5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles for Amazing An New You

Resistance bands will let you ring in the New Year with the perfect workout routine. You can work out anywhere, while increasing strength and flexibility, too. The trick is finding the right bands for you. Amazon features a wide variety of resistance bands for beginners and experienced athletes.

You can begin resistance training from the easy-to-use instructions that come with the bands, online videos, or a personal trainer. Resistance bands are great for those at all fitness levels. They do not require a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment. A set of bands is an inexpensive way to get moving this year.

How Does Resistance Training Provide Quality Workouts?

5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles For Amazing An New You

Resistance bands let you work out just about anywhere from the gym, to the office, at home, or on vacation. They can be tucked in a backpack, a briefcase, a suitcase, or a beach bag. The bands are good for toning the arms, shoulders, glutes, legs, and chest. You can do a wide variety of exercises with bands including bicep curls, and squats, as well as the leg press, the seated calf press, lateral raise, chest press, and more.

How Do You Choose Which Resistance Bands to Use?

5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles For Amazing An New You

Sheet resistance bands are thin sheets of continuous latex. You use sheet bands by wrapping them around your hands, feet, or other anchor points. They are good for rehab, stretching, and warmups. Sheet bands are good for beginners.

Looped resistance bands come in a complete circle like a rubber band. Looped bands come in varying lengths and thicknesses. Looped bands are excellent for lower body exercises. Looped bands often are about 4 feet long and can also be used for pull-ups.

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Tube resistance bands are made of a hard, dense rubber that usually comes with handles because the tubes are difficult to grab. The tube bands work nicely for upper body workouts including bicep curls and shoulder presses. Some tube bands come with carabiners allowing you to add ankle cuffs and more.

Amazon Resistance Bands

TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands

5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles For Amazing An New You

TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with handles boast 5 fitness workout bands that stack up to 110 pounds. The tube resistance bands feature large sweatproof handles, ankle straps, a door anchor attachment, a carry bag, and an E-guide book. TheFitLife set really lets you do a whole body workout anytime anyplace.

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You can burn fat and build muscle as you increase coordination, stamina, flexibility, and range of motion when working out with TheFitLife bands. The five bands can be used alone at an intensity of 10 pounds or stacked for more than 100 pounds. The double-core tubes are made of natural latex that does not snap.

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

The Whatafit Resistance Bands Set comes with five 36-inch length bands, which are made of natural latex. They come in yellow (10 pounds), blue (20 pounds), green (30 pounds), black (40 pounds), and red (50 pounds). The resistance bands can be used separately or together for a max weight of 150 pounds. The Whatafit set also comes with one door anchor, two slip-resistant cushioned handles, a carrying case, and a user manual.

Te-Rich Loop Resistance Bands

5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles For Amazing An New You

The Te-Rich Loop Resistance Bands are made with soft cotton material with latex grips so they do not roll up your leg. The 3-piece set comes with different resistance levels with light gray having the least resistance and black being the strongest.  

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The set also comes with a user’s guide and a carrying case. Each band is 3.15 by 13.6 inches long. The light band is good for beginners. The medium band is great for those who are ready to add resistance to their warm-up routines. And, the heaviest band is perfect for athletes.

Sport2People Resistance Bands

5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles For Amazing An New You

The Sport2people Exercise Resistance Loop Bands are made of durable latex. The set comes with 5 different bands in 5 different colors. The bands are 12 by 2 inches wide, which makes them easy to grip.

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The sport2people Exercise Bands set comes with 2 e-books that will guide and teach you various workout routines using the loop bands. These bands are great for doing physical therapy workouts at home or focusing on toning and sculpting.  

TheraBand Resistance Bands

The TheraBand Latex Resistance Bands make an excellent set for beginners. The 5-foot, 5-inch bands are color-coded: yellow is 3 to 4.3 pounds, red is 3.7 to 5.5 pounds and green is 4.6 to 6.7 pounds.

The TheraBands are good for rehabilitation exercises for those with joint pain or mobility issues. The flat bands let you do exercises like the tri-cep toner, back band flies and knee squat. The TheraBands come in eight color-coded levels of progressive resistance.

Workouts with resistance bands can be done by stay-at-home moms, working moms, or even the whole family. They are a great way to stretch and maintain flexibility. But, the exciting part of workouts with resistance bands is that you can build muscles and strength when you use the higher intensity bands. Resistance bands are versatile, portable, and inexpensive.

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5 Excellent Resistance Bands To Help Improve Strength & Build Muscles For Amazing An New You

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