12 Best Gift Ideas For Men

Men may be hard to shop for and thanks to Daily Mom that is okay this holiday season. No need to rack your brain on new and exciting gadgets to get him. Relax, take a step back, and just think about the special men in your life. Here you will find some gift ideas for men that are sure to make him thank his lucky stars this holiday season.

Best Gift Ideas for Men from Spyder

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Is your current jacket up to the challenges that the coming winter will bring? Well, the renowned Spyder company has your back with the new Leader GTX jacket. It sports a GORE-TEX treated shell with all seams taped to keep out moisture and the chilly wind. It is breathable but still boasts the ‘Guaranteed to keep you dry’ promise from GORE-TEX. 3M is also in the technology mix with their Thinsulate. This will keep you warm while still keeping a nice trim look to the jacket, letting moisture out while keeping your body heat in. The Leader jacket is rated at the highest warmth factor available with this technology.

The Leader jacket appears to be designed by Q for Bond with multiple pockets for all of your gadgets. There are also little features that make a big difference, like a hook in your pocket for keys, an attached lens wipe for goggles, and a little pocket on the arm for your lift pass or phone. Zippers under the arms can allow for more air flow if you work up a sweat on the slopes or shoveling the driveway. The hood on the Leader jacket is great, but if that is not your style, it can be taken off. Spandex sleeves with thumb holes give a snug fit to make sure you stay warm. A feature that can be overlooked until you fall on the hill is a powder skirt, the leader Jacket has you covered.

Technology and design aside the Leader jacket from Spyder is sensible as well. While having everything that you would want in a skiing jacket it is also just as functional for everyday use. You could be throwing it on in a hurry to get the dog out in the morning or going out for the night on the town wanting to look good. Coming in a variety of colors you can be sure to find one that fits your style. Aim to make the Spyder Leader jacket yours this year.

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Spyder Leader GTX

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Best Gift Ideas for Men from Guardline Security

Got unexpected guests? Not this holiday season! Wouldn’t it be nice to know when someone is coming by or perhaps get notified if someone is unknowingly crossing over onto your property? Just like the latest ringtone notification, now you can have a ‘someone is coming’ notification chime with Guardline Security Outdoor Motion Alert System.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Gaurdline Security Best Gift Ideas For Men

Whether you decide to protect your home or give a gift for a dear friend or family member, the set up is super easy and quick. For small areas, you can start with one receiver and sensor. If you have a few acres to cover, one receiver will expand to 16 sensors for complete coverage of your perimeter. Each sensor has their own ‘ringtone’ or chimes to customize so you know exactly which area was alerted.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Gaurdline Security Best Gift Ideas For Men

You will feel safer with the long range of up to 1/4 mile coverage making it truly wireless. An easy setup, quick installation, and notification chimes set to your preference. Never be caught off guard again when someone comes to visit.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Gaurdline Security Best Gift Ideas For Men

Now you will have some headway time to meet the driver for a special package you have been waiting for or a heads up when guests are arriving.


Guardline Security Outdoor Motion Alert System


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from Orca

Daily Mom Parents Portal Orca Cooler 6 Best Gift Ideas For Men

Whether the outdoor sportsman in your life is an avid hunter, fisherman, or simply enjoys spending his free time communing with nature, this holiday season give him the gift of a high-quality cooler that will accompany him on his adventures for years to come. Perfect for spending a day out on the boat or taking along for the weekend camping trip, a hard-sided cooler from Orca is the way to go.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Orca Collage Best Gift Ideas For Men

Durable, versatile, and packed with features your sportsman is sure to love, the Orca 26 quart cooler is just the right size. Big enough for a day outdoors, but not too heavy to carry when full, this cooler will be a well-loved and useful gift this holiday. Whether using the cooler to carry home his day’s catch or filling it up with refreshments for a day at the beach, the Orca hard-sided cooler will keep his stuff cold.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Orca Cooler 3 Best Gift Ideas For Men

Featuring integrated insulation for maximum ice cold/retention and freshness, the Orca cooler can keep items cold for up to 10 days. Extendable flex-grip handles make it easy to carry, and with an exterior mesh stow-and-go pocket, he can easily slide in some snacks or even a cell phone without fear it will get wet. With the easy flow drainage spout, clean-up is a breeze making sure the Orca cooler stays fresh and odor-free for further use.


ORCA Black 26 Quart Cooler


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from VersA Speaker

Daily Mom Parents Portal Versa Speaker Holiday Gift Guide 3

Your Amazon Alexa is amazing but there’s one thing you can’t do with it- take it with you. For the person who just loves their music no matter where they are in the house, the VersA speaker is just the gift for them this holiday season.

