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Trying on and having children choose their glasses is notoriously challenging. Sure, deep down children prefer to see better, but they don’t always feel beautiful or handsome when trying on new frames. They don’t want to stand out against their peers, and wearing a new accessory directly in front of one’s face doesn’t actually help. Then just getting fitted for the first pair of glasses is a completely new, uncomfortable, unnerving experience. But with Jonas Paul Eyewear, the process of outfitting a child with a new pair of eyewear has gotten incredibly easier, and dare we say “fun“.

Jonas Paul Eyewear for Kids and Teens

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Jonas Paul Eyewear has revolutionized the eyewear industry for kids. Started in 2013 out of their challenge to find glasses for their son Jonas, Ben and Laura Harrison want each child to look and feel amazing in glasses. So they specialize in creating purely beautiful frame styles for those aged 4 to 16 that help make kids feel like themselves. Browse boys glasses or girls glasses, teen glasses, kids sunglasses, and even accessories, specifically designed with children in mind.

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Designed with Children in Mind

These aren’t simply smaller versions of adult glasses. These glasses are intended for children as they’re created with features like spring hinges for added durability, extended nose pads for smaller bridges, and shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses included with every pair. After all, if you’re going to make kids eyewear last it better stand up to all the activities a child does daily, like surviving recess at school or living-room wrestling the older sibling.

Jonas Paul Eyewear comes in a variety of fun styles and colors that bring out every child’s personality in only a way that glasses for children can. The Jonas frame, for instance, is a rectangular frame with an edge of sophistication. When worn in black it plays the classic eyewear accessory. Or, if worn in clear, it becomes fun and playful, as one’s personality may lean.

The Lauren for girls is a blend of a cat-eye frame and rectangle shape for a fun and flirty, but professional style. Or maybe The Sophie is more their style. It’s an all-metal retro, sleek modern frame that comes in some trendy shades like Rose Gold, Navy, Pale Pink, Greystone, and Black. The hardest part is going to be choosing which color to go with.

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Home Try-On Kits

One of the coolest features of Jonas Paul Eyewear is the ability for children to try on multiple pairs from the comfort of their own home. It takes the scary, overwhelming, and stress-inducing part of trying on glasses in store out of the picture.

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For only $1, Jonas Paul will ship a risk-free Home Try-On Kit, which includes 7 pairs of glasses in various styles, directly to a child’s home. For a full 7 days, Junior can play dress-up, try them out, get friendly feedback, and check out themselves in the mirror over and over until they pick a winner. Could choosing new glasses be any easier? Children will feel beautiful and confident that they had more control over the process, which in turn will make parents happier. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Making a Difference

That win also goes for those in need. A portion of each sale goes to preventing childhood blindness around the world. Being mindful of their responsibility, Jonas Paul donations are not always made in the form of new glasses, but in blindness prevention techniques like Vitamin A, good hygiene access, antibiotics, and vaccinations. It’s an amazing example of a great company giving back some of that greatness to those who need it most.

Jonas Paul Eyewear: The Go-to For Awesome Kid And Teen Glasses

Whether there’s a child at home who’s new to the eyewear world or has been wearing glasses for as long as they can remember, skip the in-store visit this year. Save the hassle and take their prescription to Jonas Paul Eyewear. Request a Home Try-On Kit for some experimenting at home and everyone will be sure to love the newest daily face accessory.

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