Gifts for Mom: Ideas Under $50 that Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so show your Mom how much she means to you with amazing products for every type of Mom. Make Mother’s Day extra special with personalized gifts and gifts for Mom ideas that are unique and affordable. Get her something that will make her smile, including framed pictures of the whole family and super comfy bedsheets or stylish sunglasses. We’ve got you covered with some unique gifts for Mom ideas to add to your list.

The Best Gifts For Mom Ideas

Happy Hour, Inc.

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Celebrate Mom with the Happy Hour Wine Clutch and her favorite bottle of wine. The Wine Clutch lets you elegantly carry your favorite bottle of wine to happy hour with friends, a date, or a party. The stylish, insulated clutch purse is perfect for your favorite wine but can also be used to carry your lunch. The insulated clutch will keep wine chilled or on-the-go snacks warm.

The Happy Hour Wine Clutch even comes with a wine stopper. Of course, you can use the clutch as a regular purse too, making it one of the best gifts for Mom ideas out there. You will receive so many compliments when you use the bold turquoise or red clutch as an everyday purse.

The Happy Hour Wine Clutch comes in a variety of colors including silver glitter, cork, and stripe. The purse is 14.5 by 12 by 3.5 inches. Feel confident and sassy carrying the Wine Clutch. There’s just something about knowing your purse was designed to carry a chilled bottle of wine that makes you step lighter even when you are using the purse to just run errands around town. It’s like a secret that you can be the party – if you want to.

Round out your Mother’s Day gift by pairing the Happy Hour Wine Clutch with the Happy Hour Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler Solid Color set of 4 for the ultimate in gifts for Mom ideas. The 16-ounce tumblers keep drinks cold for 16 hours or hot for 6 hours. The set comes in beautiful, fun pastels. Don’t forget the wine!

Happy Hour Wine Clutch – Turquoise | Happy Hour Wine Clutch – Red | Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler Solid Color set of 4
Happy Hour, Inc. | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Getting something special for your sweet Mom on Mother’s Day can be tricky. You want to get her a gift that is unique and sentimental. Collage is here to help. Collage has over 50 personalized products, including photo prints, home decor, blankets, and much more making it one of the best gifts for Mom ideas available. The Premium Framed Prints is one of the best gifts you can give your Mom.

Simply take your favorite family photo and upload it to their website. All photos are printed in the USA in bright colors on Fujicolor Crystal Archive matte paper. Then, add a stylish black and white frame which features beveled edges making your photo the centerpiece of any wall.  

The one-of-a-kind custom gifts from Collage will have your Mom tearing up when she sees them. These are the gifts she will cherish forever!

Premium Framed Prints
Collage | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Ferry Morse

Looking for a trusted seed brand that has been around for over 150 years when it comes to replenishing Mom’s garden? Look no further than Ferry-Morse LIVE Plantlings! They only sell Non-GMO seeds, so Mom can be confident in the quality of their products. Plus, if you’re thinking of gardening plants for Mom, she deserves only the freshest plants around! So don’t hesitate to add this to your list of gifts for Mom ideas.

All of their plantlings are packed for the current season, so you know you’re getting the best possible plants for Mom. Plus, did you know that they were the first company to practice selling only fresh flowers, herbs, and vegetable seeds? So when you choose Ferry-Morse, you’re choosing a brand with a long history of quality and excellence this Mother’s Day. So start with something sweet and delectable! The Strawberry Montana Plantlings Live Baby Plants bear sweet and flavorsome fragrant berries two to three crops through the growing season. Perfect to grow in a patio container or hanging basket.

A summer staple, the Zucchini Dark Green Plantlings Live Baby Plants produces dark Green Zucchini – a squash variety that produces exceptionally high yields of flavorful zucchini that are used in a variety of dishes. From sauteeing in the pan to baked desserts, it’s a truly versatile veggie. For Mom’s snacking pleasures, the Pepper Sweet Snackabelle Red Pepper Plantlings Live Baby Plants are mini-bell peppers that ripen from green to deep red. It probably won’t make it into a salad, so, just snack away and love every crunchy, sweet bite!

Now that the sweet and savory garden is underway, add a pop of color to Mom’s pots or the garden with the Viola Johnny Jump Up Sorbet Xp Mix Plantlings Live Baby Plants and the Verbena Wicked Hot Pink Plantlings Live Baby Plants where you can expect to get more flowers per plant gracing your home. Mom will enjoy the verbenas as they attract butterflies and decorate garden edges or cascading trellises and stone-edged walls. Curate mom’s perfect vegetable, fruit, and flower garden this Mother’s Day with Ferry Morse!

