Guest Room Decor Ideas with Grandin Road

For most of us, it is important to have a home where our guests and family members feel both comfortable and at home. Designing the perfect guest room that is comforting and has excellent storage options can be a difficult task but Grandin Road, with its guest room decor ideas and functional furniture, makes it so much easier to create a breathtaking, feminine guest room where anyone would be comfortable staying the night. With delicate designs, whimsical accents, and lush fabrics, you can create the perfect retreat for your guests with amazing guest room decor from Grandin Road.

Guest Room Decor Ideas With Grandin Road

Grandin Road, with exclusive furniture pieces and gorgeous guest room decor ideas, can easily help you create an exquisite guest room or come up with guest room decor ideas fit for a queen that you will be proud to have your guests stay in when visiting your home. You’ll be able to find pieces that blend both beauty and functionality for your guests. From beautiful bedding, the perfect accents, wall art, and furniture with useful storage solutions, you’ll be able to find everything you need for your guest room decor. Grandin Road is an excellent one stop shop for every aspect of guest room decor ideas and design.

Guest Room Decor: Arbor Canopy Bed

The Arbor Canopy Bed by Grandin Road is the perfect bed for a gorgeous, feminine guest room fit for a queen. Made from powder coated steel tubes the Arbor Canopy Bed is sturdy and stable while also still providing a beautiful and delicate design that incorporates guest room decor elements inspired by nature. The canopy posts are accented with beautiful branches to bring nature inside and make your guests feel as if they are waking up in a whimsical forest.

Each Arbor Canopy Bed has a fabric, soft-padded headboard in a beautiful beige fabric and beautiful cast-iron birds that can be placed anywhere on the headboard or canopy of the bed. Pair the Arbor Canopy Bed with a delicate and lush bedding set to create guest room decor that is a luxurious and whimsical experience for your guests. Your guests will be thrilled to fall asleep each night below the beautiful canopy and delicate birds.

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Lennox Dresser and Nightstand for your Guest Room

The Lennox Dresser and Nightstand are more great options to compliment your guest room decor. The Lennox Dresser is a small, solid wood dresser that is a great option to provide organization in small spaces. This elegant dresser has four drawers as well as cabinet space at the bottom. Easily store extra linens for your guests or provide a place for your guests to store their clothing during their visit with the Lennox Dresser. Metal hardware with an antique brass finish will take your guest room decor to a whole new elegant and classic level. The Lennox Dresser is compact which makes it an excellent choice if you are short on space in your guest room.

No bedroom is complete without a functional yet elegant nightstand and the Lennox Nightstand fits the bill. This solid wood nightstand provides even more storage space with matching metal hardware finished in antique brass to coordinate with the rest of your guest room decor. It is the perfect place to provide a lamp for your guests to use as they go to bed. The drawer will allow guests to store devices or valuables while they sleep as well.

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Wall Art for Guest Room Decor

No guest room decor style is complete with blank walls. Wall art is a must to really bring your guest room alive. Grandin Road has a great selection of home decor items and wall art such as the Birds of Flight Wall Art set and the Heritage Round Wall Art pieces. The Birds of Flight Wall Art set contains five white sculpted three dimensional white sparrows to adorn your guest room walls and continue the whimsical guest room decor.

The birds are reminiscent of the details in the Arbor Canopy bed making them a perfect choice for your new guest room. Each bird is made of handcrafted ceramic and has an integrated nail hole to allow each bird to be hung flush against the wall.

Grandin Road’s Heritage Round Wall Art is another great choice to elevate your guest room decor. The Heritage Round Wall Art pieces are decorative wall medallions available in three different styles. The intricate wall medallions are made from galvanized iron and attached to wood frames in various colors. The medallions all have different inner patterns so that you can use them together.

They are ready to hang on your wall with an incorporated keyhole on the back of the medallion. Each piece is roughly 28″ in diameter and compliment each other nicely. You can easily incorporate all three pieces into your guest room decor or just choose the ones that best fit your style. Each medallion will add the perfect elegant but rustic touch to your guest room decor.

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Additional Guest Room Decor Ideas

Once you have the perfect guest room decor, it is time to find the perfect bedding to compliment your whimsical guest room fit for a queen. Grandin Road has lots of beautiful options to choose from. The Diamond Stitched Velvet Quilt is a fantastic option to add another feminine and luxurious touch to your guest room decor. Each quilt is constructed from super soft velvet and has a stitched diamond pattern on both sides.

While one side is made of luxurious velvet to keep you warm at night, the other has a refreshing cotton layer to keep guests from getting overheated. The quilt comes in a variety of rich colors that seem to be fit for royalty. The Diamond Stitched Velvet Quilt is machine washable making upkeep easy. Guests will be delighted by the lush bed that awaits them in your guest room.

Adding accent pillows is another great way to compliment your guest room decor and bedding. The Elyse Velvet Pillow is the perfect accent pillow to match the Diamond Stitched Velvet Quilt. The Elyse Velvet Pillow is a whimsical circular pillow that incorporates a pleated design in super soft velvet. The pillow is 18″ in diameter and provides an excellent piece to add texture to your guest room decor.

