Transformer Table Review: Designing Your Outdoor Dream Space With The Transformer Patio Conversation Set

The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer; summertime is finally here! From backyard barbeques to a tranquil outdoor spot to relax with a good book in front of the firepit, the Transformer Patio Conversation Set from Transformer Table is an absolute must this season. If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect outdoor space to hang with the kids, entertain friends, or simply relax while soaking in the sun, dream no further – the Transformer Patio Conversation Set will meet all of your needs.

Designing an outdoor dream space can be frustrating. Patio furniture can be bulky and expensive, and the right set for this summer may not fulfill next summer’s needs. But Transformer Table makes outdoor living easy.

Whether you’re working with limited space or a sprawling backyard, their multifunctional patio sets are practical, customizable, and easy to move. With the Transformer Patio Conversation Set, you can easily change from one design configuration to another within a matter of moments, hassle-free, and no tools required. Durable and versatile, with Transformer Table you don’t have to compromise quality for style. Don’t wait any longer to make your outdoor dream space a reality, check out Transformer Table’s Patio Sets today!

Unexpected Guests? No Problem!

Transformer Table Review

A busy summer can keep us on our toes. A lazy morning can turn into an unexpected barbeque within hours, and there’s nothing worse than feeling like your outdoor living space isn’t making the cut. With the Transformer Table Patio Set, turning a party of two into a party of ten is easy.

The Transformer Table 10 Piece Patio Set is comprised of multiple modular pieces that can be configured to fit any space or function. It consists of four club chairs, four nested chairs, and two ottomans that can be rearranged to fit your needs. Book club with the girls might feel more comfortable using individual club chairs, but dinner with the family might be more fun sprawled out on a couch.

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For the book club or an cozy night at home, attach the armrests to the club chairs and double up the ottomans for a snack table. For family night, ditch the armrests and double the size by combining the seats and using the extra cushions for an L-shaped arrangement. And when family dinner turns into wine for two, you can slide the nesting chairs into the club seats for storage. Transformer Table’s Patio Conversation Set makes it easy to go from one configuration to another in mere minutes!

Transformer Table Review

Wear and Tear No More

With summer sun comes summer rain, and both can be a strain on your outdoor living space. If your current patio furniture has cracks or fading, it’s time to replace it. But while most generic patio sets are factory produced and vulnerable to damage, The Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set is made of hand-woven resin wicker and a hand-welded heavy gauge all-aluminum frame. These quality materials are sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, and made to last a lifetime. They are also surprisingly lightweight so one person can easily move and reconfigure the whole set in seconds.

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Transformer Table Review

Unlike other sectionals that slip and slide apart, using the included U clips to connect the sections, you can not only design any configuration you want but ensure it stays connected. So whether the kids are jumping from chair to chair, or a beautiful morning turns into a stormy night, your Transformer Table Patio Set will last.

Your outdoor dream space is just within reach with the Transformer Table Patio Set. Whether you have a small apartment patio or a sprawling backyard, Transformer Table makes outdoor designing- and living- easy.

Multiple Design Configurations

Designed to be the most multifunctional, modular, and versatile outdoor set available, the Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set is available in the following options:

A few of our favorite seating designs include:

  • An L-shaped sectional with an ottoman and coffee table
  • A U-shaped sectional with an extra large coffee table
  • Two loveseats with end tables or ottomans
  • Two loveseats with 4 club chairs and a coffee table
  • A couch with 2 (or 4) club chairs and a coffee table or 2 end tables
  • A large patio lounge chair for 2
Transformer Table Review
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Whether you are planning an intimate gathering for a couple’s night or prefer to give everyone a bit of personal space for a more formal or professional affair, Transformer Tabble’s Patio Conversation Set will certainly fit the bill.

Small Space Storage Options

The best feature of the Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set is the ability to store additional pieces within the patio set itself. No longer do you need to worry about where to store large, bulky outdoor patio furniture either in order to maximize your small space or during the cold winter months. With the Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set you can store both the additional seats and the cushions within the main seats and ottomans.

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The nested seating options allow each main seat to also store one of the additional seats or modular seating pieces while the dual-purpose ottoman/footrests store the cushions for all the backrests and seating. With integrated loveseats hidden behind each armchair, no matter how many seats you need, you can literally double your seating space for special occasions, neighborhood parties, or holidays.

Transformer Table has taken your outdoor seating to the next level with their Patio Conversation Set by converting traditional or standard seating into a modular, expandable, practical, and functional set meant to let you live your life outdoors as you so choose!

Transformer Table Review: The Patio Conversation Set

Transformer Table Review

If you are working with a small space the Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set is by far your best outdoor furniture investment. With the ability to store the seats into the back of one another, as well as the ability to store the cushions in the dual-purpose ottoman/side table(s) you can seat up to 10 people in a furniture seating footprint configured for 4. Plus with this set being available in 4 different color options, you can match your outdoor living space now, or however you desire it to be.

Transformer Table Review

This summer and fall, don’t let your boring back patio keep you stuck inside, with the Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set you can transform any space, making it the centerpiece of your sanctuary.

Transformer Patio Conversation Set
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Whether you live in a cabin near the mountains, a villa by the sea, an apartment in the city, or local suburbia where you spend weekends with the neighbors, Transformer Table has made it its mission to design functional furniture that will grow or expand with your family or party size.

Transformer Table Review

From their signature Transformer Table to their Transformer Table Patio Conversation Set to their all-new Transformer Couch, they have created functional, practical, gorgeous furniture that allows you to design your dream space, entertain as you wish, and live within your means. From your dining room to your outdoor patio space, let Transformer Table help you design, decorate, and thrive with its modular, multifunctional furniture and the endless possibilities it provides.

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