12 Last-Minute Gifts for Kids this Christmas

Christmas will be here in no time so make sure to finish up that holiday shopping soon! We have a perfectly curated list of last-minute gifts for kids that are sure to fit someone on your shopping list. From babies to toddlers, tweens to teens, make sure to grab a gift they will love (and that can be delivered right to your doorstep) today! Hum along to some Christmas carols as your cookies are baking and your lights are twinkling while you finish up your last-minute shopping for the kids this holiday season!


12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Updating your child’s bedroom this Christmas is the perfect gift and Maxtrix Kids is the best children’s furniture company out there for meeting your family’s needs. From bunk beds to loft beds, bookcases to dressers, Maxtrix’s furniture solutions will take your children’s rooms from ordinary to extraordinary all while adding space-saving solutions to create the perfect bedroom sanctuary for one, two, three, or more kids!

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This holiday season the Maxtrix 2 Drawer Student Desk is the perfect study solution for adding to your elementary or middle school-aged child’s space. Giving them plenty of room to spread out and study, pop open a laptop, and even store their school supplies, this heavy-duty desk will give them a designated study space making homework time a breeze! Smaller enough to fit in tight spaces, but large enough for your teenager to use, the Maxtrix 2 Drawer Student Desk is perfect for placing in bedrooms, playrooms, or your family’s designated study space.

Thanks to their timeless and classic designs, Maxtrix furniture is versatile and tough enough to withstand your child’s, well, childhood. Meant to grow with them, Maxtrix furniture solutions are designed for families to be able to use from toddlerhood through the teen years with a variety of configurations and styles.

2 Drawer Student Desk in Chestnut
Maxtrix | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Little Lights

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Little Lights handmade night lights make the perfect Christmas gift for babies, toddlers, and new parents this holiday season. These handcrafted wooden lamps make a beautiful nursery decor or nightlights children will adore. Let them go to sleep under the stars with a nightlight designed just for them. From rainbows to rocket ships, dinosaurs to dump trucks, these intricately detailed wooden lamps are a gorgeous addition to your child’s room. Your little ones will love the glow of their Little Lights as they drift off into dreamland. Featuring Remote control operation and variable time settings, you can customize your child’s nightlight every evening as you lay them down to sleep.

Rocket Ship Lamp
Little Lights | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect gift that will not only keep the kids entertained but also wear them out this 6 Piece Indoor Doorway Gym Set for Kids has it all. Complete with an indoor swing, rings, hanging trapeze, ladder, swinging rope, and a pullup bar. Bring the backyard inside, to use year-round, with easy setup and break down!

This set is not just for kids either, parents can also get a great workout as well. Safety-tested up to 300 pounds and made of professional-grade steel for your peace of mind. All you need is a door frame that is 25″ to 36″ wide, no nails, bolts, or screws are needed to install and use. Gym1 definitely knew what they were doing when they created the 6 Piece Indoor Doorway Gym Set for Kids.

Designed to let your child get out their energy when they can’t go outside. From rope climbing to practicing their acrobatics, your child will get hours of endless play. From ages 3 to 12 this jungle gym set is perfect for any family! Rainy days just got a little easier with this 6 Piece Indoor Doorway Gym Set for Kids.

6 Piece Indoor Doorway Gym Set for Kids
Gym1 | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift for your kids? For the first time, Dopple is releasing an advent calendar open to all customers filled with exclusive holiday themed gift drops for the little darlings in your life. All gifts include free shipping and luxe gift wrapping.

We are particularly excited about their Stocking Stuffers. No need to spend countless hours searching for unique gifts that your kids will love. Choose from an assortment of fun accessories perfect for gift giving at a fraction of the retail price. Just pick your little one’s size then check out. Dopple will curate a bundle of tiny treasures, handpicked just for them and send them your way!

