Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide – Everything a Modern Mom Wants

Mother’s Day 2022 is quickly approaching. Mothers give so much of their time and energy that they deserve the best. Since your mother gives you all of her love, use this Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the best possible gift this holiday to show your mother just how much you care and how much you appreciate her! From luxury bedding to cool kitchen gadgets, there is something for every mom on our gift guide!


Running a household and keeping up with all the activities that can come with a busy family can cause a lot of stress for moms. This Mother’s Day get mom a gift to help mom relieve her stress and relax. Sensate is a physician designed device that uses infrasonic therapy to work with the body’s own systems to relieve stress.

The vagus nerve is the nerve that is responsible for your body’s reaction to the daily stress that you experience. This vital nerve can regulate the body’s flight or fight response as well. Sensate utilizes a precise mix of infrasonic frequencies and sound to calm the vagus nerve allowing the body to unwind and recover from stress.

Regular use of Sensate can have drastic benefits. Sensate is easy to use. The device lies on your chest and emits infrasonic frequencies and sounds to calm the vagus nerve. With regular use it can improve sleep, improve heart rate variability, and reduce the effects of daily stress. Sensate’s revolutionary technology that aids in relaxation makes it the perfect gift to help mom relax this Mother’s Day.

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This Mother’s Day help mom create the backyard space or patio of her dreams. The Solana Storage Bench is a weather resistant bench that is both beautiful and functional. Each bench seats two adults and also serves as the perfect place to store outdoor garden tools, cushions, or even toys. Mom will appreciate the functionality and dual use piece in her backyard space. The storage can be locked to keep your items and tools secure. The weather resistant material the bench is made from has an authentic wood appearance and is easy to clean. Mom will love the Solana Storage Bench this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide – Everything A Modern Mom Wants

Another excellent choice to help your mom achieve her gardening aspirations is the Urban Bloomer. This durable, elevated planter will allow your mom to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers in a small space and on a small budget. The Urban Planter includes a smart watering system which makes it easy to effectively water your plants and maintain your garden. A shelf on the bottom of the Urban Planter provides extra storage making it ideal for small backyards or patio gardens. Give Mom a chance to relax and create her own garden this Mother’s Day with the Urban Planter.

Solana Storage Bench | Urban Bloomer
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Robot Vacuums

Every mom loves a clean space but often hates having to keep up with cleaning while running a household. This Mother’s Day help mom out by automating some of her cleaning routine with the EveryBot Three Spin Robot Mop. This unique mop has three spin brushes that work together simultaneously to clean your hardwood floors. The mop is manufactured without any wheels which allows the full weight of the mop to push down on the scrubbing brushes to get the cleanest floors possible.

Equipped with eleven anti-collision sensors, the EveryBot Three Spin Robot Mop won’t damage furniture or walls while cleaning the floors. A built in water tank keeps the robot’s spin brushes damp through the entire job while the long-lasting rechargeable battery will keep the robot mop running until the job is done. The vertical charging station that comes with the EveryBot Three Spin Robot Mop won’t take up space and clutter the house. Without having to spend hours at a time mopping, mom will love the versatility and freedom that the EveryBot Three Spin Robot Mop adds to her day.

EveryBot Three Spin Robot Mop
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EVO Marvel Electric Toothbrush

Mothers work hard to take care of their families and sometimes they could use a little help taking care of themselves. Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day with an EVO Marvel Electric Toothbrush. It’s the perfect gift for the mom who loves Marvel! Outfitted in red with gold accents, the toothbrush boasts a beautiful Ironman inspired design.

The EVO Marvel IRM-1 Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush comes in a sleek design that is reflective of the influence and standards of Ironman’s Stark Industries. With four cleaning modes, the EVO Marvel IRM-1 Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush is capable of more than 40,000 vibrations per minute to guarantee the cleanest brushing experience possible. The two minute built in smart timer helps make sure that you brush long enough every time and with four different modes you can set the toothbrush to fit your preferences. The EVO Marvel IRM-1 Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush, with its sleek design, makes brushing your teeth fun every time.

