15 Educational Toys, Games And Ideas for Summer Fun To Combat The Summer Slide

With school out, many parents are looking for ideas for summer fun to keep the kids occupied and engaged. Well, you have come to the right place. Daily Mom has found the best products, including educational crafts, interactive teddy bears, and flash cards. These amazing products will make summer learning educational and fun for all ages!

The Best Ideas For Summer Fun

Monti Kids

Introducing the Level 1 Montessori Box, the perfect way to nurture your child’s development from birth. These carefully designed materials encourage visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination, body awareness, and strength. Plus, with guidance from the included videos and coaching, you can change up the activities as your baby grows. It’s never too early to nurture and start the education process with your new baby!

Every box is different, with great ideas for summer fun, and a new, exciting adventure for your little one. Don’t miss this chance to give your child a head start in life for every video-capturing moment.

Level 1 Montessori Box
Monti Kids | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Smart Teddy 

Are you looking for ideas for summer fun that will have your little one engaged? Then look no further than the cutest learning teddy bear, Smart Teddy. This award-winning connected plush will become a positive & productive member of the family. It will assist parents in developing good habits, including brushing before bed, cleaning up toys after playtime, and even helping with potty training, all in a fun way.  In addition, with Smart Teddy, kids can learn how to manage their emotions and engage in over 14 other activities.

Simply connect Smart Teddy to your Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to go! Parents are always in control of the teddy with the app. The talking teddy knows 28 fairy tales, over 30 daily routine activities, lullabies, and interesting facts and is also approved by STEM. Smart Teddy is a talking bear with a built-in antenna that also responds to NFC tags. Your child will enjoy this interactive toy which will come to life with some great ideas for summer fun and will engage your child every day —the perfect gift for toddlers and kids aged 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Smart Teddy
Smart Teddy | Facebook | Instagram

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Loog Guitars

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The day has finally arrived. Your middle school student wants to learn how to play the guitar. But if you add up the cost of the guitar on top of the cost of lessons and all the earplugs you’ll need while your child is learning how to play, you’re looking at a small fortune. Fortunately, the music makers at Loog Guitars have your back! When you purchase the Loog Pro VI Acoustic Bundle, you’re not just getting the guitar. You’re getting the case, the strap, and access to FREE lessons for your child.

The Loog Pro VI Acoustic Bundle comes with both flashcards and an app that will help your child learn how to play. Not only that, but your child will also have access to FREE live ZOOM lessons! That’s right, parents. When you purchase from Loog Guitars, your children will learn how to strum that guitar quickly. And the faster they learn how to play, the less money you’ll spend on earplugs. We hope.

Loog Pro VI Acoustic Bundle
Loog Guitars | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok | Spotify


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Send the kids outside this summer with the Simplay3 Sand & Water Bench. This dual-purpose sandbox and water table lets your children enjoy hours of fun in the sun while they build sandcastles, make mud puddles, and more! Designed to store easily on your patio or deck and crafted in neutral colors this Sand & Water Bench blends into the natural outdoor landscapes. Also, when you don’t want them getting wet, the Sand & Water Bench also sports a durable train and track table for added fun and learning. Durable and versatile, the Sand & Water Bench is made to withstand the elements and will last for many years of use.

Sand & Water Bench
Simplay3 | Facebook | Instagram

BTFL Skates

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If your teen or tween plans to spend the summer at the skating rink (circa 1980’s style) let them do so in style with BTFL Skates. Let them learn to skate without the blisters and bad brakes of the skating rink rentals; give your child a pair of BTFL Skates this summer and let them roll!

Featuring a classic design and world-class construction, BTFL Skates Scarlett Pro sports genuine leather construction with a small heel and high tp boot design. Offering plenty of support for your ankles while also providing a comfortable insole for all-day wear and a soft interior lining, your child will not only get a smooth glide but an easy and enjoyable ride.

With an adjustable toe stop, lightweight chassis, and aluminum trucks, these skates won’t weigh you down (or slow you down). Easy to lace up and soft enough to slip on and off, BTFL Artistic Skates will let your tween skate like a pro while mom too will love the retro, timeless style and construction.

Scarlett Pro Quad Roller Skate
BTFL Skates | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Home Room 325

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Summer learning can be fun! With Home Room 325 whether you are freshening up your playroom or preparing your homeschool classroom, the posters and prints from Home Room 325 make great decor for your children’s space. Children learn through play so for little ones education and fun go hand in hand. This summer check out Home Room 325’s Solar System print and take your children to the moon and beyond! Let them explore the solar system while they learn about space, and other planets, and imagine themselves heading out as an astronaut into the great beyond.

Solar System Print
Home Room 325 | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Beast Academy

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School may be out for summer, but your child’s learning shouldn’t be put on the back-burner. If you’re like us and want to prevent the “summer slide,” (or you just want to keep your kids’ brains sharp while they’re out of school) then check out Beast Academy from The Art of Problem Solving. Their math curriculum is designed to stimulate, entertain, educate and challenge students in grades 1-12. Use them to supplement learning or reinforce lessons taught at school that your scholar may not be grasping in the classroom. We find that this fun approach to learning designed to look like a comic book just hits different and our kids are LOVING IT!

Each level follows a four-unit (A through D) structure with both a guide and practice materials. The guide materials are written in an engaging, comic-book style which provides comprehensive, rigorous instruction; while the practice materials provide hundreds of exercises, problems, puzzles, and games to reinforce the lessons from the guide. This approach not only engages the learner but allows you to go well beyond the basics that are often taught in typical elementary-school math curriculums.

Art of Problem Solving
Beast Academy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Yoto Mini Player

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If you’re looking forward to summer vacation, chances are that you’re also dreading the long car rides or flights required to get there, especially if you’re traveling with the kids. Meet Yoto Mini. The NEW petite and portable screen-free audio platform is one of those great ideas for summer fun that will keep your child occupied during their traveling adventures!