VersA is built with Amazon Alexa technology so it can do everything that your favorite girl can- add stuff to your grocery list, order a pizza, and play your best jams to set the mood. However, VersA is also Bluetooth enabled and has wireless capabilities so you can take it from the kitchen to your office to your home gym without losing connection.

The VersA speaker is also waterproof so you can take it with you poolside as well. The rugged exterior makes it tough and portable so it can withstand bumps, scrapes, and a little splash or two without any worries. It can also be connected with up to 50 other VersA speakers in House party mode so you can really get the party started this holiday season. Office parties will never be the same.


VersA Speakers


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Best Gifts for Men from Living DNA

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Gift Guide7  Best Gift Ideas For Men

Have you ever wondered where you came from or what your ancestral roots might be? Living DNA is a complete kit that helps you determine just that. It’s super simple to use- the at-home kit will be delivered right to your door. Simply swab your mouth, place that swab back in the provided bag and package, and send back to Living DNA for analysis. Within 10-12 weeks your results will be available online!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Gift Guide2  Best Gift Ideas For Men
Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Gift Guide8  Best Gift Ideas For Men
Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Gift Guide4  Best Gift Ideas For Men

Living DNA is different from other DNA kits. With Living DNA you are able to see twice as much ancestry as comparable kits on the market. You will also be able to see both your mother’s lineage and your father’s lineage, and explore what that looked like at different periods of time throughout history. You also receive a personalized book that contains your results and your ancestry to show family or friends, or just for when you want to look at it!

Living Dna Dailymom Portal

It is a fun gift to get for yourself, your spouse, and even your parents to see what their lineage looks like and to talk about where you came from. Imagine the discussions you can have Christmas dinner with your results!


Living DNA


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from PAWW

Paww Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Guide 2018 3 1  Best Gift Ideas For Men

A good sound cancelling headphone is a must have for the jetsetter in your life. From blocking out engine noise to ignoring the giggly teenagers two rows over, the Paww WaveSound 3 easily blocks up to 20dB of unwanted noise. They’ll enjoy peace and quiet and can easily switch from bluetooth music from their phone to the connecting to the wired airplane movie display. With high quality balanced sound, you can’t find a better headphone on the market for the price.

Wavesound Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Guide 2018 3  Best Gift Ideas For Men
Wavesound Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Guide 2018  Best Gift Ideas For Men

Anyone who’s ever worn in-ear headphones for an entire flight knows the struggle of ear fatigue. As an over the ear headphone, the WaveSound 3 is ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Built to be lightweight and strong, they’ll withstand years of use and are easily portable in the compact carry case.

Paww Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Guide 2018 2  Best Gift Ideas For Men

Once they’ve landed, the in built in microphone makes it easy to connect with calls and let family know they’ve arrived. They’ll be able to enjoy a world of their own creation both on and off the airplane.


WaveSound 3


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from Maverick Meat Thermometers

Daily Mom Parent Portal Maverick 2  Best Gift Ideas For Men

The Maverick Rain Drop Waterproof Digital Thermometer is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook. With the waterproof exterior and the back light for night viewing, this digital meat thermometer is designed to get you the perfect results no matter what time of day or what weather conditions come along if you’re out grilling. The auto-off feature will save power and extend the life of the battery, so you can make the most of BBQ season and beyond.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Maverick 2  Best Gift Ideas For Men

This digital thermometer reads temperatures from 4-572 degrees Fahrenheit. The accurate and fast thermocouple sensor ensures perfect cooking every time. With the options to store maximum and minimum temperatures, it does the work for you.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Maverick 2  Best Gift Ideas For Men

The Instant-Read BBQ Fork is perfect for any meat lover. The long handle ensures you won’t get burned while taking the temp of the meats on the grill or in the oven. The two-prong tip shows temperature in 3 seconds. The backlit display makes it easy to read in the dark so there’s no second guessing.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Maverick 2  Best Gift Ideas For Men

These thermometers are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or entertain guests!


Waterproof Digital Thermometer | Instant-Read BBQ Fork


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from DrinKup Smart Water Bottle

Drinkup Water Bottle 2

In a technologically advanced world, why not turn your hydration needs over to the technology? The DrinkUp Smart Water Bottle is sophisticated to the finest degree. From tracking one’s water intake, to measuring the water temperature, to telling when you need to replace and freshen up your H2O, and even giving you subtle nudges to remind that it’s time to drink, DrinKup is truly cutting edge!

