

If you’re in the market for a trainable, fun, cute, and rascally pet, you may want to consider a rabbit as a pet. You are bound to fall in love with their unique personality and rabbit shenanigans. Even if you never considered a rabbit as a pet before, these 7 great reasons may have just changed your mind.

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Rabbit As A Pet: 7 Great Reasons You Should Own One

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Amanda Armstrong
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