A Detailed Transformer Table Review – From Desk to Dining Table

The Transformer Table 3.0 and Transformer Bench 3.0 are the perfect solution for any living space, large or small. With an innovative extension system and unique storage options, the Table and Bench can provide intimate, romantic seating for two or comfortable accommodations for up to twelve guests. If you are short on space or can’t justify buying a huge dining set to only be used a couple of times a year, the Transformer line of furniture is the perfect solution. Read this review to find out if this unique piece of furniture is right for your space.

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What is a Transformer Table?

This Table is unlike any other piece of furniture you’ve owned before. Its innovative system allows the table to “transform” and be adapted for any situation or group. Each table can expand from 18 inches to 118 inches to accommodate a variety of groups. At full extension, the table can seat up to twelve guests and each bench can sit up to six guests. With a Transformer Table and two Benches hosting a dinner party for twelve is super simple.

Transformer Offers Lots of Dining Options

Each Table comes with five extension leaves that will allow you to expand the table up to almost ten full feet which will accommodate approximately twelve guests. The leaves are placed on an innovative ball-bearing mechanism system that makes extending the table simple and quick. Fully extended, the table can support up to 750 pounds making it the perfect choice to handle even your biggest Thanksgiving feast. With six possible table configurations, this Table is the perfect solution to accommodate a wide range of gathering sizes from your nightly family dinner to the largest party.

The Table is also unique in that it allows for the adjustment not just of length but height also. Each leg is equipped with adjustable feet pins that allow you to lower or raise the table surface. The middle leg is also not stationary, so it can be moved, so no one has to sit with a leg in their way. All of your guests can be comfortable and enjoy their meal.

Editor’s Review

You would be surprised how sturdy and solid this table is, considering its functionality and versatility. With more families moving away from traditional dining rooms ( while turning them into gyms or playrooms), it has become almost a necessity to have a convertible table in the house that easily stores and goes from breakfast nook to full-blown 12 person dinner party.

A Detailed Transformer Table Review – From Desk To Dining Table

We were utterly impressed with the quality of the wood (learn more about the wood in the FAQs below). In this world of cheap composite furniture, it’s a joy to find a versatile piece that will actually hold up for ages. The finish is very easy to clean and barely shows dirt which is amazing when you have little kids running around with dirty little fingers. It is unbelievable how well it fits into any space and easily transforms into a bigger table for any need. In fact, we have used it in so many more ways than just a dining table or a breakfast table. Family board games have never been the same! This is obviously a great company that thinks outside the box on what families truly need to enjoy their living space.

You can think of so many ways to use your Table beyond the usual dining or breakfast table. Because you can quickly and easily adjust the sizing to your needs, this table can serve so many uses. Here are some of the ways we have already used the table in a few months:

  • as a breakfast table
  • as a work desk
  • as a study desk
  • as a console table
  • as a sofa table
  • as a table for taxes or paying bills
  • a table used to cram for tests with multiple textbooks
  • as a homework table
  • as a board game table
  • as a Dungeons and Dragons table
  • as a craft table (we used it to iron on patches and designs on clothes)
  • as a card table

We are sure with time you can find more ways to utilize the versatility of this table.

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Seating is Easy with Transformer Bench

There are lots of options for seating at your brand new Table. Add your own chairs to your dining set to incorporate your own style or use the solution designed by the Transformer Table company, the Transformer Bench. Like the Table, each bench can be extended to seat up to six adults. The bench comes with five extension leaves, allowing you to adjust the length of your bench based on the size of your gathering.

There are six possible combinations that you can create with the Bench extension leaves. With a bench on either side of your Table, you will easily be able to accommodate twelve people for a meal. When you do not need your Bench to be fully expanded, the five extension leaves tuck nicely into a built-in storage system so you won’t need an additional place to store the extension leaves. Each bench can support up to 1,500 pounds so it is strong and sturdy seating for your dining room.

Transformer Coffee Table 3.0 Offers the Perfect Storage Solution

The Transformer Table requires several extension pieces in order to work properly. This could easily become a storage issue for those living in small spaces, so the company came up with the perfect solution. The Transformer Coffee Table 3.0 will provide a great surface in a small living room and also provides storage for the Table extensions. This furniture offers the perfect solution for small space living, such as those in urban apartments. They recognize the importance of using space as efficiently as possible.