EVO Marvel Electric Toothbrush
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Mother’s Day is a great time to pamper your mom with a luxury item she might not splurge on for herself such as the Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat. Equipped with a myriad of features, your mom will love the Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat. This innovative bidet seat has an adjustable heated seat with a warm air dryer and hybrid water system. Leave the bathroom feeling refreshed every time with the Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat.

The Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat also makes it easy to use the bidet at night with built in night light and slow closing seat and lid so there won’t be any new lid slams in the middle of the night. The warm air dryer and deodorizer will leave you and your bathroom refreshed. An accompanying remote control makes it easy for anyone to adjust the water pressure and temperature to their individual preferences. Pamper your mom with luxury this Mother’s Day with the Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat.

Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat
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If your mom loves plants, especially indoor houseplants, spoil her with a Potted Dracaena Gold Star Indoor Plant from Bloomscape this Mother’s Day. This Dracaena Gold Star, native to Africa, turns heads with its bright chartreuse green leaves and its dramatic, upright growth. It is a beautiful addition to any home.

The Dracaena Gold Star is low maintenance and can withstand neglect while still thriving in almost any environment. NASA has also identified it as an excellent plant for removing harmful chemicals from the air. Available in five different colored pots, it is easy to choose a color that will flow with the rest of the decor in your mom’s home. Your mother will be thrilled to bring a bit of nature into her home with the Bloomscape Potted Dracaena Gold Star Indoor Plant this Mother’s Day.

Potted Dracaena Gold Star Indoor Plant
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Nuudii System

For the fashion-forward mom, get her a system to provide a natural foundation for all her trendy outfits with the Nuuddii Tee System. This innovative system takes bras to a whole new level. The Nuudii Tee System is a formless bra system that cradles and accentuates your natural curves while also providing some lift and support. Available in five different colors, it is easy to find a Nuudii Tee System for every outfit.

Designed without any hardware or built in wires, the Nuudii Tee System is incredibly light and comfortable. It is almost impossible to know you even have it on. The bra moves with you and supports you so it is perfect to wear during yoga sessions or just running errands on the weekend. There are twelve different configurations that you can wear the straps of the Nuudii Tee System making it a great option for tops that have non-traditional necklines such as one shoulder tops. Your mom will love making the Nuudii Tee System an addition to her wardrobe this Mother’s Day.

Nuudii Tee System
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Rose & Remy

Rose & Remy’s Fashion Sport Pull-On Sneakers are an excellent choice this Mother’s Day for a busy mom who is always on the go. These fashionable sneakers are easy to pull-on right as you head out the door. The gray and white fabrics go with any outfit and the sneakers are made from a lightweight breathable fabric to keep you comfortable all day long.

The air cushion midsole helps to keep your feet supported and comfortable while you are on the go. The lightweight fabric is also elastic allowing the shoes to be slipped on and off easily without taking up too much of your time when you are in a hurry. Comfortable enough to wear on the go all day and cute enough to pull every outfit together, Rose & Remy Fashion Sport Pull-On Sneakers are the perfect gifts for busy moms this Mother’s Day.

Rose & Remy Fashion Sport Pull-On Sneaker
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If your mom is into health and fitness, take her routine to the next level with the Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale. This Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale is Wi-Fi enabled and is the first smart scale of its kind to offer a cardio check-up and body composition measurements every time you step on it to give you a full picture of your health and progress. The scale incorporates heart rate measurements to give you a better picture of your cardiovascular health on a day-to-day basis.

Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide – Everything A Modern Mom Wants

Each Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale is equipped with four weight sensors to accurately calculate your weight as well as Position Control technology which the scale uses to calculate body composition. The scale can determine your body composition and the percentage of your bodyweight that comes from your muscle mass, fat mass, water, and bones.

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, the Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale connects wirelessly to your phone and the Withings Health Mate app so that you can track and monitor your measurements as you build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger. The Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale is a great Mother’s Day gift choice for the health-conscious mom or anyone looking to improve their health.

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale
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Taja Collection

Most moms always appreciate a good candle. This Mother’s Day choose the Taja Collection for a next level candle. The Mother’s Day Collection by Taja provides the perfect personalized candles in a variety of scents to wow your mom. Choose the jar that best fits the mom you are buying for whether she is a grandmother, mom, or aunt, the Taja Collection has something for every woman in your life.

