Postpartum Hair Loss: one strand at a time

Postpartum Hair Loss: One Strand At A Time 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

You look in the mirror, and until recently, you didn’t notice the baby hairs growing on the side of your hairline…

You panic and finally notice the thick head of hair from pregnancy is now thin, brittle and not as full… Relax, you’re not going bald! Post-partum hair loss is quite natural and happens to thousands of new moms.

Why does your hair fall out after pregnancy?

It’s quite simple. Due to the increase in hormones during pregnancy, the natural shedding process of your hair slows down (non-pregnant women lose about a 100 strands a day). Therefore, your hair looks fuller and thicker. However, once pregnancy is over and hormones are slightly balanced, the shedding returns to normal and what hasn’t shed will now start.

  Postpartum Hair Loss: One Strand At A Time 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

What you can do:

  • DO brush your hair daily to allow the shedding to occur.
  • DO use a hair treatment once or twice a week.
  • DON’T over wash your hair. It can become dry and brittle, causing unnecessary breakage (same goes for over processing your hair).
  • DON’T be alarmed (even if you end up with a handful of hair in the shower). However, if hair loss continues past 6 months, consult your dermatologist – as it can be the start of hormonal imbalance or iron deficiency.


What to use:

We know there are lots of products on the market with empty promises and a long list of chemical ingredients that we can barely pronounce. However, there are two  incredible new products on the market that not only show results but are chemical free! DS Laboratories, Revita.LT Hair Stimulation Shampoo and Spectral DNC-N leave-in topical treatment help encourage stronger, faster-growing and longer hair that looks healthier, shinier and more voluminous. The DNC-N leave in topical treatment is the first of its kind, with a gentle non-drug (nanoxidil) hair stimulant that is an alternative to the existing chemical based options on the market. The products are amazing at helping prevent thinning and shedding of strands, something that most women experience post-partum. Postpartum Hair Loss: One Strand At A Time 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Prenatal vitamins help with hair growth!

As much as we’d like this to be true it is actually false! Even though vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin E  that are found in prenatals attribute to shinier, healthier hair, there is no known scientific evidence that states they will help with hair growth. Although, taking vitamins will help promote healthy hair growth! If you want to start taking vitamins for healthier hair, make sure you find one that contains Vitamin B complexes. It’s been known that some of the B-complex vitamins (B2, B5 which is used in most skincare and hair care products, B6, B7 and B12) will improve shine, thickness, and strength of your hair as well they help with the hair’s natural growth cycle, by speeding it up.


Postpartum Hair Loss: One Strand At A Time 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

 Note: It has been stated that many women’s hair types or textures change after pregnancy. What was once oily or curly might now be dry and straight. It is perfectly okay in certain situations for the hair to not return to normal, all thanks to the hormones in our bodies.

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