Congratulations – you’re pregnant! Unfortunately, your body is changing (as it should be) and your favorite pair of skinny jeans are starting to get a little tight. It’s finally time to invest in some new clothes, but the prospect of buying an entirely new maternity wardrobe seems like a lot of money for a relatively short period of time.

The good news is that PinkBlush Maternity now offers maternity clothes that are affordable and fashionable enough to wear before, during and after your pregnancy, also known as transitional clothing for motherhood. Transitional clothing is designed with the same look of your pre-pregnancy clothes with a little more room in the bust, belly and waist; right where you need it most!

Why Buy Transitional Clothing?

If you’re expecting, you may find that your pre-pregnancy clothes are getting a little uncomfortable almost as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test; especially if this is your second (or subsequent) pregnancy. However, you may not be quite ready to tell the world that you’re pregnant, so looking “normal” is pretty important.

Postpartum, if you’re breastfeeding, you may find that your baby weight disappears right away; but for many women, shedding that pregnancy weight can take up to four months (or longer).

Why buy clothing that is a few sizes bigger when you can just invest in some transitional pieces that will last throughout your pregnancy and beyond?

Some perfect transitional pieces from PinkBlush Maternity include:

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Nursing Friendly Dresses

Most maternity dresses will fit perfectly at all stages of your pregnancy because they are designed to provide more than enough room to grow while still showing your beautiful figure. We particularly love maxi and wrap style dresses that can be tightened or loosened to your liking. These dresses are also nursing friendly which makes for a perfect transition from pregnancy into motherhood.

This sky blue maternity and nursing maxi dress has a deep v-neckline, which allows for nursing after pregnancy. During warm months, this maxi dress is comfortable and flowing, allowing plenty of airflow on a hot day. Transition this dress into your fall wardrobe by wearing it under a jean jacket or light cardigan.

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On a similar note, skirts and other bottoms with a band that can be lifted or folded are perfect transitional pieces. Maxi style skirts with a band can be folded over before and after, and can be lifted to conform to your bump during your pregnancy.

We are particularly loving this bold navy multi-color chevron print maxi skirt for fall this year. Simply pair with your favorite basic top such as this white 3/4 sleeve fitted maternity top with necklace for a laid-back look on any occasion. Add a navy blue maternity cardigan for a more professional look.

These types of pieces are sure to add versatility to your wardrobe. Simply mix and match!

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Long and Comfortable Tunics

Long gone are the days of old maternity mumus. Yuck! Instead, opt for a gorgeous tunic that can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether you wear them alone as a short dress, paired with leggings and a belt, or a great pair of skinny jeans, we love the extra length that a tunic provides.

In particular, we really love the light hue and faded tribal print of this lightweight knit tunic. While the color leans slightly toward spring, we really love its feminine style and comfortable fit that will keep you cozy and in style from fall through spring.

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The Perfect Pair of Jeans

If this is your first pregnancy, you will likely try to avoid wearing a pair of maternity jeans for as long as possible. Don’t get us wrong, most of us have tried those bands that allow you to unbutton your jeans without the fear of your pants falling down OR tried connecting our jeans with rubber bands. However, you’ll feel so much better about your changing body with a nice well-fitted pair of maternity jeans.

PinkBlush has a large selection of maternity jeans. We particularly love a dark pair of skinny jeans for fall such as these in Navy Blue that pair nicely with just about any top or tunic. Alternatively, for a more casual look, we really like these light blue basics. These basic skinny jeans are both comfortable and flattering on all figures. We plan to wear these jeans tucked into tall riding boots and an oversized sweater later this year.

Simply measure the largest part of your hips for your size (it’ll likely be the same as your pre-pregnancy size). The stretch in the jeans and the mid-belly band will comfortably adjust with your bump as it grows.

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Stylish Transitional Tops

There are several types of tops that you’ll see as you’re shopping for maternity wear. However, we challenge you to look beyond those tops targeted strictly towards expecting mothers and more towards tops that will flatter your body from maternity to motherhood.

You’ll find that most maternity tops fit snug with a stretchy material so they will show your curves yet grow with you during your pregnancy. Of course, what we’re also finding is that most of today’s maternity tops look much like any other trendy top.

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Many expecting mothers will fall into the trap of trying to hide their growing body with dark solid colors. Don’t hide! Embrace the bump and experiment with your clothing. We especially like the idea of incorporating subtle (or not so subtle) details such as a bold chevron printed sleeve and pocket accent, a flattering striped top with a fun elbow patch (similar to this style) or an amazing lace detailed back in fun, light hues. These little details add a modern twist to an otherwise simply stated outfit and will easily wash away the baby drool when you’re wearing them postpartum.

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Also look for bold colors and patterns. While we’re not suggesting that you hide your figure during pregnancy, bold patterns can distract the eye and camouflage your shape, causing others to notice what you’re wearing instead of your growing size. This might be especially useful to you in the early weeks of pregnancy when you’re feeling kinda frumpy or postpartum as you are trying to lose your baby weight.

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We think this white, black and red Tribal Chevron long sleeve maternity top does just that. Not only is this top the softest maternity long sleeve out there, the vibrant hue and bold print will give you that loud statement and splash of color your wardrobe is missing. Simply paired with a basic black maternity legging, you will want to wear this comfortable and casual long sleeve every day.

With these fun, stylish and transitional pieces from PinkBlush Maternity in your closet, you have no excuse for wearing your yoga pants day in and day out.

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You deserve to be comfortable, feel attractive and be happy from the first sign of pregnancy into motherhood. Plan your clothing purchases so you can easily transition your wardrobe.

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