Stocking Stuffers
Dopple | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok 

Garrett Wade

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

This Christmas, get your special man jumping for joy with Vintage Schuco model cars from Garrett Wade. Race these retro cars with each other with the key-wind operation. These model cars feature authentic rubber bumpers and rear adjustable steering knobs. You can leave these cool cars sitting on a display mantle or place them on the floor and give them a push to send the cars flying!

The classic Micro Racer Opel GT is the super cool “Baby Corvette,” which is an instantly recognizable sports car with its swooping curves and low profile. Don’t forget to add the retro Micro Racer Mercedes 220S to your collection as well!  It’s available in four wonderful colors: green, black, red and blue.

You will be off to the races this Christmas when you place your order with Garrett Wade for these collectible retro micro racers!

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Vintage Schuco Micro Racer Opel GT| Vintage Schuco Micro Racer Mercedes 220S
Garrett Wade| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Brown Toy Box

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

This Christmas, get your little genius STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) kits from Brown Toy Box. First, build your own wooden Buddy robot with the Robotics Steam Kit. This engaging kit includes an activity book, a large poster, a 2-sided cutout of both Justin and Buddy, and a robot lab door sign. Then, add the Coding & App Development Kit to have your child occupied for hours. This hands-on activity will teach your little one about coding and app development. In addition, the box includes a grade-level appropriate, culturally representative book, a hands-on project to build skills, and a fun activity or toy to play and learn. Learning about robotics and coding has never been so much fun and engaging! Inspire your young ones with these perfect holiday gifts from Brown Toy Box.

Robotics Steam Kit| The Coding & App Development Kit
Brown Toy Box | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Know Yourself

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

The 206 Bones of the Human Body ñ 4 Book Set makes learning the human anatomy fun for all ages. The workbooks are geared to age 8 and up, but they really can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to learn about the human body. The books include crossword puzzles, mazes, X-ray vision, and more.

Dr. Bonyfide and his friends including Ruby Rib and Occipital Ox, take those with a lifelong love for science on an in-depth journey to Know Yourself. The workbooks include Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder; Bones of the Foot, Leg, and Pelvis; Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine; and Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck. The books were developed by a team of educators, health professionals, and parents. The 206 Bones of the Human Body ñ 4 Book Set won the Creative Child Awards Book of the Year Award in 2017.

The 206 Bones of the Human Body ñ 4 Book Set is filled with amazing artwork, interactive pages, and excellent illustrations including body part drawings where word art labels each bone. The book is filled with easy-to-remember mnemonic devices to remember the names of the bones. The books are great additions to home-school curriculum or even study guides for college students taking anatomy classes. The books are great gifts for the science lover in your family.

The Organauts Educational Organ Toys bring human anatomy to life in the form of hands-on toys. The five vinyl collectibles teach about the bodyís organ systems: respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems. Each figurine comes with a mini-comic book and a collectorís guide.

Captain Aorta Hart leads the crew as they work to keep Starship B.O.D. in working order. Mr. Cortex, aka The Brain, works alongside Captain Hart making sure Starship B.O.D. succeeds with adaptability, observation, and logic. Other characters include Nom, aka The Stomach, and Snot, yes, Mucus. Your science lovers can learn about their bodies through play with these unique stocking stuffers.

206 Bones of the Human Body ñ 4 Book Set | Organauts Educational Organ Toys
Know Yourself | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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My Gnome On The Roam

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

While this holiday season may be all about the Elf on the Shelf when the elf flies back to the North Pole give your child or grandchild the fun-filled gift of My Gnome on the Roam. My Gnome on the Roam is a fun-filled family adventure kit meant to make and store memories for you and your children. The My Gnome on the Roam kit comes with your own gnome to design, the origin story about the gnome, and a journal just waiting for you and your child to document all of your family adventures and explorations. This keepsake gift set is a perfect pick for children and families this holiday season.