Strawberry Montana Plantlings Live Baby Plants | Zucchini Dark Green Plantlings Live Baby Plants | Pepper Sweet Snackabelle Red Pepper Plantlings Live Baby Plants | Viola Johnny Jump Up Sorbet Xp Mix Plantlings Live Baby Plants | Verbena Wicked Hot Pink Plantlings Live Baby Plants
Ferry Morse | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Shopping for the Mom who knows just what she wants isn’t easy, but thanks to Decocrated, she can have home decor shipped straight to her door and keep her aesthetic up to date all year long. Decocrated is a home decor subscription that puts the finishing touches on her home without the added stress of extra shopping or planning. Be sure to share put this at the top of your list of gifts for Mom ideas!

Choose her plan, and four times a year, a box is delivered straight to her door that features gorgeous pieces for her home and she can place them anywhere that needs an extra splash of pizazz! From textiles to small kitchen gadgets to conversation starters, each piece in her Decocrated box has been designed to work in any space with a variety of style preferences.

Mom works hard to keep her home beautiful, and now you can help her find new, beautiful things to decorate it with thanks to Decocrate.

Get The Spring Box
Decocrated | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Copper Cow Coffee

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Treat Mom to premium pour-over coffee at home for Mother’s Day brunch. Copper Cow Coffee is traditional Vietnamese coffee known for its rich, mocha, nutty undertones served with sweetened condensed milk. Copper Cow Coffee lets you and Mom easily craft delicious, barista-quality lattes with the clever, compostable pour-over design. Pour-over coffee is such a deliciously, fun experience to share and definitely belongs on your list of gifts for Mom ideas.

The rich Copper Cow Coffee comes in pre-filled coffee filters that you hang on your cup. Soak the grounds with water and then fill the filter a couple of times to create the traditional Vietnamese brew. Finally add the amazing Copper Cow Creamer, which is sweetened condensed milk made with milk and cane sugar. Sweet perfection.

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Herbs and spices are added to the coffee mix to create amazing lattes. The sprigs of lavender in the Lavender Latte tickle the tongue as you sip the warm hot latte. The Lavender Latte combines the energy from coffee and the relaxation from the lavender to create a unique, delicious experience. The Vanilla Coffee is made with 100 percent vanilla beans so it is naturally sweetened. Copper Cow coffee always uses clean, simple ingredients.

You can create a monthly Coffee Subscription for Mom so she can enjoy the all-natural Copper Cow Coffee the whole year through. That way she will be sure to enjoy new Copper Cow Coffee flavors like Mint Mocha Latte and the limited-edition Ginger Latte. The Ginger Latte bursts with ginger as it mingles with the rich coffee and sweetened condensed milk. With all these flavors, you’ll never run out of amazing gifts for Mom ideas!

The Mint Mocha Latte is an expert blend of spearmint and Copper Cow’s bold Vietnamese roast paired with Mocha Creamer. It is delicious hot, but amazing over ice on a hot sunny day. Debbie Wei Mullin, the founder of Copper Cow Coffee, makes sure that the company sources high-quality beans from sustainable and organic farms in Vietnam.

Vanilla Coffee | Ginger Latte | Lavender Coffee | Mint Mocha Latte
Copper Cow Coffee | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Treat your Mom like a queen with luxurious bedding from Pizuna Linens this Mother’s Day. The gorgeous lightweight 400 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set is not only affordable but provides maximum comfort. In addition, these ultrasoft moisture-wicking sheets are cooling and designed to get your Mom to a state of tranquility.

The fade-resistant sheet set’s 100% long-staple cotton will change how you sleep forever. It features an oversized flat sheet, a 360° elastic fitted sheet, beautiful pillowcases and is available in various colors. So this Mother’s Day, be sure to put this in your gifts for Mom ideas, so you can give your Mom the gift of comfort and a good night’s sleep with Pizuna sheet sets. 

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Pizuna 400 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set 4 PC-Light Blue-King
Pizuna| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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US Polo Assn.

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Mother’s Day gift-giving can be both fashionable and inexpensive, including brands such as the U.S. Polo Assn. We particularly love their solid pink bomber jacket and oversized sunglasses for Mom this year. These make great gifts for Mom ideas that you can share with all your friends! The classic design of the U.S. Polo Assn’s bomber jacket is both comfortable and practical for spring. Whether she’s taking a morning walk or watching an evening ballgame, this jacket will keep her cozy on breezy days. Meanwhile, those oversized glasses are perfect for every occasion.

Solid Bomber Jacket | Over-Sized Sunglasses
U.S. Polo Assn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Think outside the flower box with creative gifts for Mom ideas for Mother’s Day this year. Giving Mom a personalized gift doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Make her feel extra special with a personalized Rainbows & Unicorns Towel from KicksBySammy.