In addition to mom titles, you can also choose trendy jars with sayings like “Girl Mom,” “Hot Mama,” or “Mama in Chief.” Once you choose the perfect candle jar and scent, you can make the gift even more special having the beautiful wooden lid personalized with a special message. Once the candle has been burned, the jar is perfect for your mom to keep and use to store things like jewelry or to use as a vase for fresh flowers. Brighten your mom’s day this Mother’s Day with a personalized candle from the Taja Collection.

Girl Mom Candle | Hot Mama Candle | Mama in Chief Candle | Mom Candle | Aunt Fan Club Candle
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12 Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms That Don’t Want Anything

Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation brings California surfer style to the masses. For those on your list with the laid-back vibes and chill style, Aviator Nation has all the options from hoodies to pants in the coolest surfer styles in men, women, and children’s sizes, so your whole family can match. And what mom doesn’t love matching family outfits?

Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide – Everything A Modern Mom Wants

An excellent choice for the coolest kid in your life is the Aviator Nation Kids 5 Stripe Hoodie and Kids 5 Stripe Sweatpants. With the Women’s 5 Stripe Hoodie and Women’s 5 Stripe Sweatpants, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for comfort. The classic Aviator Nation hoodie also comes with six stripes in the Women’s 6 Stripe Hoodie.  You can’t go wrong with the comfort, quality, and style that Aviator Nation’s clothing has to offer.

Aviator Nation Kids 5 Stripe Hoodie | Kids 5 Stripe Sweatpants | Women’s 5 Stripe Hoodie | Women’s 5 Stripe Sweatpants
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Empty Provisions

Spring has made its appearance and summer is on the way. Give your mom the gift of comfort and style while she enjoys the beautiful spring and summer weather. Empty Provisions Francis Leather Sandal is the perfect addition to her warm-weather wardrobe.

The Francis Leather Sandal is made from genuine leather and is made to stand up to all day adventures. The open cross toe design allows your feet to breathe while an EVA wedge in the heel provides cushioning so that your feet are comfortable all day. Not only are the Francis Leather Sandals comfortable they are also fashionable and look great whether they are paired with a feminine sundress or your favorite pair of denim shorts. The Francis Leather Sandal is the perfect shoe for mom wherever her adventures take her this summer.

Francis Leather Sandals
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Blue Sky Outdoor Living

With summer quickly approaching, many moms are looking forward to spending beautiful evenings on the patio. With the Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift, your mom will be able to enjoy family time gathered around the fire pit all summer long and well into the fall.

The Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift is easy to assemble and makes the perfect addition to any patio or outdoor space. This fire pit has a unique double walled design that allows oxygen to flow from the bottom and gives an extra oxygen boost to your fire so that it will be hotter and longer than most other fire pits. With the improved burn that results from extra oxygen, wood particles are vaporized leaving little to no smoke. An ash tray at the bottom of the fire pit catches the ash and makes clean up simple allowing your mom to just enjoy time with family this Mother’s Day without worrying about clean up.

Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift
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Earthley Wellness

For the busy mom who cares about her health, Earthley Wellness has a tincture or herbal solution for every ailment. This Mother’s Day provide your mom with the tools to feel and look her best. The Natural Balance tincture is a great place to start. Natural Balance is designed to help women deal with fluctuating hormones in a natural way. In addition to supporting hormone balance, Natural Balance can also reduce anxiety to help your mom feel her best.

The Master Tonic offers total body support to help your mom feel her best. Herbs and nutrients to provide adrenal support, immune support, and total body wellness is included to provide a sense of calmness, reduce anxiety, and provide rest for overworked organs. Earthley’s Gut Health Oil is another great option. Gut Health Oil is an herbal tincture designed to detoxify your gut, remove parasites, and improve your overall health from the inside out.

Earthley Wellness also offers an Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Extract that is designed to reduce inflammation in the body and provide immune support. This extract has even been shown to improve your mood. This is a perfect option to help your mom deal with the daily stresses of life.