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Transformer Table 3.0 Comes in Finishes to Match Any Style

All the Transformer Tables and Benches come in four unique and gorgeous finishes to match any home. Each table is built from 100% hardwood and is finished in ways that preserve the natural color of each wood. The Australian Acadia is made from solid and sturdy Acadia wood. The light finish is smooth and complements any decor style with an elegant appearance.

The Canadian Dark Oak finish is the perfect accent for modern, edgy decor styles. The dark finish is complemented with steel-brushed detailing to provide the perfect contemporary accent for any modern home.

If you prefer a more traditional finish, the American Mahogany is a great choice. This chestnut hardwood table is finished in a warm, brown color that is the perfect dining room centerpiece for those who favor more traditional decor elements.

The last finish option is Siberian Birch which is finished in an earthy, Birch Grey that allows the wood grain texture to shine through. This finish is lightly distressed and has beautifully textured detailing.

Transformer Table 3.0 is Built to Last and Easy to Care For

Each table is built out of sturdy hardwood that is designed to last and be resilient. The Transformer Table and Transformer Bench will be long-lasting additions to your family dining area. You’ll be able to share meals with your family and friends and host amazing dinner parties at your table for years to come.

Each of the finishes are sealed with a ceramic lacquer finish. This ceramic lacquer makes the table highly resistant to heat damage and staining so you’ll be able to safely serve a hot meal to your family and friends without leaving any marks on the exquisite finish of your table. This also makes this table a great option for families with children.

The Transformer Table is a breeze to care for so it won’t add much time to your cleaning routine. Each piece of furniture from the Table line is waxed for preventative purposes. To clean the piece, you only need to wipe them with a damp cloth. Products that are specified for use on hardwoods can be used on the range of Transformer products. To maintain the quality of your Transformer Table, use a hardwood polish every three months. It’s the perfect furniture piece even for the busiest mom.

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Transformer Table and Bench are the Perfect Solution for Any Space

With a sturdy and reliable structure, six different configuration options, and elegant and stunning finishes, the Transformer Table and Bench are the perfect solution for your dining needs. Whether you need to seat two or twelve, the Transformer Table offers the perfect configuration and takes the worry about dining space out of your dinner party plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Transformer Products

Is the Transformer Table real wood?

Yes! The Transformer Table and the Transformer Bench are made from 100% hardwood and do not have any MDF or Melamine included.

What is Transformer Table made of?

The Transformer Table is made from 100% hardwood making it a sturdy piece that will last for generations. The hardwoods available are Birch, Oak, Acacia, and Mahogany.

How wide is the Transformer Table?

The Transformer Table is 38″ wide when fully assembled.

What is Canadian Dark Oak?

Canadian Dark Oak is one of the four finishes available for the Transformer Table. The Canadian Dark Oak finish is the perfect accent for modern, edgy decor styles. The dark finish is complemented with steel-brushed detailing.

How do I clean the Transformer table?

You should use household cleaners that are hardwood specific to maintain your Transformer Table. Use a hardwood wax polish every three months to maintain the quality of your Transformer Table.

How do I use the Transformer Table?

Use the Transformer Table as you would any dining table. The Transformer Table differs from a normal dining table in its ability to expand as needed to accommodate more diners.

How much does a Transformer Table weigh?

The Transformer Table console weighs approximately 50 kg or 110 lbs. Fully assembled with all five leaves, the Transformer Table weighs approximately 75 kg or 165 lbs.

What are the dimensions for the Transformer Table?

The dimensions for the Transformer Table when fully assembled are 30”H x 38”W x 18”L. The dimensions for the Transformer Bench when fully assembled are 17”H x 14”W x 28”L.

Where is the Transformer Table made?

Transformer Table Inc. is located in Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada.

Where can I buy the Transformer Table?

The Transformer Table can be purchased through the Transformer Table website.



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A Detailed Transformer Table Review – From Desk To Dining Table



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