Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

With all the time spent at home, we’re all noticing every crack on the floors, every stain on the walls, and every broken blind. Give your home a fresh look and feel by installing new flooring. And in case, you’re wondering what to replace your floors with, with have that information for you too. This year, don’t get just any flooring for your home. Get luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring from Flooret!

The Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

Realtor.com listed the top 10 new flooring trends for 2020 and our absolute favorite – LVP – is in the top three. There are so many awesome benefits to installing this new flooring in your home and we’ve got a list of them ready for you!


Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

The Flooring Girl lists affordability as one huge perk to installing LVP as the new flooring in your home. Overall, it’s going to cost a lot less to purchase and install this flooring when compared to hardwood or tile. Carpet Captain (don’t let the name fool you!) has a ton of information on LVP and everything you need to know when selecting it including a cost guide. When reviewing the quality of LVP flooring and its price, you’ll see that Flooret is the best choice for your home.


Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home
Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

Hunker lists durability as one of the many benefits of using LVP in your home. One reason is that LVP is waterproof, making it ideal for installation in kitchens. Also, Hunker notes that LVP is ideal for high-traffic areas because its coating will make this flooring resistant to scratches and scuff marks. Realty Times also mentions that LVP flooring is ideal for homes with dogs. This is especially true if you have dogs that are messy eaters and tend to leave puddles near their water dishes. Also, you won’t have to worry about your dogs’ nails scratching this new flooring in your home.

Looks Like Real Wood

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

This next benefit is probably one of the more popular reasons to purchase LVP flooring for your home. MSI reminds us that LVP looks and feels just like hardwood but is considerably less maintenance. LVP flooring can be cleaned with a broom or a mop. Depending on what was spilled, using water with the mop will suffice but, if needed, a very mild cleaning agent can also be used.

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home


Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

MSI discusses another benefit for why LVP is the perfect new flooring for your home. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is much softer than hardwood and more shock-absorbent. In fact, MSI also points out that because LVP is so soft, if you dropped a wine glass on the floor, there is a chance it won’t break. Parents who work-from-home and are on their feet all day cleaning, and chasing after little ones will definitely want this new flooring in their home. Its soft nature is kinder to hardworking feet.

So Much Better Than Hardwood Floors

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

We’ve already covered many benefits that prove LVP is better than hardwood. But there are a few more reasons! Floor Critics provides a side-by-side comparison of LVP and hardwood, noting that hardwood floors – in most cases – will require professional installation which will significantly add to your costs. LVP flooring is easy enough for a beginner to install. Also, over time, hardwood floors will require refinishing while the shine from LVP flooring can be restored using a no-wax finish.

Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

Last on our list of the amazing benefits of choosing LVP as the new flooring for your home is its environmentally-friendly nature. MSI mentions that LVP flooring is environmentally friendly because of its sustainability. It also mentions that LVP flooring has a GREENGUARD Gold Certification. What is this certification? We’re so glad you asked! According to UL having a GREENGUARD certification means that products such as LVP, have low chemical emissions which means they will help reduce indoor air pollution. Specifically, having a GREENGUARD gold certification means products, such as LPV flooring are safe to use in schools and healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other clinics.

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

Another certification to check for when purchasing products such as LVP is the FloorScore® certification. Conducted by SCS Global Services, the FloorScore® certification is considered one of the most widely recognized indoor air quality certifications when it comes to products such as hard surface flooring materials. All of the flooring collections offered by Flooret Flooring, our choice for LVP, are FloorScore® certified.

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Choosing Luxury Vinyl Planks

We know that choosing new flooring for your home can be stressful. That’s why we’ve put together a list of details to consider when shopping for luxury vinyl plank flooring. LVP flooring has three layers you’ll want to be familiar with when you’re shopping for new flooring. You’ll also want to know how the LVP is rated.

Wear Layer

Thickness is a big deal when it comes to LVP flooring, specifically the wear layer. According to MSI, the wear layer is the top layer that contains the printed pattern. It’s also the layer that’s going to be subjected to the most day-to-day abuse. Floor Critics recommends buyers look for flooring that is at least 12 mil thick. For larger families or families with pets, Floor Critics recommends purchasing LVP flooring that is 20 mils thick or more. Flooret’s Modin collection has two LVP options. The Base line is 20 mils thick, giving buyers a more affordable option. The Signature line is 40 mils thick, ideal for large families, high traffic areas, and a lot of pets.

