5 Ways a New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep and Overall Health

If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately, it may be more than a “case of the Mondays.” A recent survey found that this Covid-19 pandemic has done a lot more damage than simply disrupting our school and work routines. Yes, it’s caused way too many hospitalizations and deaths, but it’s also taken a toll on the effectiveness of our sleep.

In fact, since the virus first arrived, 70% of those surveyed reported that they can’t sleep, and 40% reported waking up more often throughout the night. This interruption of sleep is impacting everyone’s daytime productivity to the point that something has to change. As we slowly return to our “new normal,” one of the most important things we should reclaim in our lives is a healthy night’s rest! And one of the best ways we can accomplish this is by tossing out our old mattress and buying a new Nolah Mattress.

Whether you’re installing garage doors in the never-ending heat of the south, blasting out brilliant ideas in a high-rise or hauling incredibly demanding humans from school to dance or baseball practice; you deserve a good night’s sleep to recharge your battery after a long day.

And yet, we all know too well what happens when we don’t get that rest. Maybe you’re in the middle of sleep-training your new baby, or the smoke detector’s batteries conveniently died at 3 am, or your brain just won’t shut off. Whatever the case, when we don’t get a good night’s sleep, our bodies can’t function the way they need to in order for us to be productive during the day.

While there are a number of factors that go into creating the space for rest, one thing is certain: having the right mattress is absolutely crucial in getting some shut-eye. Let’s discuss 5 conditions that could be negatively impacting your sleep, and how purchasing a new Nolah Mattress can improve your sleep and overall health.

A Nolah Mattress Can Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

Choosing the right mattress goes beyond just improving the quality of sleep you’re receiving each night. The right mattress can also help you reduce your overall stress and anxiety levels (maybe even remove them).

If you’ve been sleeping on an old (10+ years) and uncomfortable mattress that you snatched off of Facebook Marketplace (in the freebie section no less), then you’ve been sleeping on years of someone else’s pain and grossness for far too long. Even if you bought the mattress you’ve been sleeping on brand new, over time that mattress starts to get heavy – literally. Memory foam is particularly prone to sagging and loss of comfort and support. We had no idea how bad our old mattress had gotten until we set up our new Nolah mattress.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

While it’s possible that a good night’s rest is continually compromised because of the little ones that keep climbing into bed with you night after night; it’s also possible that the mattress that once claimed to perform miracles is no longer doing its job. The one thing that was meant to recharge you now leaves you even more stressed than before.

Do this for too long and it can have some pretty serious, long-term consequences. For example, you may start experiencing new levels of anxiety or tension that go beyond what you’ve experienced in the past, and you’re not really sure why. You may become short-tempered or feel as though you’re in a constant haze. These feelings can lead to depression among other psychological concerns.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

You can avoid all of this by choosing a mattress that is better designed to meet your sleep needs. We obviously love our Nolah Mattress, but you should purchase the right mattress for your specific preferences. Once you find the right mattress, you may find that you’re not only getting a better night’s rest but that you’re experiencing less stress and more calm in your life.

Yes, purchasing a new mattress is an investment. However, you wouldn’t expect your new refrigerator or washing machine to last 20-30 years, would you? You can’t even expect your HVAC system to last more than 15 years. So, why would you keep an old mattress that is way over its age limit? Is it really worth your sleep and overall health?


Worn-Out Mattresses Can Make You More Susceptible to Allergies

Have you noticed that you’re sneezing a lot more than usual, especially in your bedroom? If we were an HVAC company, we might suggest that it’s time to change out your air filters. Or maybe you’re long overdue a good dusting session. However, your old mattress could be to blame for your sneezing fits.

Imagine hundreds of dust mites burrowed deep inside the foams of your mattress, eating away at the dead skin cells, body oil, and dust particles you leave behind each night. Gross, right? Dust mites are the primary cause of asthma and many skin allergies. As such, if you’ve been experiencing dry or blemished skin, nasal congestion or a runny nose that can’t be explained (and you’re Covid-negative), it’s quite possible that you have dust mite allergies; and your mattress isn’t doing you any favors.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

Allergies are a real, but treatable problem. However, left untreated and they can weaken your immune system. This is particularly concerning for the elderly and children. Therefore, if allergies are a concern, go ahead and get rid of your old mattress and purchase a new, germ-resistant, eco-friendly AirFoam Nolah mattress to avoid those pesky allergens. You can further protect yourself by using a mattress protector to block the dust.

A Nolah Mattress Can Relieve Your Aches and Pains

Working from home and pandemic-related inactivity has left many of us with new hip, back and shoulder pains that didn’t exist just a couple of years ago. Sure, you could argue that we’re also a few years older. However, we could also argue that whenever you lie down for extended periods of time, all of that unbalanced downward gravity from our body paired with the upwards resistance of a mattress can misalign your body and form pressure points that can leave you feeling quite sore in the morning. Pair that with a creaky old mattress that clearly has worn-out springs that should have been tossed years ago, and you’re definitely going to be feeling your age.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

Unfortunately, many people are sleeping on an extremely old, hard, creaky mattress that no longer supports their body and is leading to chronic aches and pains. As such, if you’re hearing your mattress creak, and you’re not “getting busy,” then it could mean that your mattress coils are no longer able to support your weight properly. This will actually distort your natural spinal alignment, leading to poor support which often leads to dull aches and pains.