Lunamore is a wonderful herbal tincture designed to support a woman’s cycle, balance hormones, reduce cramps, and provide support during menopause. If you are looking for an option that promotes overall health specifically for women, look no further than Nourish Her Naturally. This herbal tincture is formulated specifically for women and is a multi-vitamin designed to fortify and nurture the female body. Regardless of which tincture you choose, any remedy by Earthly Wellness will nurture your mom and help her feel her best this Mother’s Day.

Earthley Wellness
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Pure Parima

Pure Parima offers luxury Egyptian cotton sheets that your mom will swoon over this Mother’s Day. Mom will adore the super soft Yalda Sheet Set. With a 400 thread count and crafted with hand-picked cotton fibers, the Yalda Sheets are soft and silky. They are available in ten different colors, there is a color to match every bedroom decor style. Your mom will love sinking into these comforting sheets every night.

The Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set has a thread count of 700 and will bring the height of luxury to your mom’s bedroom this Mother’s Day. Accented with a triple embroidered stitch design and available with six different colored accent stripes, they are a great option to accent any bedroom and create the most silky sateen bedding for a luxurious bedroom for your mom to relax in.

Once you’ve found the perfect sheets for your mom this Mother’s Day, make sure to check out the duvet cover offerings from Pure Patima. With multiples styles to choose from, you will have no problem finding everything you need at Pure Patima to create the perfect beautiful bedroom that your mom will be thrilled to relax in every evening.

Yalda Sheet Set | Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Duvet Covers
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Moms work hard and deserve time to relax and unwind. This Mother’s Day help your mom relax with a luxurious Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket. The Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket is filled with glass microbeads which provides the weight of the blanket. Using a weighted blanket can relax the body and improve sleep allowing your mom to get all the quality rest that she truly needs.

The Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket comes with a doubled-sided bamboo cover that keeps the blanket cooling and breathable. The bamboo cover is also naturally antibacterial so it is healthy to use daily as well. The weighted microbeads combined with the cool bamboo will help your mom fall asleep faster and stay asleep for a restful night leaving your mom feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket
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With summer approaching, so many moms will be spending time outdoors at summer get-togethers and sporting events. Pamper your mom with some new, stylish sunglasses. The Sub Bardot sunglasses blends a classic style with a slim silhouette for a glamorous look.

The Sun Bardot sunglasses are made from lightweight black or tortoiseshell acetate and are available as both non-prescription and prescription sunglasses. An anti-scratch lens coating protects your sunglasses when you are on the go. Help your mom look stylish this summer while protecting her eyes in the summer sun with the Sun Bardot sunglasses.

Sun Bardot
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For the mom that loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen, help her take her homemade meals to the next level with some awesome kitchen gadgets this Mother’s Day. The Philips Viva Collection Soup Maker allows you to make soup in three easy steps and under twenty minutes. Not only can you make delicious soup for a quick and easy meal, the Viva Collection Soup Maker also makes smoothies and cold soups. With an optimizing heat profile, you can even make milk-based soups. The SoupPro Technology also ensures that your soup is the perfect texture every time.

The Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker will make help you make your mom’s dream of homemade pasta a reality. This innovative pasta maker includes an auto kneading setting to make it as easy as possible to create a smooth and consistent pasta dough. Once the dough is made, there are several different pasta shapes that the pasta maker is capable of producing. You can choose to make ravioli, spaghetti, fettuccine, shells or even dumplings. Your mom will be ecstatic to have the Avance Collection Pasta Maker to wow her guests at her next dinner party.

Viva Collection Soup Maker | Avance Collection Pasta Maker
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Olive and June

Mom’s deserve to feel and look their best but it is sometimes hard to convince to find the time and money to spend on themselves. With Olive and June, you can provide your mom with a full manicure system and beautiful colors so that she can do her own manicure and pedicure right at home. The Olive and June Complete System Set comes with everything you need to do your own manicure and pedicure at home and on a budget. A file, buffer, clippers, cuticle serum, nail polish, and much more are included in this complete kit.