KicksBySammy is an online custom accessories company that provides Sammy’s hand-drawn artwork on various customizable products. Each item is made to order and printed on demand. The accessories feature the hand-drawn designs of Samantha Handler, the company’s founder, and artist. This colorful, premium, eye-catching Unicorn towel is made to order, machine washable, and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Rainbows & Unicorns Towel
KicksBySammy | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok


Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

If she’s an ice cream lover, treat her to a fun and useful accessory that will keep the ice cream at its ideal temperature with Calicle Cups. The Insulated Bowl Set is the best way to let Mom enjoy her favorite sweet treats. This set included 2 triple-insulated stainless steel bowls that keep your cold items cold and your warm items warm.

These bowls are also great for soups, dips, and other food items that you wish to maintain a certain temperature. Each set also includes two clear, shatterproof lids that create a leak-resistant seal, perfect when transporting foods on the go. These are great gifts for Mom ideas you can share with all your friends! Set options include Pink Hibiscus/Blue Seas or White/Frost/Midnight Black.

Insulated Bowl Set
Calicle | Facebook | Instagram

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Tea Drops

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Looking for unique gifts for Mom ideas that also won’t break the bank? Consider gifting her a Tea Drops kit this Mother’s Day. Essentially the bath bombs of the tea world, these playfully shaped, bagless tea blends of leaves and spices make a perfectly playful Mother’s Day gift for any tea-loving Mom.

The cool thing about this tea is that you dissolve your tea drop in hot water and it is ready to drink! No bags or mess to worry with. While Tea Drops is available in nearly any type of tea you want – black, green herbal, and even matcha – their Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Kit is especially fun.

The Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Kit includes 16 tea drops in four different tea varieties, six-packs of Copper Cow sweetened condensed milk, and one big bag of those delicious tapioca pearls to turn your tea into yummy bubble tea all packaged in a sweet little gift box. You even get to decide which four flavors of tea drops you want to include. Talk about the perfect gifts for Mom ideas to share will all your friends! This delicious and whimsical drink will add just the right amount of magic to mom’s Mother’s Day this year.

Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Kit
Tea Drops | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Caricature Master

This Mother’s Day, give a sentimental and humorous gift with a caricature drawing from Caricature Master. Caricature Master can make your Mother’s portrait into a hilarious exaggerated picture that will have your Mom laughing with joy. Get a poster in various sizes starting at 8×10 to 24×36. Upload your Mom’s favorite photo and select the drawing style from the realistic, cartoon, or funny styles. Then choose color, body type, background, and voila! Your portrait will be ready in no time!

These are creative gifts for Mom ideas that everyone will love! This handmade drawing of your Mom will have her smiling ear to ear, and she will be forever grateful for such a thoughtful gift.

Caricature Poster
Caricature Master | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Foster Grant

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of impact-resistant and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, with 100% UVA-UVB lens protection from Foster Grant. These unisex aviator glasses certainly include many positive attributes, but they manage to do it in a super-compact way.

These glasses, which are available in three different color combinations, neatly fold up and can be stored in their case that is less than an inch in width. No more rummaging through her purse for her sunglasses and dealing with the bulky cases-this slim case can fit into the side pocket of her purse, or even in the pocket of her jeans! These are great gifts for Mom ideas, especially for a stylish Mother!

The Colin Super Flat Sunglasses keep her eyes healthy and make her life easier. It’s hard to beat a gift that can do that for her this Mother’s Day.

Colin Super Flat Sunglasses
Foster Grant | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Well Told

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Celebrate Mother’s Day with gifts that give back with Well Told’s National Park Collection. The 11 oz. Rock Glass is etched with a detailed topographic map of the beautiful Grand Canyon. Designed and made with pride in the USA, this glass has distinctive details about the Grand Canyon that will get your Mom packing her bags and heading to Nevada.

Also, add the 15 unique oz. Grand Canyon Ceramic Mug, which features the park boundary, year established, square mileage, and the saying “From Rim to River.” This ceramic mug has incredible details of all the features and characters of the park. These glasses and mugs make great gifts for Mom ideas to share with everyone! Every sale of the National Park Collection supports the parks directly and the National Park Foundation. So this Mother’s Day, give your Mama unique gifts from Well Told to celebrate our gorgeous National Parks!

Grand Canyon 15 oz. Ceramic Mug | Grand Canyon, AZ-Topo Rock Glass
Well Told | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Mom may deserve all the flowers in the world this Mother’s Day, but she also deserves a cold sip of water whenever she needs one without condensation or ice melting leaving her with lukewarm water. This year, give Mom her new favorite water bottle from Avana.

