7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

The warm summer months are as sweet as iced tea and sometimes as hot as blue blazes. There are so many things to enjoy about summer. Ice cream dates, dips in the pool, sunny vacations, and backyard shenanigans are a few of the perks of the hot weather. That being said, your house is another story. Your house should be a reprieve from the sweltering heat; a cool oasis. Here are 7 ideas to keep you and your house cool during hot weather.


7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

You are probably lounging, or maybe even working, around the house. So let me ask you this: why are you dressed in layers, looking like you are going snow skiing? Strip it down. The first thing you can do is shed some layers. Come on, ya know you want to! There is no better feeling than being cool and comfortable in the privacy of your own home. A tank top and cotton shorts or a thin cotton romper will go a long way when it comes to staying cool.

If you are hitting the town leave the socks at home. Sandals, sundresses, and perfect ponytails are the best, and most stylish, options for staying cool in the hot weather. Steer clear of denim and instead showcase those gorgeous linen and cotton sundresses in floral and polka dot patterns.


7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

Along with reorganizing your closet for hot weather, think about your bed linens. It is easy to forget and fall into bed every night not thinking twice about what linens are on there. Pack up the fleece, flannel, down, and even jersey knit. Opt for a cooler fabric such as sateen, cotton, linen, or bamboo. If you are a hot sleeper, throw in a cooling pillow to ensure a restful night.

Avoid Hot Appliances

7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

There are TONS of heat-generating appliances in houses. Irons, ovens, dryers, microwaves, hair styling tools and dryers, lights, and electronics such as TVs and computers are all culprits of putting off heat. To keep your house cool in the hot weather, simply pull the plug.

Keeping TVs and computers turned off and opting for a book or game can reduce the heat in your house. Another way to eliminate hot appliances, such as the hairdryer and curling iron, during the summer months is to sport a messy bun by adding mousse and hair styling gel to damp hair and pulling it up into a bun. Not only will you look cool but your damp hair can help keep you cool for hours.

For mealtime, think about salad recipes, sandwiches, or grilling outdoors. Chicken salad, pasta salad, and potato salads are hearty ways to fill up and stay cool in hot weather. If a hot meal is what you are looking for and want to keep the heat out of the kitchen, kabobs, pizza, grilled veggies, and paninis are yummy and easy peasy to prep and throw on the grill.

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Cool Treats

7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

There is a reason that ice cream truck drivers make their rounds during the summer months. A tasty, cold treat can help take the edge off during hot weather. Ice cream, slushies, popsicles, parfaits, and fruit are seasonal favorites. Don’t forget the margaritas, sangrias, and rum punches as well! allrecipes.com has TONS of delectable recipes for cool treats including the Vanilla Berry Parfait and Whipped Cream Zabaglione.

Whipped Cream Zabaglione

Looking to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to dessert time? Stay cool during hot weather with allrecipe.com’s Whipped Cream Zabaglione. All it takes is 7 egg yolks, 1/2 cup Marsala wine, 1/3 cup white sugar, and 1 cup heavy cream. Don’t forget to pick up those yummy fruits at the grocery store or freshly pick them from the fields and head on over to allrecipes.com for directions on how to create this delicious treat.

7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

White Peach Sangria

Oh sangria, how we love thee. Hot weather is the best time to break out the pitcher and fresh fruit. For allrecipes.com’s White Peach Sangria be sure to pick up one bottle (750 mL) of dry white wine, 3/4 cup peach-flavored vodka, 6 tablespoons frozen lemonade concentrate (thawed), 1/4 cup white sugar, one pound of white peaches (pitted and sliced), 3/4 cup seedless red and 3/4 cup seedless green grapes halved. Time to stir things up! Find the directions here for a little sip of heaven.

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7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

Fans can be a great tool for getting you to the right temperature on a warm day. Personal handheld fans are great for trips such as hiking, amusement parks, or outdoor family functions. They are small and can have squirt bottles attached to provide a cooling mist. Desk fans are great for work and hand fans are perfect for outdoor formal events such as weddings and graduations. Don’t forget the old trusty box fan that can be placed in the window for warmer days. Be sure to place the fan on the side of the house that is covered by shade or out of direct sunlight. Sometimes a little circulation during hot weather can go a long way.


7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

Airing out your house is refreshing, energizing, and cooling when you open the windows at the right time of the day. That’s right! There is a right and wrong time of the day to open the shades and the windows. Opening windows in the morning and late afternoon into the night is the perfect time to breathe in the cool and refreshing air. Avoid the middle of the day when the temperatures are hotter outside than inside.

Also, when direct sunlight is facing the windows, pull the blinds and curtains to keep the heat outside. Another great way to keep your house cool in the hot weather is to replace your curtains with blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are an efficient way to keep the warm radiating sun out and the cooler air inside.

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Towels and Headbands

7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

You don’t have to be at the gym to capitalize on these cooling accessories. Cooling towels and headbands are the way to go for outdoor adventures, theme park trips, beach days, and even toasty indoor afternoons. Be sure to read the directions on how to properly use the cooling towel or headband. You heard that right. After a little chuckle, read the directions. Many cooling towels need to be “activated” often by drenching it in cool water, wringing it out, and either snapping or waving it. Mind blown, right? Hot weather doesn’t stand a chance.

Staying cool during hot weather is not only comfortable but is vital to staying safe. Staying cool and hydrated ensures that you and your family are able to have all the summer-time fun there is to enjoy! Grab everyone a nifty water bottle to top off these cooling ideas. Bluetooth speakers, card and key holders, motivational messages, and many other options are available to meet all your wildest dreams. Staying cool has never been cooler. You can thank us later.


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7 Ideas To Keep You And Your House Cool During Hot Weather

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