Daily Mom Parents Portal Drinkup Water Bottle

By installing the coordinating DrinKup app, stats will be configured based on your body type and activity level. Water intake is monitored after each time the lid is sealed. A simple vibration and heart logo reminds you it is time to take more sips, keeping you hydrated and training you in healthy drinking methods along the way. The synchronized bottle promotes good health, is a breeze to wash by hand, and can be shared with friends and family to track and hold each other’s drinking habits accountable. With a battery hold time of 3-90 days, nightly charging won’t be required. With a light up reminder notification, you won’t have to remember on your own to open up the lid.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Drinkup Water Bottle Collage3

A smart water bottle is the ideal gift for the practical minded, the person who has it all, the health conscious, the athletic, and everyone between. Everyone could benefit from this product that is easy to operate, easy to understand, and easy to fall in love with.


DrinKup Smart Water Bottle in Coral


DrinKup | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Best Gift Ideas for Men from Eagle 3 Pro Quadcopter Drone

Daily Mom Parent Portal Eagle 3 Pro Best Gits Ideas For Men

Give the gift of flight with the Eagle 3 Pro Quadcopter Drone. See a bird’s eye view through the VR headset, while soaring the skies. The drone can do 360 degree flips, and will stream live video to a smartphone or VR goggles.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Eagle 3 Pro Best Gits Ideas For Men
Daily Mom Parent Portal Eagle 3 Pro Best Gits Ideas For Men

The Eagle 3 Pro features three speeds for a personalized experience, and the navigation lights allow you to track it as it flies. This drone is the perfect gift for tech lovers!


Eagle 3 Pro Quadcopter Drone


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from Yamaha

Daily Mom Parents Portal Best Gift Ideas For Men Yamaha Guitar 5

If someone on your holiday shopping list has always wanted to learn to play guitar (or just admires their favorite country star’s abilities to play) then an acoustic guitar is a great gift option. Acoustic guitars are often used to teach beginners the skills they need to play, and this guitar from Yamaha is a great fit for both beginners and more advanced players.

A person never forgets their first guitar. If you are getting this guitar for a first-time player or even a seasoned veteran, a gift like this will always be appreciated. Pair it with a custom-made guitar strap and a few custom-made picks and you will have one of the best gifts for your loved one this holiday season.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar


Best Gift Ideas For Men from Philips Norelco

Philips Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Gift Ideas For Men

Caring for a facial hair is an art. This holiday season give a gift that will allow the bearded man in your life to hone those artistic skills. Norelco Beardtrimmer 3000 Beard & stubble trimmer is a high powered and easy to use trimmer that will keep his beard in top shape through the holiday season and beyond. With steel DualCut blades and 10 adjustable length settings, he can craft a facial hair look that is all his own. The blades are specifically designed for facial use, protecting his skin from irritation and providing a smooth shave we can all appreciate. The easy to use wheel lock allows for customizing the trim at 1mm increments! Completely cordless, a Lithium Ion battery provides up to 90 minutes of use making this gift perfect for the guy on the go. A battery indicator light keeps him updated if the batter is low, empty, full or charging.

Philips Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Gift Ideas For Men
Philips Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Guide 2018 4
  • Easy to clean
  • Lift&Trim comb to catch flat laying hairs
  • Stylist travel case
  • Rounded blades to prevent skin irritation


Norelco Beardtrimmer 3000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer


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Best Gift Ideas for Men from Flag & Anthem

Daily Mom Parents Portal Flag And Anthem Holiday Gift Guide 7

The guys in our lives love to be stylish too, but sometimes they need a little help getting there. If your outdoorsy guy needs to update his wardrobe a little bit, look no further than Flag & Anthem. This line of men’s clothing is perfect for the rustic, outdoor loving guy.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Flag And Anthem Holiday Gift Guide 93
Daily Mom Parents Portal Flag And Anthem Holiday Gift Guide 6

The Camp Tee speaks to his love of living outside. Its soft cotton makes it comfortable to wear and the washed out look is vintage. Pair it with the Eldon Flannel shirt for a cool overlay look or wear each by themselves for additional wardrobe options.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Flag And Anthem Holiday Gift Guide 2
Daily Mom Parents Portal Flag And Anthem Holiday Gift Guide 5

If you’re headed out to town for a casual dinner, the Silverthorne Western shirt will speak to his cowboy soul. The button-up look is a little more dressy but it is still casual to wear out to his favorite country bar or dinner with his family. Your country boy will love the looks from Flag & Anthem.

Camp Tee | Eldon Flannel Shirt|Silverthorne Western Shirt

Flag & Anthem | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter|Youtube| Pinterest


Whether the special man in your life is your husband, brother, father, or simply a really great guy, get him a great gift this year. A gift that comes from your heart in the spirit of thankfulness. It’s really your gift idea for that special guy that makes all the difference.

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