The Beckridge comes in a variety of colors and features Avana’s Premium FreeSip Technology meaning she’s got ice-cold water at an arm’s reach. Triple-layer insulation keeps the cold inside so there is no sweating and leaving unattractive rings on furniture or slipping away from her hand. Be sure to share these gifts for Mom ideas with all your loved ones!

The retractable carry loop makes it easy for her to carry her new favorite water bottle everywhere she needs to go. This Mother’s Day, give her a gift that gives all year long with Avana.

Avana | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Harry & David

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

The way to Mom’s heart this Mother’s Day may be through a lovely bottle of wine! Why not show her that you really care and make it two, with Harry & David?

Moms work hard. With the Harry & David™ White Wine Duo, it’s time to kick back and be pampered. The delicious Pinot Gris and versatile Chardonnay are perfect accompaniments to Mother’s Day brunch, lounging by the pool, or snuggling up with a good book. Just head over to Harry & David for a wide selection of gift-giving and hint-dropping options, and let them handle the rest! Let all of your friends know about these great gifts for Mom ideas.

Harry & David White Wine Duo
Harry & David | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube


Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Embrace yourself and Mom this Mother’s Day with Quorum’s Belong candle. Show Mom that you see them and recognize them for all that they are and have done for you with a candle scented with delicate floral notes of jasmine and citrus blossoms with undertones of sandalwood and amber. These make beautiful gifts for Mom ideas for all your friends!

This candle not only smells lovely but includes stories of what it means to be true to yourself and discover your own sense of belonging. Furthermore, Quorum donates 10% of revenues from their Belong candle to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, California.

Belong Candle
Quorum | Instagram

Rejuvalift Beauty

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Has Mom been talking about a facelift lately? Keep the blades away with Rejuvalift! In just 4 minutes, she will have conquered those under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin that has left her feeling “blah”. With real results that more than 6 hours, she’ll feel rejuvenated and like her best self again. Add this to your list of unique gifts for Mom ideas!

Using the power of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, a major ingredient in the most effective injectables, this powerful peptide smoothens and plumps without the needles. This Mother’s Day, help her look and feel her best with Rejuvalift.

Rejuvalift Starter Kit
Rejuvalift Beauty | Facebook

The Deck of Crystals

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Looking for something unique this Mother’s Day? Then you’ll love the fun and eclectic gifts offered by Smith Street Books. We particularly like The Deck of Crystals by Nadia Bailey. Crystals are more than just shiny stones. People use them to cleanse the mind, recharge, or shield against negative energy. These cards would make unique gifts for Mom ideas that you can share with everyone.

Take the mystery out of selecting a crystal that is perfect for your needs with this beautifully illustrated deck that features 50 crystals that explore their properties, history, and lore.

The Deck of Crystals
Smith Street Books | Facebook | Instagram


This Mother’s Day, give the lady of the house a nostalgic and fun gift from RetroViewers. Images3D produces RetroViewers, a family-owned and operated company committed to using local materials, making them 100% made in the USA. Make a custom RetroViewer and then design your custom reels with fun family photos for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Your Mom will look through the lenses of the viewer and will smile ear to ear as she flips through all the pictures.

The Retroviewer comes in four classic colors -red, white, black, and blue. You can choose a RetroViewer with the words “I Love You” or “Happy Birthday” imprinted on it for special occasions. These are fantastic gifts for Mom ideas that everyone will enjoy, with a side serving of nostalgia. RetroViewer is a thoughtful gift that will make Mom smile throughout the year!

Gift Set
RetroViewer | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

The Vibe Check Deck

Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful

Want to encourage Mom to live in the moment? Give her the gift of the Vibe Check Deck. This 52-card beautifully designed deck of cards offers simple reminders to assist you in a moment where you would like to learn to be more mindful, enjoy the power of now, and increase your overall well-being through a simple, yet powerful prompt. Clear your mind, choose a card and surrender the opportunity to improve your mood and uplift your vibe through mindfulness, mantras, challenges, thought-starters, and psychological tips designed to cultivate awareness of the present moment. Make sure to add these cards to your list of gifts for Mom ideas, for a truly unique experience!

Vibe Check Deck
The Vibe Check Deck | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

We all love our Mom and want to show her how we feel about her. However, you don’t have to break the bank to make her happy. This helpful guide has a gift for every kind of Mom without draining your wallet. So now you can shower your Mom with presents using any of the gifts for Mom ideas in this guide.

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Gifts For Moms: Ideas Under 0 That Are Amazingly Affordable & Thoughtful



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