Another great option from Olive and June is the Mani Weekender. This portable kit has everything you need for a manicure on the go in a convenient bag that will slip seamlessly into your luggage or even a purse. Combine the Mani Weekender with some beautiful color choices from the Spring 2022 High Tea nail polish collection. This collection blends beautifully feminine and flirty colors to create an exquisite color palette. The Spring 2020 Superbloom Polish Set also offers soft pastel colors that will fit any style. The colors in this set are both feminine and delicate making it a great choice for this Mother’s Day.

Complete System| Mani Weekender | Spring 2022 High Tea Polish Set | Spring 2020 Superbloom Polish Set
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Blenders Eyewear

Mother’s Day means spoiling your mom and what better way to do that than with some fashionable and functional sunglasses with prescription lenses. Blenders Eyewear recognizes that people don’t necessarily want to forfeit style for necessity so they’ve taken the trendiest sunglasses and made them available with prescription lenses so you can always look great.

Help your mom look her best at all her summer events with classic sunglasses like the Soul Singer. These durable and lightweight polycarbonate, classic black sunglasses can be made with lenses with your perfect prescription. The Rose Theater sunglasses are another trendy option that is also available in your personalized prescription. With rose pink lenses, they will add a pop of flair to any outfit. The Freelance prescription sunglasses are a more subtle way to add color to your style. Pair pink prescription lenses with beautiful pink frames on the Crazy Love sunglass to turn heads wherever you go.

All of the options by Blenders are available with both prescription and non-prescription lenses so you and your mom never have to sacrifice style. They are the perfect gift this Mother’s Day before all the outdoor summer activities your mom will want to enjoy.

Soul Singer | Rose Theater | Freelance | Crazy Love
Blenders Eyewear | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Pura Vida

Pura Vida translates to “pure life” and the bracelets offered by this company helps you embrace the pure and free life. With elements of nature in each of the designs, the bracelets offered by Pura Vida are gentle reminders to live free and pursue your passions.

The Keep It Cosmic Pack comes with four bracelets that blends braided styles with a ball chain bracelet and two adorable alien and UFO themed charms. It is a great way to tell your mom she is out of this world this Mother’s Day. For the mom who prefers to keep her feet on the ground, the By the Sea Pack is an excellent choice. This beautiful bracelet pack combines shimmery pearls with shades of blue and rose gold charms to make you mom feel like she is always at the beach.

The Dreaming Outloud II Pack is a perfect gift for the mom who loves to travel and has an adventurous spirit. This pack combines six adventurous bracelets in shades of blue and orange. Silver accents and an adorable bus charm will serve as a reminder to your mom to get out there and see the world. Pura Vida offers a variety of additional options to help your mom to live the “pure life” this Mother’s Day.

Keep It Cosmic Pack | Dreaming Outloud II Pack | By the Sea Pack
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One thing every mom appreciates is a clean house and no house feels truly clean until smells amazing as well. Pura is a Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser that you can control from an app on your device to create the perfect scent for your home. With premium designer fragrances, your home will always smell amazing.

The Pura Party Set comes with everything your mom will need to set up her whole house with the scent of her choice. The set includes five Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffusers as well as ten different scents including the ever popular Volcano by Capri Blue. Your mom will love the ability to choose the fragrance intensity in her house and switch between scents all at the touch of an app. Help your mom relax and create the home of her dreams with the Pura Party Set this Mother’s Day.

Pura Party Set
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Lumen is the first device of its kind to allow the average person to have access to metabolic testing from the comfort of their home. If your mom is concerned with her metabolic health or looking to get healthier this year, Lumen is a great gift option for Mother’s Day this year.

Lumen uses innovative technology that uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to determine the amount of CO2 concentration in a single breath. This information can then be used to calculate your overall metabolic health and flexibility. Knowing this information can lead to lots of benefits such as easier weight loss, better sleep, optimized workouts, and more.

The Lumen connects to an app that is easily downloaded on your device allowing you to monitor your metabolic health. The app allows for unlimited measurements so that you can see trends in your metabolic function. With a sleek travel case, you can take Lumen with you wherever you go so you never miss a measurement and can continue your journey to optimal health.


