SUPER TEETH: The Amazing Benefits of Probiotics For Your Mouth

Pucker up… or don’t. When was the last time you thought about just how healthy your mouth is? SUPER TEETH is about to change up your oral health game, big time! Because anyone who has ever had a toothache knows that oral health is important for overall health and well-being. However, many people don’t realize that oral health is about more than just keeping your teeth and gums “clean”. In fact, your mouth is full of bacteria, and if left unchecked, this bacteria can lead to serious health problems.

Yes, it’s important to brush and floss regularly, and to see your dentist for regular checkups, however, there is so much more you could be doing at home that will have you feeling even more kissable than ever before. 

Probiotics – Are They Just For Your Gut? 

Most people are familiar with probiotics – the live microorganisms that offer a wide range of health benefits when consumed. While they are most commonly associated with gut health, recent research has also shown that probiotics can play an important role in oral health. Think about it: the mouth is home to a complex ecosystem of bacteria, and probiotics can help to restore balance in this environment. As more research is conducted on the benefits of dental (or oral) probiotics, it is becoming clear that these helpful bacteria can have a profound impact on dental health (and on your kissable meter).

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According to Healthline, there are 5 benefits to oral probiotics that you can enjoy along with a great oral hygiene routine. Depending on the type of probiotics used, wouldn’t it be beneficial to know that dental probiotics can prevent plaque, fight bad breath, help prevent oral cancer, manage symptoms of gingivitis, and decrease inflammation due to gum disease? With all of this goodness potentially keeping your mouth in its most happy state, now you just need to hit the “easy button” and incorporate a quality probiotic that works for your mouth! 

SUPER TEETH – One of the First Holistic Oral Health Companies To Offer Dental Probiotics

Sure, overall oral health is of utmost importance, but if there’s one thing that parents, kids, and adults want to avoid… it’s cavities! There’s hardly anything more daunting than the dentist informing you that you need yet another appointment (your time and money) to take care of some cavities. And truth be told, not everyone is comfortable at the dentist’s office, and sometimes those deep cavities are no picnic to fix. 

Super Teeth: The Amazing Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Mouth

That’s where SUPER TEETH comes in. As one of the first holistic oral health companies to offer a dental probiotic, you can be sure that they know what they are doing – innovating oral health care! For families who value natural and effective oral health products, SUPER TEETH creates products that meet these criteria, value a holistic lifestyle and want to maintain good oral health. Their goal is to share the knowledge of oral wellness with others since education is the key to preventing oral diseases and promoting long-term health.

What’s so unique with SUPER TEETH’s mission is that they recognize the mouth has its own microbiome that requires the same level of care as the gut microbiome. Their dental probiotic contains different strains of bacteria with benefits specifically tailored to teeth and gum health.

Super Teeth: The Amazing Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Mouth

What you may love the most is the fact that all it takes is consistency which leads to a natural defense against cavities, bad breath, oral inflammation, and bacterial dysbiosis. All from one little, delicious mint after flossing and brushing! 

SUPER TEETH’S Dental Probiotic: An Easy Oral Hygiene Addition

So, what exactly is this super oral health probiotic? It’s simple, SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic. All you have to do (it’s so easy, even a kid can do it) is floss, brush, and take one of these – a tasty, minty probiotic that boosts your mouth’s good bacteria, helping prevent cavities. It breaks down plaque and neutralizes the acid in your mouth that erodes enamel by neutralizing the three strains of probiotics. This little oral-health miracle pill is suitable for both adults and kids! 

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Parents will love this, because not only is the SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic displacing bad bacteria and saturating your kids’ mouths with the good bacteria, but it also helps heal inflamed and bleeding gums (which can sometimes freak kids out from flossing), it helps balance your oral pH (the key to avoiding cavities), and it improves… yes, bad breath! As parents, we love to snuggle and be close, but there aren’t as many things that are as off-putting as bad breath – even when snuggling! 

Other Dental and Oral Concerns Addressed by SUPER TEETH

So, how exactly is bad breath addressed with this minty, easy-to-consume little mint? When you use SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic once or twice daily, it aids in balancing the pH level in the mouth while reducing bad breath by breaking down odorous compounds for all those kissable and snuggly moments you want to be close without offending someone or being offended.

How Can Super Teeth Be Incorporated Into Your Oral Health Routine?

First, healthy teeth start with daily oral hygiene routines. Most cavities can be prevented by simply incorporating and sticking to a holistic oral hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and taking a probiotic, which will help avoid plaque build-up. If you set a foundation, and your daily oral hygiene routine is on auto-pilot, then those additional dentist office visits will be a thing of the past.

Super Teeth: The Amazing Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Mouth

Get ready to say bye-bye cavities, as this is definitely a more affordable option than the time and money it takes to repair cavities! In case you were wondering, yes, SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic works wonders in conjunction with other oral health products, such as your current toothpaste. They do recommend skipping the mouthwash though, as most are antibacterial which will kill both the bad and the good guys!

Holistically-minded parents will also appreciate that when their family starts incorporating SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic in their normal brushing routine, it naturally adds a layer of protection for families who choose to stay fluoride-free. 

Can SUPER TEETH be used with Orthodontic or Other Dental Work?

If you have some corrections or more extensive dental work that has been done, rest assured that it is also safe to use with braces, bridges, and implants. In fact, SUPER TEETH recommends taking their probiotic to help kill pathogenic bacteria that are hiding in those hard-to-reach places hiding behind the orthodontic appliances in your mouth.

After all, if you are striving to have healthy teeth and gums, why not have a dental probiotic at your fingertips and good bacteria that help break down all the oral nasties that hinder excellent oral hygiene? All it takes is the third step to complete a well-rounded oral regimen: Floss, brush, pop a SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic, and done!

Dental Probiotic + Prebiotic
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SUPER TEETH strives to help families achieve optimal oral health by providing effective and toxin-free oral health products. Their philosophy stresses education as the key to oral health and wellness, which is why you have valuable information about how the product can benefit your oral hygiene routine unlike any other product on the market today! The process is so simple – like taking a daily mint – and you will create a lifelong habit of excellent oral hygiene for your family!

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Super Teeth: The Amazing Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Mouth



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