Furthermore, we don’t know many people who can sleep straight through an entire night of a mattress that creaks every time you change position.

Pain-free sleep is all about removing pressure points, and no mattress does that better than Nolah! Compared to memory foam, the Nolah mattress offers four times less peak pressure on hips and shoulders. This means that it provides adequate support your spinal curvature needs, regardless of how you’re positioning your body. A Nolah mattress is also able to re-distribute your weight evenly such that you’re able to get a good night’s rest without the aches and pains.

The Wrong Mattress Will Make You Sweat

Waking up hot and sweaty can be frustrating for anyone, but it can also disturb your natural sleep cycle. When this happens, most people will toss off their blanket, turn on a fan or adjust other variable components in their home. But it’s quite possible that your mattress is actually causing you to sweat.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

As we’ve learned, a mattress that is too firm can cause certain aches and pains, but a bed that is too soft can cause you to sweat. We love that feeling of sinking into your bed and feeling cozy and safe. Unfortunately, when you decrease the surface area your skin uses to cool off (by sinking in), you’ll actually heat up faster which is causing you to sweat. Memory foam is particularly heat-trapping.

The Nolah mattress is made of AirFoam, which is not temperature sensitive, so it does not trap body heat as memory foam is known to do. Heat dissipates much faster for a cool, comfortable sleep without feeling stuck in the mattress. The cooling begins in the Nolah Evolution 15″ Euro-top cover, which contains conductive fibers engineered to draw excess heat away from the body. Then, the polyfoam used in the comfort and transition layers has an open-cell structure that allows more heat to escape than most memory foam.

Furthermore, a graphite infusion within the comfort layer of the mattress is also designed to draw heat away, while a 2-inch breathable gusset around the top edge of the mattress enhances airflow. Circulation through the coil core can further allow heat to dissipate away from the bed making this one of the best mattresses for “hot sleepers.” However, for added comfort, we also recommend using “cooling” sheets that are made of materials that are effective at wicking away moisture from sweaty sleepers.


A Nolah Mattress Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Finally, the Nolah mattress does much more than “improve your snooze.” A good night’s sleep has the potential to improve your quality of life. Just imagine all the things you could accomplish if you could just get some sleep. A new Nolah Mattress might be just what you’ve been needing to improve your memory, performance, productivity, and overall attitude towards life. It’s hard to be annoyed at your kids for crawling into bed with you in the morning if you’ve gotten a good night’s rest.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

While sleep deprivation is often expected when you have a newborn, long-term sleep deprivation can do a number on our circadian rhythm. This can weaken our immune system and metabolism, which can lead to weight gain and obesity, among other health-related problems. We’d be lying if we told you that just buying the right mattress would turn all of that around, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. When you’re able to rest your body, you’re less likely to toss and turn, stay up all night binge eating, or wake up in a bad mood.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress

If you’re unsure about ordering a “mattress in a box,” the Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress is worth checking out as it is one of Nolah’s most popular mattress models combining foam and coils. It’s also the thickest and most expensive mattress in the line. Measuring 15 inches thick, you get all the benefits of an AirFoam mattress with a quilted Euro-top cover that cushions the surface of the bed. Available in three firmness levels – plush (5), luxury firm (6), and firm (8) – the pillow-top contains two inches of foam padding that give the mattress a plush hotel feel regardless of your preferred firmness level.

It can also be placed on any type of bed frame such as box spring, platform, slatted base, foundation, or adjustable bases (just make sure that if you use a slatted base or slatted box spring, the slats should not be more than 4” apart for optimal support). Just unbox and let it expand. You’ll quickly wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health

Thermally conductive ArcticTex fibers along with a two-inch breathable gusset around the top edge of the bed are designed to draw heat away and promote air circulation, thus keeping you at a more consistent temperature during the night. This top layer is made of AirFoamICE polyfoam which acts as a transition layer separate from the firmer core that provides support and responsiveness and absorbs movement quite well. The fiber padding in the cover does an effective job of muffling vibrations while the foam captures them and prevents those vibrations from waking up anyone else who may be sleeping with you.

Patented HDMax eco-support coils make up the support core. At eight inches thick, each coil is individually pocketed so that it can move without excessive motion transfer. Zoning makes the head and foot of the mattress softer, while the middle of the mattress is more supportive to promote healthy spine alignment. But not to worry, this does not affect your little ones’ ability to jump to their heart’s content.

Nolah Evolution 15″
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Experience “cloud-like” sleep this year by ditching your old, tired mattress and upgrading to the Nolah Evolution 15″ mattress. With a 120 night free trial, a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and returns, and made in the USA, we’re convinced you won’t look back.


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5 Ways A New Nolah Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And Overall Health



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