Lumen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Big Blanket

If your mom loves to relax and snuggle up with a good book or movie, make her relaxation time every cozier with a Big Blanket this Mother’s Day. The Original Stretch Big Blanket is a huge 10 x 10 blanket that offers next level comfort. Big enough for more than one, the whole family can snuggle on the couch for movie night.

The Original Stretch Big Blanket is from a specially formulated blend of polyester and spandex which adds stretch to the blanket but also keeps you from getting too hot or too cold. Each Original Stretch Blanket is available in a variety of colors and patterns so you are sure to find the perfect one for your mother this Mother’s Day.

Original Stretch Big Blanket
Big Blanket | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok

Nude Envie

Help your mom feel beautiful and glamorous this Mother’s Day with lipstick from Nude Envie. The collection of lipstick offered by Nude Envie is creamy, luxurious, and moisturizing. All of Nude Envie’s lipsticks are made without parabens and other harmful chemicals. With Vitamin E and jojoba oil, your mom will not only feel beautiful but will find her lips feeling healthier in no time.

Nude Envie’s lipsticks also come in a variety of colors to match your mom’s perfect style. The Envie de Lèvres Lipstick in Radiate offers the perfect pink nude color with subtle pearl-infused sheen. The shade Intuition provides a deep rosy plum color that is the perfect bold lip color. If your mom is a fan of beautiful pinks, the Envie de Lèvres Lipstick in Farrah is the perfect classy pink shade. Nude Envie’s will has your mom feeling as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside this Mother’s Day.

Envie de Lèvres Lipstick in Radiate | Envie de Lèvres Lipstick in Intuition | Envie de Lèvres Lipstick in Farrah
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Another great option for the mom in your life that loves plants is the Janet Craig Dragon Plant (Dracaena) from Livelyroot. This beautiful plant is virtually indestructible and thrives in low-light environments. It will provide an easy way for your mom to brighten up her space with a live plant without worrying about trying to keep the plant alive.

The Janet Craig Dragon Plant (Dracaena) serves a dual purpose. In addition to being a beautiful decor accent, it is also able to purify the air in a room by removing toxins. With low maintenance and watering requirements, it is the perfect MOther’s Day gift for your mom that won’t require more work for her.

Janet Craig Dragon Plant (Dracaena)
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Motherhood can often be stressful so this Mother’s Day provide your mom with the calming touch therapy the Apollo device can provide. The Apollo wearable device uses effective touch therapy to rebalance the nervous system to help you feel calmer and more in control. It provides stress relief on even the most stressful days.

The Apollo wearable device connects with an innovative mobile app that allows you to control and personalize the intensity of the touch therapy as well. The Apollo can even be personalized to match your individual style with the interchangeable Apollo Band. Regular use of the Apollo device can retrain the brain and nervous system so that you adapt to stress more easily, sleep better, and feel better overall. It is the perfect way to let your mom know just how much you appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day.

Apollo Wearable Device | Apollo Band
Apollo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


For a fun Mother’s Day gift consider getting your mom a 2 Kit Subscription Blue Oyster + Lion’s Main from Smallhold. This fun kit allows you to grow edible mushrooms easily right in your own home. The 2 Kit Subscription will arrive in two shipments approximately three weeks apart. The first shipment will include everything you need to grow Blue Oyster Mushrooms.

Once you receive the mushroom blocks. growing mushrooms is simple. Use a knife to cut an ‘X’ on the front and back of the mushroom block. Wrap the block tightly with the included plastic bag and then place the mushroom block out of direct temperature in a place that remains room temperature and has good airflow. Gently mist the mushroom block with water three times a day until little mushrooms begin to grow. This innovative gift is not only fun but allows your mom to have the joy of watching something she started grow and flourish.

2 Kit Subscription Blue Oyster + Lion’s Mane
Smallhold | Instagram

Moms give their all to their families every single day. This Mother’s Day take a tip from our gift guide and find the perfect gift for your mom to thank her for her love, devotion, and selflessness. While you probably won’t ever be able to repay your mother for all she’s done, the perfect gift is a good start this Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide – Everything A Modern Mom Wants



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