Back To School Photos: A Little Dino Heads to School

The first day of school is a joyous, stressful, and tear filled experience. Watching your Kindergartener tentatively head up the steps following their teacher, a backpack too large for their little back, hoping at lunch that they’ll be able to open their juice box without any issue. The following year, watching your First Grader is an entirely different experience. They are excited to see the other students and their confidence brings a tear to your eye.

Back to school photos are a must, and thanks to social media you are probably full of inspiration for how your photos might look. Backpack in hand, a chalkboard with their name and grade, or a poster sharing their future career plans. You might even have a t-shirt with their graduation year that you’ll cross your fingers not to lose by the time they graduate and if you are lucky, you’ll be able to convince a 16 year old to pose for a first day of school photo.

Back to school photos are an important memory and no matter what kind of family you are, capturing that moment is special, even if you happen to be a dino mom.

When Mama T-rex sends a raptor off to school…. it’s a bit different.

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Drop off is about the same no matter if you are cold or warm a blooded mama. We all need our Starbucks. There may even be mornings without Starbucks where we all might transform into a t-rex! 

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Once out of the car, you’ll want to make sure they have their lunch. Full of nutrients and easy access at lunch time, a healthy fresh lamb is the perfect treat for a growing raptor.

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What first day of school wouldn’t be complete without a poster? We’re hoping this is the year Baby Blue learns how to take down the Indominus Rex!

Krp_6869 Copy_Web Krp_6870 Copy_Web First Day Of School Little Dino

This amazingly inspired photo shoot is the brainchild of Krysta Reed Photography. Krysta is  a family photographer in Columbus Ohio. Krysta shared her inspiration for the shoot and what it took for it to come together over on her blog.

If your little loves Jurassic Park, you could even put your own first day photo shoot together using the exact same props from her shoot!

Everything you need for a Jurassic Park First Day of School

We love how these photos took a stressful and emotional experience, the first day of preschool, and turned it into a memory they’ll both remember for a lifetime. Back to school is an amazing time of year when creativity grows. As you think about what kind of photos you want to commemorate the year it might be fun to work in their favorite movie or character. Your students will only be this age one time, and each and every memory is a special one you’ll continue to cherish as they grow.

Back To School Photos

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Photo credit: Krysta Reed Photography

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