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

MSI also advises that when purchasing click-flooring – ideal for individuals who intend on installing their own new flooring – that they select an LVP flooring that’s at least 5 mil. The reason for this is because flooring with a thicker wear layer is easier for individuals to install. This is another reason we recommend Flooret when choosing new flooring for your home. The minimum wear-layer thickness offered by Flooret is 12 mil, over twice the thickness recommended by MSI, making it super-easy to install. This wear-level is considered commercial-grade quality.

Core Layer

In addition to the wear layer, buyers should also look at what the cores and bottom layers of the LVP are made of when choosing new flooring. Floor Critics provides information buyers need to make this decision. They advise that some LVPs have a wood composite core. While this core is not made of wood, it is made of wood flour. It’s also free of phthalates. The CDC states that while the long-term effects of phthalates on humans aren’t fully known at this time, phthalates have caused reproductive issues on laboratory animals.

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

Floor Critics recommends choosing a floor with a rigid core because they offer more stability and more durability. The core is what protects the flooring from water damage. A wood composite core (WPC) is one type of rigid core. FCI defines another type of core as SPC or solid polymer core. The SPC is thinner, heavier, and denser than the WPC. FCI explains that solid polymer cores have “a higher concentration of limestone, less polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and is not expanded by the use of foaming agents.” FCI also went on to say that SPC flooring is more dent and impact-resistant. The Modin Collection by Flooret uses an SPC core.


The last layer of LVP flooring is called underlayment. According to the Carpet Captain, underlayment isn’t necessarily required when installing new flooring. The underlayment is the layer that helps reduce foot noise when walking across the floor. If you’re living in an upstairs apartment, having underlayment means the neighbors below won’t hear your footsteps. Carpet Captain advises that there is no industry requirement for underlayment. That means if you want underlayment, in most cases, you’ll pay extra for it. If you choose to use it with your new flooring, you’ll want it to be thin and firm. The Modin Collection, by Flooret, comes with a 1.5 mm underlayment pre-attached.

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Best Time Of Year To Purchase New Flooring

One Good Thing has a shopping guide available that tells you when you’ll get the best deals on just about everything. According to this website, January is the best time to buy new flooring. Though we couldn’t find a specific source to cite, it’s likely that the worst time of year to purchase new flooring would be in the spring and summer because that’s when people are planning their home renovations.

Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home
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Flooret: The Best Choice For Your Home

We’ve already listed a number of websites that contain information needed for people shopping for new flooring. Flooret also has a wealth of information available on their website to help you make the best purchase for your home.

Stress-Free Shopping

Flooret wants you to LOVE your new flooring. That’s why they aim to make the purchasing process as stress-free as possible. Available on their website is a room studio that allows you to upload pictures of your room. Once you’ve uploaded the picture, select the different types and colors of floorings to see how they’ll look. If you’re using a mobile device for the room studio, you’ll need to switch from mobile to desktop in your browser and then hold your device horizontally to see the room studio.

Samples Available

Once you’ve used their room studio to narrow down your choices, consider purchasing flooring samples from Flooret. The samples come in 12-inch sizes and are available for $3 per piece and they ship at ZERO cost to you! If 12-inches isn’t long enough for you, Flooret will send a full plank to you. And if that isn’t large enough to help you decide, Flooret will send a full box of flooring. Over 20 square feet of flooring are available in each box.

Affordable Shipping

Flooret has a base-shipping cost of $199 for orders of four boxes or more. Flooret will ship straight to your doorstep and, if desired, they’ll even bring it into your home for you. Flooret also insures every shipment for 100% of the cost. And, if for some reason you’re not happy with your purchase, Flooret provides an easy return policy. All unopened, unaltered flooring can be returned within 45 days, minus the cost of shipping. Flooret will arrange to pick up the flooring from your home.

Materials Used

Flooret prides itself on using the highest-quality materials in their flooring. They use recycled and recyclable materials in all of their products. All of their products “have zero or negligible formaldehyde and VOC emissions.”


Flooret is an owner-operated business. That means, as a customer, you’ll never get lost in the shuffle. When you call with questions, odds are good, you’ll speak directly with an owner.

Modin Collection
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Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

When it comes to new flooring, make sure you spend time researching your needs. Do you need flooring for a high-traffic area? Do you own large dogs? Luxury vinyl floor is a cost-effective choice but make sure you purchase high-quality LVP. For your LVP needs, Flooret offers the highest-quality and has a wide selection of colors to choose from.

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Flooret Floors: The Best New Flooring For Your Home

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