My Gnome on the Roam Adventure and Creativity Kit
My Gnome on the Roam | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok

Five Below

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

This Christmas, surprise your little princess with the coolest toys, including the zuru® 5 surprise unicorn squad collectible blind bag, unicorn blaster foam ball shooter, and zuru® rainbocorns™ itzy glitzy surprise from Five Below

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The zuru® rainbocorns™ itzy glitzy includes two different rainbocorns™ figures, tons of tiny accessories, and you can even use your itzy glitzy as a pencil topper! There are 26 to collect in all, so don’t hesitate to get a bunch of these as they make great stocking stuffers too! Finally, add the adorable zuru® 5 surprise unicorn squad collectible blind bag, including a surprise unicorn, comb, sticker, & other cute surprises. Your little one will be jumping for joy! Don’t forget to add the unicorn blaster to complete the ultimate Christmas gift.  This super cool blaster shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet! It includes one unicorn blaster and six foam balls. Your little princess will be entertained for hours with these amazing toys that are sure to put a smile on her face. So this Christmas, Five Below will have your daughter filled with joy with the hottest toys of the season!

zuru® rainbocorns™ itzy glitzy surprise 2-pack| unicorn blaster foam ball shooter | zuru® 5 surprise unicorn squad collectible blind bag
Five Below| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr 

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Get the kids cooking with the Mini Chef Set by Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr. This adorable 4 in 1 Chef set includes a toy toaster, oven, blender, mixer, and pretend food. This imaginative playset with pressable buttons will spark your little ones’ creativity to “cook” delicious make-believe dinners with roasted chicken, bacon, and fruit for dessert. Equipped with lights & sounds, the Chef Set will keep your kiddo entertained for hours. So this Christmas, every aspiring young chef can cook along with Mom & Dad if they get the realistic Mini Chef Set under the tree!

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Mini Chef Set
Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr  | Facebook |Twitter | Pinterest

The Fresh Dolls

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

This Christmas, surprise your stylish little princess with beautiful fashion dolls named The Fresh Dolls. These gorgeous dolls represent realistic features of ethnicities worldwide, including African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial. Each Fresh Doll is custom-sculpted with unique hairstyles and skin tones, representing the diverse beauty of multi-racial women.

The gorgeous brown hair Lexi Fashion Doll is 11.5-inches tall with a white shirt and red skirt. In addition to dancing to her favorite music to cheer sick animals at the zoo, Lexi believes that dance can contribute to healing and recovery. Add the Fresh Dolls Career Collection Fashion Doll under the Christmas tree to make the holidays more memorable. It includes three beautiful dolls honoring women of color in full-time professional careers; the perfect gift to inspire all girls! There are nine articulated joints at their knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and head, allowing them to turn and tilt the head from side to side. Mia is a world-class surgeon, Nevaeh is the President of the United States, and Luna is a teacher. The Fresh Dolls are role models that show young girls how bright their future can be!

Lexi Fashion Doll | Fresh Dolls Career Collection Fashion Doll
The Fresh Dolls| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Brown Aspiration

12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Unique Christmas gifts can be hard to come by, but Brown Aspiration has a wide selection of cool, high-quality stationery products that will delight anyone this holiday season. From pens and planners to notebooks and backpacks, they have everything you need for everyday life! 

The beautiful water-resistant Purple Passion Backpack is the perfect gift for a friend on the go who likes to be super organized. This backpack features padded straps, a silky lining, a large inside pocket with a separate compartment for a 15″ laptop, a front pocket with a zipper, and a hidden pocket on the back. Add the Electric Purple Glam Diamond Head Pen, for a great stocking stuffer. This stylish pen has a metal body and a gorgeous crystal head. 

So this holiday season, if you want to make your Christmas shopping easy and affordable, look no further than Brown Aspirations! Their website is easy to use and full of hidden treasures that everyone will cherish.

Purple Passion Backpack | Electric Purple Glam Diamond Head Pen
Brown Aspiration | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

From study space to indoor gyms to pretend play for toddlers, get those last minute gifts for kids you know they’ll need and love this holiday season. Spread the love, bring good cheer, and celebrate because Christmas Day is almost here!

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12 Last-minute Gifts For Kids This Christmas



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