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Your wish has finally come true. You’re pregnant! As you might have expected, your body is already going through some rather big changes. Because of these changes associated with pregnancy, your favorite skinny jeans or leggings have now begun to feel a bit snug. Fortunately for you, Mamaglo offers transitional clothing designed for different stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

Unique Design

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Mamaglo was designed for comfort, ease and style by a mother of two who had a difficult time understanding why maternity wear wasn’t more breastfeeding friendly. Similar to many mothers who are passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding, she designed her fashion line to include a draping effect that is not only stylish and fashionable, but provides privacy while feeding your baby to make public nursing an easier experience. Here is a short video showing how the Mamaglo garments work.

We love that the exclusive draping tunic looks beautiful whether it’s worn down and flowing, or draped across your body while nursing. It can be worn anywhere and for virtually any occasion minimizing the amount of time it takes to get ready for the day. Simply wearing this top will save you time as you leave the house as you’ll no longer need to pack a separate nursing cover.

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Worn with a pair of slacks at work or dressed down with a pair of jeans, the draping tunic will become a staple in your motherhood wardrobe. Even as your body changes during and after pregnancy, this tunic is designed to adapt to your body. How great is knowing that your clothes are adjusting to your body and your needs?

Available in St. Crois Cobra, Black, and Heather Gray, the All Occasion Tunic has a 3/4 length sleeve and is perfect for keeping you cool during warm days because of the lightweight ultra-soft jersey knit material, which has a forgiving spandex stretch that is incredibly comfortable. It’ll wrap against your body and compliment those baby and motherhood curves.

Perfect for Day or Night

The Mamaglo Essential Dress is the perfect dress to wear during the day or night.

If you’re looking to be more casual for the day, slip on some comfortable leggings or your favorite pair of denim and some flats. If you’re planning a date night with your spouse, the Essential Dress looks perfect with a pair of heels. Just accessorize with your favorite necklace and you’re sure to take your man’s breath away. You’ll look stunning, and you’ll be comfortable on top of it.

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Functional And Fashionable Transition Wear By Mamaglo 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Mamaglo Essential Dress is the perfect length, resting just above the knee, and with its sleeveless design, it’s perfect for warm autumn evenings. Add a colorful scarf to the mix when winter approaches in order to give you that added level of warmth. Don’t worry about the type of underwear you choose for your outing as this dress also features a double panel on the backside to hide those annoying underwear lines.

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Available in Black, Brazilian Cobra and Caribbean Ruby, there is a color to match any occasion or mood. This dress is the ideal dress for any occasion and is fashionable and comfortable. Why compromise your comfort for fashion?

Transitions With You

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The Mamaglo Maxi dress is soft, lightweight and breathable, and drapes beautifully over your ever-changing motherhood curves. This maxi dress is comfortable and the amazing versatility makes this an ideal dress for your transition through motherhood.

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The Mamaglo Maxi dress is available in two colors: black and Tahitian teal. The draping technology creates a stunning look whether worn down and flowing or worn across your body when nursing your sweet little one. This dress is sleeveless but don’t let the cooler weather deter you from wearing it as you can style up the dress by adding a jean jacket to the ensemble.

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Mamaglo was clearly inspired by motherhood. For those women who are new to parenthood or already have several children, this transition wear is for you. Mamaglo is both versatile and stylish while being comfortable during each stage of motherhood.

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