Take the best audio on all your family outings: from classic stories like The Jungle Book, Disney favorites like Moana, Ladybird Stories for Car Journeys, Narwhal, Let’s Imagine, and more, Yoto Mini can make family travels seamless. Yoto Mini’s size and all-day battery make it perfect for road trips, flights, and playdates. And with an Adventure Jacket for your Yoto Mini, you can protect your Yoto Mini from small bumps and carry it safely using the wrist lanyard.

Give kids the freedom to explore their imaginations as they explore the world around them. Because when imagination strikes, adventure awaits!

Yoto Mini | Adventure Jacket | The Jungle Book | Moana | Ladybird Stories for Car Journeys | Narwhal | Let’s Imagine
Yoto | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


The Storypod is the perfect audio device for kids and one of the best ideas for summer fun! With engaging stories, songs, and learning topics, they will be hooked day and night, screen-free. Plus, they can learn both English and Spanish with The Storypod. Additionally, kids can play and learn through trivia, memory games, self-recording, and more!

Storypod is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and learning while you take a break and have a moment to yourself this summer.

The Storypod
Storypod | Facebook | Instagram

Red & Olive

Red & Olive Co. should be at the top of your list when looking for meaningful ideas for summer fun for kids.  Red & Olive creates ethical dolls made by artisans in Peru. Through flexible schedules and fair wages, these beautiful knit dolls help artisans in Peru support their families while enabling them to gain self-sufficiency and stop the cycle of poverty. These adorable heirloom dolls come with matching accessories and will become your child’s best friend for a lifetime. 

The super cute  Sassy Cassy Cat comes with a matching beanie set that your little one will want to wear every day. This sweet kitty loves to laugh & play with friends and has a great sense of humor. Sassy Cassy believes young kids should be bold with her, be her friend, and together you will be unstoppable. So this summer, become friends and companions with the delightful trendsetter Sassy Cassy as she provides companionship and friendship to children of all ages around the globe. 

Doll and Headset – Sassy Cassy Cat + Matching Beanie Set
Red & Olive | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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The Little Crafters Bonus Box is a collection of fun art supplies for any child in your life. The coming of summer is an opportunity to celebrate with wonderful artistic creations. The Little Crafters Bonus Box is packed with 7 creative art supplies that will “wow” just about anyone.

Enjoy coloring with starfish-shaped crayons on a safari-themed doodle pad and unraveling ocean mysteries in a scratch art kit like no other. Create magical wonders with a Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit, paint metallic masterpieces with Chunkies Metallic Paint Sticks, and enjoy the set of Yummy Yummy Scented Twist-Up Crayons. Kids can even decorate themselves with a set of temporary tattoos. This amazing box will supply hours of fun this summer!

Little Crafters Bonus Box
OOLY | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube| Pinterest


Do you want your children to spend their free time doing something creative and productive rather than vegging in front of the TV for hours? It’s about time for you to switch Supernow, which has lots of ideas for summer fun. You don’t have to worry about your children accessing inappropriate content when you use Supernow; it’s completely kid-friendly.

Thanks to its fun interactive videos, it keeps your kids busy with creative adventures and ideas for summer fun that boost their cognitive skills while allowing you to relax or attend meetings in peace.

Besides that, you can free yourself from the hassle of helping your children with science or art projects if you have other tasks to complete. The brilliant instructors at Supernow, with live sessions, facilitate the adventures and you can choose the time that works best for you.

All in all, Supernow is a reliable and entertaining platform for children to fuel their innate curiosity and skills. So go ahead and sign up for Supernow to help your kids gain confidence in themselves and sharpen the skills they enjoy.

Adventure Box
Supernow | Facebook | Instagram

Buddha Board

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Let your creativity soar with one of the best ideas for summer fun; the Original Buddha Board! Use only water and a traditional drawing board with this zen-focused waterboard painting set to create masterpieces. Besides a large reservoir for water, this sturdy stand has grooves for holding a bamboo paintbrush and board. A Buddha Board makes a unique gift that will appeal to both adults and children and allow them to express themselves artistically.

Original Buddha Board
Buddha Board | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Let your creativity blossom with one of the best ideas for summer fun with the Ohuhu Acrylic Painting Set. This 44-piece set has everything you need to create your next masterpiece, including an easel. The desk box easel can be adjusted to 4 different positions and has a built-in drawer that can keep your supplies neat and organized.

The incredible set also includes 12 high-quality nylon hair painting brushes, 24 acrylic paint tubes, three canvas panels, one acrylic painting pad (12 Sheets), one stretched canvas, one paint palette, and one color wheel. This Ohuhu set is full of great ideas for summer fun with its colorful, exciting, and premium quality art supplies.

Ohuhu 44pcs Acrylic Painting Set
Ohuhu | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


This is a simple, affordable, and minimalistic toy for little ones who are beginning to learn their ABCs! The cards are the perfect size to fit in a diaper bag or purse, and because they are connected by a re-closeable ring, they won’t get lost. The cards are printed on durable cardboard that is easy to clean and are one of the most educational ideas for summer fun for the little ones. Mudpuppy is all about making learning interactive & engaging, and their products adhere to CPSIA, ASTM, and CE Safety Regulations.

ABC of The Earth Ring Flash Cards
Mudpuppy | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube| Pinterest

Now you won’t have to worry about your kids feeling bored during their summer break! We have the most unique toys and crafts that will give you plenty of ideas for summer fun for the kids.  It’s important to keep your kids engaged over the long summer break so they stay mentally stimulated (and so you don’t get overwhelmed). With all the great ideas for summer fun in this guide, we’re sure your kiddos will have a blast!

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