Understanding and Preventing Workplace Crime

Whether you are an employee or an employer for a business, you should be aware of various workplace crimes that could occur and how to effectively respond when you are faced with them. Workplace crimes can range from employee on employee crimes such as assaults and stealing from a co-worker to crimes against a business such as robberies and vandalism. Employees have the right to feel protect and be protected each time they attend work and employers should ensure that they provide a safe work environment for those employees. Approximately two million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. There are numerous tips and changes that can easily be made by both employers and employees to help increase safety and prevent workplace crime.

 Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is the violence that takes place at work or the threat of violence against workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace violence is one of the leading causes of job-related deaths. These incidents can include verbal abuse, physical assaults, threats, and homicide. Workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and employees across the United States.

Understanding And Preventing Workplace Crime

Workplace violence can happen anywhere to any kind of employee. However, there are certain occupations that are at a higher risk of being a victim of workplace violence:

  • Workers who exchange money with the public
  • Workers that deliver passengers, good, or services
  • Employees that work alone or in small groups
  • Employees that work during late night or early morning hours
  • Workers in high-crime areas
  • Health-care and social service workers
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Psychiatric evaluators
  • Probation officers
  • Community workers
  • Gas and utility employees
  • Phone and cable TV installers
  • Letter carriers
  • Retail workers
  • Taxi drivers

 Preventing Robbery to a Business

Unfortunately, thieves frequently target business both big and small to rob of their property and money. If you own your own business that has a store or office, or if you work in a business and are concerned for the safety of its employees and the business itself, evaluate the condition to see if it is considered safe. As an employer, you are responsible for keeping your employees safe while they are at work. Likewise, employees should take it upon themselves to ensure their own safety. If they notice something that could result in harm or robbery, they should point it out to their employer so changes can be made to increase safety. There are several tips that business can make to help prevent robbery.

Understanding And Preventing Workplace Crime

  • Control the amount of money in cash coming in.
  • Consider installing a drop safe that will hold the larger bills.
  • Post signs that read “Limited Cash”.
  • Use secured service to deposit money.
  • Refraid from counting money when the store is open to customers.
  • Keep the business clean and well-lit to deter criminals.
  • Use mirrors to monitor all entrances.
  • Increase visibility in the business by keeping shelves low enough to watch customers.
  • Train employees on how to react during a robbery

Staying safe at work

Staying safe at work should be a top priority for both employers and employees. Additionally, it is important to try to keep the customers coming into a business safe when they are on the property. By simply doing things differently while at work can help prevent crime.

Understanding And Preventing Workplace Crime

  • Enforce visitors to check-in when entering a business.
  • Require visitors to wear a name badge or be escorted while on property.
  • Report any suspicious behavior or activity to the police.
  • Encourage employees to keep their personal property locked in a drawer or closet while at work.
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended.
  • Report any faulty locks, broken windows, or burned-out lights to building management.
  • Ask to be escorted to your car if parked in a parking lot or parking garage at night.
  • Use caution when entering stairwells, restrooms, or elevators before or after business hours
  • Report any threats to the business or employee to a supervisor or the police immediately.

Understanding And Preventing Workplace Crime

For more tips on protecting yourself at work, check out There’s Only One You! Prevent Identity Theft.

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