A Kid’s Room Makeover for Under $600

With each new school year, your child grows and her needs change. You already bought all the school supplies, the new shoes, the perfect first day of school outfit. However, now that the school year is in full swing, is your child’s bedroom ready to get her through the rest of the year? As our kids transition from summer time to the school year, from preschool to elementary school, from elementary to middle school or from middle to high school, they need a room that is comfortable and helps keep them organized and focused as they study, learn and grow. So, if your child is having trouble getting through homework comfortably or needs to get more organized, consider a room makeover to help with that. You can give your child’s room a school year makeover for less than $600. 

Assess What The Room Needs

Can you really set your child up with a room that is comfortable and organized for less than $600? Yes, you can. The key to getting the best bang for your buck is to start by assessing what your child needs in her room. For the purposes of this room makeover, we did not need basic bedroom furniture like a bed or a dresser. However, we were in need of a space for homework, some organization and a couple items to make the room more comfortable in general. By shopping at Overstock, we were able to set up a new bedroom with everyday life and school needs in mind with amazing prices and free shipping. Here is what our room looked like before…

Get School Work Done

School work takes priority from September to June. However, even in the summer months your child should still be reading and may need a desk for creating artwork, building with legos, writing to a pen pal or other fun stuff. If your child is 4 years and older, consider getting her her own desk. You don’t need something large that takes up a lot of space. You aren’t setting up an entire office! Just a small writing desk should meet her needs. We love the Altra Parsons Black Writing Desk from Overstock. It is small enough to fit in a bedroom but big enough for writing, using a laptop or working on an art project. It is half the normal retail price on Overstock!

You’ve got a desk but you need a chair! Pick a chair that is comfortable and stylish. Your child isn’t going to sit for very long in some cheapo, hard, plastic chair. Set up an ideal setting for homework by choosing the right chair.

The Ripple Mid-back Office Chair is a comfortable, upholstered office chair that is sturdy enough to withstand years of homework and projects. Available in lots of colors, we love the bright green. You are probably going to want one of these chairs for yourself, so go ahead and order two.

Good lighting when reading or working on a computer is crucial for alertness and for eye health. Consider purchasing a floor lamp to place near the desk to light the entire area. You save room on the desk by not using a desk lamp and actually get better light overall. The Harper Blvd Orlan Floor Lamp from Overstock features a minimalist style that lights all of the area around it with three individual lights. With a three way switch, you can make it brighter when doing homework and dimmer when your child is just hanging out.

Get Organized

As your child grows, your organizational needs change. When they are itty bitty, you need to store diapers, baby clothes and a few toys and books. Suddenly you are in the heart of toddlerhood and find yourself buried in toys and that becomes the focus of your organization. As your child transitions into school, you need to organize papers, books, and supplies. You will still have toys and other fun things that need a place to go as well, but the days of giant toy boxes where you can just dump stuff are over.

For books, papers and other supplies, we recommend the Furniture of America Modern Jules Black Storage End Table. This table offers a lot of organizational space in a relatively small area making it ideal for a kid’s room. There is a built in storage cabinet to put things out of sight with an open shelf above and an area on the side that can hold magazines or books. Keep things that your child needs close by with this well made little table.

Does your child have little “treasures” that need their own space? Store and display those small items in a stylish way with the Danya B™ Large Rectangular Black Shelf Unit. This shelving is easy to install and has six divided open shelves. Your child will enjoy picking what to display on the shelves and as her tastes change, she can easily change out the items on display. This shelving unit could easily be used for years and never go out of style.

Get Comfortable

Even the most organized rooms still need to be comfortable! If a bedroom isn’t comfortable, is it really a bedroom? Besides having a nice comfy bed, there are other little touches you can add to make your child’s room a place where she will be happy.

Work from the bottom up. When her feet hit the floor in the morning, is she going to end up with cold toes on a hardwood or tile floor that leaves her feeling grumpy from the start? Don’t let that happen. A shag rug will keep her toes warm and make the entire room more comfortable. You don’t need to call your local carpet installers.

Just order the Safavieh Ultimate Cream/Beige Shag Area Rug from Overstock. This area rug is simply gorgeous. The cream color with gold accents is neutral enough to match most decor. It cushions hardwood or tile floors and keeps feet warm and happy, making it a pleasure to hop out of bed in the morning.

When the day is done, reading books in bed is a great way to wind down. You need a soft light that isn’t too bright as your child transitions toward sleep. A nice table lamp will do the trick. The Harper Blvd Dawson Table Lamp is a traditional, yet modern lamp that gives you the perfect amount of light wherever you use it. The shade allows for a nice soft light. This lamp is very versatile and can be used bedside, on a desk or on a side table.

Get your child’s room in shape for school work and everyday life. Everything can be organized and comfortable. You will create a room that your child will love and it will facilitate productivity, creativity and relaxation. You saw the before photo. Here is the after…

We told you that you can get all this in your child’s room for under $600. Can you believe we were able to get all those pieces for that price point? All those items added up to around $585. That’s a huge savings compared to buying from a furniture store. Everything was 50% or more off retail price and with free shipping. You have no reason to not buy online from Overstock.

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