12+ Game Night Games The Whole Family Will Love

Game night games – will they bring our family closer together?

We all know family time is important. It can be hard to plan fun family time with busy schedules. Varying interests among children can make it even harder. That’s when it’s time to start a family game night!

You might recognize some of the game night games listed below, but there are probably several that are new to you. We picked a number of options for different ages and interests so that you can start family game night on the right foot. There is sure to be a winner on this list!

Peruse these options with your kids and see what jumps out to them. Getting them involved in the process will increase buy-in and make family game night something that every member of your household will look forward to and enjoy.

So, here it is, a list of game night games for everyone in the family!

Historical Board Games

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Dig into different periods of history with board games from Facade Games! Their Dark Cities series are incredibly entertaining for those who love games with plots, loopholes, and intrigue. Plus, their boxes are designed to look like books, making them stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

The Dark Cities include Salem 1692, Tortuga 1667, Deadwood 1876, and Bristol 1350. Plus, Hollywood 1947 comes out soon! Your family can travel the globe as pirates, witches, cowboys, and more. You’ll test loyalties, make risky moves, and laugh along the way! You’ll spend hours playing these games, guaranteed.

Created by a husband-and-wife team, these games have become a major success on Kickstarter and will make a great addition to your game cabinet!

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Color Board Games

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Test your memory with Color Brain! This card game asks you to recall common items and the colors associated with them. It’s easy to play and simple to set up, so you can have fun even if you don’t have hours to dedicate to game night. Plus, Disney lovers young and old will love Color Brain: Disney Edition! 

Want something a little more complicated? Try Hues and Cues! This board game is simple to learn, but it can trip up even the best players. One player will draw a card with a color on it, and then say a word to help people guess the correct color. The player with the right guess (or the closest guess) gets the most points! But, with hundreds of different hues and shades to choose from, the winner could be anyone!

Humorous Board Games

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Have you heard of What Do You Meme? The Family Edition is a fun choice for game night! This game will have you matching various captions with popular memes and judging the funniest or wittiest option. Plus, What Do You Meme: Family Edition contains only family-friendly content and is suitable for kids. If you want to try other versions, there are tons out there! You could try career editions for teachers, real estate agents, and nurses, and television versions for shows like 90 Day Fiance, Schitt’s Creek, Friends, The Office, Seinfeld, and more!

A similar option to What Do You Meme is Bubble Talk. This game includes hundreds of cards with pictures and captions to match up. There are so many included that the matches – and laughs – are endless! Even little kids will find plenty of giggles in this game! When game night games create opportunities for laughter, you know you’re doing something right.

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Mystery Board Games

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Miss Scarlet, in the ballroom, with the knife!

We all know and love Clue. It’s a classic game that almost everyone enjoys. Your kids are sure to love it, too, if you introduce them to it. If you want to try a spin-off on the traditional version, try the Harry Potter version, The Office version, The Grinch version, the Scooby Doo version, The Nightmare Before Christmas version, the Bob’s Burgers version, the Bridgerton version, the Ghostbusters version, the Star Wars version, the Labyrinth version, the Friends version, or the Disney Villains version. All of these are similar to the game you know and love, but with a few twists and rules that make the game more exciting! There are even Clue card games to check out!

If you have younger kids in your family, try Clue Junior. There are a few options of this simplified game, too, like the Avengers version. Whatever you choose, you’ll have lots of fun on family game night.

Classic Board Games

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You really can’t beat the classics when it comes to game night games. Some are more hands-on, and some are more strategic, so pick something that would pique your children’s interest and work with their abilities. With kids at varying ages, you might consider introducing them to these timeless games:

All of the classic games now have a variety of versions, mostly tied to fandoms like Disney and Harry Potter. For example, Hungry Hungry Hippos, a fun game for toddlers, now has dinosaur and unicorn versions. With a quick internet search, you’ll find some really special games on the market, even new takes on old favorites! Mix your childhood memories with current trends by giving these new editions a whirl!

If you want to stay true to some oldies-but-goodies, try finding a set of classic games that come together. This set from Amazon includes checkers, backgammon, dominoes, mancala, and so much more! That’s hours of fun and tons of options, all in one purchase! There are tons of options for these classic game sets – some that even work outdoors, which would make for a fun family game night. Search online, or even try your local thrift stores for some unique versions. You might find some cool treasures out there.

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What do you think of these games to play on your family game night?

When it comes to game night games, don’t overthink it. Pick options that look interesting for you and your kids. Consider their physical abilities, reading abilities, and concentration abilities; you might have to help younger ones sometimes, but that’s okay. You’re bound to have fun, no matter what games you pick.

More importantly, you’ll make memories, solidify family bonds, and create unity. That’s what really matters. Enjoy your family time together!

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