Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’s Must-Have Haven in Her 4th Trimester

For nine long months, Mama, you carry your baby inside of you. Nesting instinct kicks in and you prepare a cozy space for their arrival. You read all the books, take the classes, and do everything you can to get ready for this life-changing event. And then, they’re finally here. Your baby is born, and everything is perfect. But then, a few days (or weeks) go by, and you start to feel… off. You’re exhausted, your hormones are all over the place, you’re dealing with stitches or C-section recovery, and you’re not sure if you’re cut out for this whole motherhood thing after all.

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

If any (or all) of this sounds familiar, then we have some good news for you: help, no, rather like a haven, a place meant just for newly postpartum moms, is just a few (necessary) night’s stay away in the form of the Boram Postnatal Retreat. You’ve entered the 4th trimester when most moms need the most help, love, and support in the six weeks following childbirth. And the Boram Postnatal Retreat is the place to get said reprieve.

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Boram Postnatal Retreat: The Haven for Every New Mother in Her 4th Trimester

Boram Postnatal Retreat is a healing space specifically designed for postpartum mothers. Set in the heart of New York City, the Boram Postnatal Retreat offers a variety of mother-supported services to help new moms recover both physically, mentally, and emotionally from childbirth and transitioning over to motherhood.

From post-natal massages, foot soaks, sitz baths, and lactation guidance to nutritionally sound full-course meals, Boram has everything Mom needs to get back on her feet, fully prepared to care for her baby and herself when she’s ready to go home.

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Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

24/7 Care and Attention

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

It’s no secret that new moms need plenty of nutritious meals after giving birth. What might be less well-known, however, is that there are specific nutrients and minerals that new mothers require in order to recover both physically and emotionally from childbirth. At Boram, they make sure that every new mom is getting the care, nutrition, and attention she needs around the clock.

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

The full-course meals rich in postpartum-specific nutrients are enough to give moms the stamina they need for the demands of their newborn – without sacrificing deliciousness!

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Boram doesn’t stop there. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best possible care for moms in their 4th trimester. From post-natal massages, foot and sitz baths to lactation guidance and support, Boram has everything a new mom needs to feel her best.

Furthermore, as a new mom, one of the things you may need the most help with is lactation. Boram Postnatal Retreat offers incredible, and patient lactation guidance and support to new mothers. They provide a Mother’s Lounge for you to visit with other moms, nurse your babe, and partake in nutritious lactation snacks and beverages.

So, whether you need breastfeeding support or how to properly use a breast pump, the team at Boram will be with you every step of the way to make sure you and your baby are getting the experience you need to continue when you go home.

A Safe Space for New Moms

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

The postpartum period can be a difficult time for any mother. You’re adjusting to a new lifestyle, caring for a new person, and trying to do it all on very little sleep. It’s no wonder that so many mothers feel overwhelmed and even a little bit lost during this time!

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

At Boram, they understand how difficult this time can be, which is why they’ve created a safe space for new mothers to heal, recover and bond with their babies. Whether you need some time to yourself to take a nap, a break from the baby to take a shower, or just someone to talk to, the team at Boram is there for you…literally 24/7.

The Importance of Self-Care for New Moms

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester
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One thing that is stressed time and time again at Boram is the importance of self-care for new moms. In order to be the best mother you can be, it is so important to take care of yourself first. And that’s something that Boram Postnatal Retreat can help you with – during your stay and Continued Care when you go home.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

The Boram Postnatal Retreat is not only a physical space for healing, but it is also a safe and supportive environment for new mothers to share their stories, fears, and triumphs. The community of mothers and experts offers a non-judgmental space for every woman to feel comfortable and supported as she undergoes this major life transition. Whether you’re struggling with mental health, physical recovery, or simply the overwhelming nature of new motherhood, know that you are not alone at Boram.

If you’re a new mom struggling to adjust to motherhood, we highly recommend considering a stay at the Boram Postnatal Retreat. From around-the-clock support to nutrient-rich meals and a safe and supportive environment, Boram has everything you need to get back on your feet and feel like yourself again.

Boram: Their Purpose

The struggles that some American postpartum moms deal with are ones that other cultures have long understood. In many non-industrialized cultures, new mothers are “retired” from their normal lives for the first few weeks or even months after giving birth. They’re given plenty of time to rest, heal and bond with their babies without the demands of everyday life. Unfortunately, in our culture, new mothers are often expected to “bounce back” quickly and get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester
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This is where the Boram Retreat comes in. Their purpose is to provide American postpartum moms with the same level of care and support that other cultures have been providing for centuries. By creating a safe and supportive environment for new mothers to heal, recover and bond with their babies, Boram is helping to change the way we view and care for postpartum mothers in this country.

Moms can really (and it’s really your only choice) take the time to focus on your recovery without having to worry about laundry or cooking meals. You’ll even have a chance to sleep or even shower whenever you want to! And because they understand that it’s not always easy to get away from your newborn, they offer newborn care services as well so that you can truly relax and rejuvenate during your stay. The security provided at Boram will alleviate any fears you may have, momma; your baby is just a camera glimpse away. The security tags on mom, baby, and dad are provided for the duration of your stay.

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

Even if you think that you will never leave your baby at night, even just for a few hours, you’ll think again once you are there! The Boram team authentically loves on you and your baby, giving you an overwhelming sense of peace, and enabling you to get out of your headspace of worry and into the mindset of recovery and rejuvenation.

Postpartum Struggles

There is no shame in admitting that you’re struggling after giving birth. In fact, it’s quite common. According to the American Psychological Association, 1 in 7 of new mothers experience some form of postpartum mood disorder, such as depression or anxiety.

It’s common for women to experience the “baby blues”—feeling stressed, sad, anxious, lonely, tired or weepy—following their baby’s birth. But some women, up to 1 in 7, experience a much more serious mood disorder—postpartum depression (PPD).

American Psychological Association

Unfortunately, many women suffer in silence because they’re afraid to admit that they’re struggling. At Boram, they want you to know that you’re not alone. They have the knowledge and expertise, love, and care to understand what you’re going through.

Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester

So whether you’re struggling with a perinatal mood disorder or just feeling overwhelmed by everything that comes along with being a new mom, Boram is here to love on moms and their babies 24/7. Trust us when we say that this is one post-birth investment that is worth every penny. Your mental health and mindset and physical recovery are paramount when it comes to nurturing and providing the best care you can give to your new baby.

If you’re a new mom who is feeling anything less than blissful these days, know that help is available in your 4th trimester, the 6 weeks after giving birth. Even thereafter, their Continued Care Packages are a must-have for moms to virtually return to that safe space when they are feeling less than optimal – physically and mentally. Remember, Boram Postnatal Retreat offers postpartum moms a safe space to physically and emotionally recover from childbirth with the help of nurturing experts in a variety of fields. So take some time for yourself, mama—you have very well earned it!

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Boram Postnatal Retreat: A New Mom’S Must-Have Haven In Her 4Th Trimester



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