Not only is the Elyse Velvet Pillow a wonderful visual accent in your guest room decor, but it is also usable as a pillow. Soft velvet combined with a fluffy polyester fill creates a soft pillow that your guest will want to use. Your guests will love relaxing in comfort with the Elyse Velvet Pillow.

Bring a touch of nature to your guest room decor with Grandin Road’s Wild Coffee Panax Tree. This faux, potted tree is the perfect life-like tree that will never needing watering. The tree comes in a black pot with faux dirt and has strong structural branches and lush leaves. Slip the black pot into the decorative planter of your choice to match the rest of your guest room decor. The Wild Coffee Panax Tree looks incredibly realistic and will delight your guests. It is an elegant piece to enhance your guest room decor.

Place your Wild Coffee Panax Tree atop the gorgeous Eden Console. The Eden Console’s intricate details will make your guest room decor feel rich and luxurious. Each console is made of sturdy, solid wood. A beautiful, curved silhouette is accented with two functional drawers on the front of the console. Each drawer has intricate laser carved detailing that adds rich detail to any guest room decor.

A shelf along the bottom of the console serves as extra storage or a place to display decor accents. The Eden Console is both as functional and versatile as it is beautiful. The drawers are the perfect place to stash things your guest might need such as device chargers. Extra storage and beautiful design work seamlessly together to make the Eden Console a great piece of guest room decor.

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Add Some Color to Your Guest Room with the London Accent Chair and London Ottoman

To accent the rest of the exquisite white furniture and guest room decor, throw in a pop of color with the Grandin Road London Accent Chair and London Ottoman in Blush Velvet. The sweet pink color brings a soft, feminine touch to any guest room decor perfect for a queen. This timeless chair also brings elegance and comfort to your new guest room.

The London Accent Chair is deep tufted for extra comfort making it the perfect, cozy place to curl up with a cup of hot tea and a book while your guests put their feet up and relax for the evening. Made from durable microfiber velvet, the London Accent Chair and London Ottoman is easy to clean and will last for a long time. Equipped with metal caster wheels, the London Accent Chair is easy to move whenever you want to change the room up.

Like the London Accent Chair, the London Ottoman is upholstered with durable microfiber velvet by hand. Layered with polyfoam and webbing construction for even more support, the London Ottoman also provides excellent extra seating as well as a place to put your feet up. Both pieces are not only comfortable but durable so they will be lasting staples in your home as well. The London Accent Chair and London Ottoman are the perfect guest room decor combination to bring a cozy and colorful element to an elegantly whimsical bedroom for the queen in your life.

Grandin Road Has Everything You Need To Design a Guest Room Fit for a Queen

Your home should be a place where you and your guests can relax and unwind. Grandin Road specializes in pieces that can bring both personality and quality to every room in your home.  When it is time to revamp your living room or design the perfect guest room decor, look no further than Grandin Road for the most beautiful furniture and decor for every room in your home.

From whimsical beds like the Arbor Canopy Bed to plush and luxurious chairs such as the London Accent Chair, Grandin Road has something for everyone to create the perfect guest room decor fit for a queen in your home. Accent pieces, wall art, and even bedding are available at Grandin Road. You’ll be able to find something for every aspect of your guest room decor.

Choosing a perfect mattress for your new guest room

Once you have cultivated the perfect guest room decor, it is imperative to have the perfect mattress to top it all off. Choosing a mattress can often be a difficult task but Purple makes it easy. The Purple Plus Mattress is a comfort upgrade to the original Purple mattress. This premium mattress line offers an extra two inch layer of luxurious comfort foam that is cushioned and responsive to movement.

Guest Room Decor Ideas With Grandin Road

The breathable foam base is topped with an additional two inches of GelFlex Grid. This innovative grid is designed to support important pressure points, such as your hips and shoulders, in order to help the body stay properly aligned while sleeping. This GelFlex Grid and extra premium foam layer works together to be responsive to your movements throughout the night. It easily springs back into place and adjusts as you move throughout the night.

Guest Room Decor Ideas With Grandin Road

The premium foam and GelFlex Grid also contains 1,400+ built in air channels to provide breathability and to keep the temperature in your bed neutral. The grid pattern allows body heat to escape and not become trapped within the bedding and the GelFlex does not retain heat which means your bed will stay cool. It is designed to keep you comfortable all night long. The Purple Plus Mattress helps your guests get a better night’s sleep and awake fully refreshed.

Guest Room Decor Ideas With Grandin Road

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Why Grandin Road?

Grandin Road prides itself in offering unique home furnishings, decor, and seasonal items to help you create a home that is inviting and warm. Not only does their exclusive furniture allow you to bring your personality to your guest room decor, it is also top quality and durable making many of the furniture pieces you will find at Grandin Road the perfect piece to become the next family heirloom. Your family will want to pass these pieces down from generation to generation.

Each Grandin Road piece comes in a variety of fabrics and finishes so that you can find the perfect fit for your home and guest room decor ideas. Whether you are sprucing up your living room, decorating your home for the holidays, designing a guest room fit for a queen or just looking for new guest room decor ideas, Grandin Road will have the perfect pieces to complete your vision for your home and make your guest room decor ideas come to life.

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Guest Room Decor Ideas With Grandin Road



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