11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives to Try This Season

The holidays are fast approaching! Before you rush to cut down a live tree, let us show you 10 Christmas tree alternatives you should definitely try this season!

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Trust us, we understand. It sometimes feels like Christmas isn’t really here until we can smell it’s aroma permeating throughout our home. There’s just something about having a that familiar site and scent that brings out the kid in us all. Let’s be honest though, live trees aren’t always the easiest to manage. Between cleaning up the falling needles, remembering to water it and cutting it into firewood after the holiday, sometimes it doesn’t seem as appealing.

Friends, this is 2020 and there are options! Unconventional, modern and even DIY Christmas tree alternatives are sweeping the nations as we are redefining what the holiday actually means to us and our families. Not sure what the holiday means to you? No problem! We’ll discuss several different options and ways to put your own, special spin on your unique Christmas tree alternative.

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Washi Tape

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

The possibilites design wise are endless with washi tape! You can go as simple or as intricate as you want with ease! Washi tape is a great Christmas tree alternative not only because it’s easy to put up but it also takes up zero space! Gone are the days where you have to clear a spot for the tree. Your wall is the perfect spot!

Looking for some fun Christmas colors and patterns? Take a look at this vibrantly colored set or these adorable Christmas prints!

Geo Board Tree

Remember the age-old joke of how putting up Christmas decor is so much work you want to just leave it up all year? Well, now you can! Don’t worry about being the neighborhood pariah either because this is super stylish and completely reusable. The lovely folks at Paper N Stitch show us step-by-step on how to recreate this versatile tree. With its pale blue color choice, it can be up year-round! The removable tree trunk makes this Christmas tree alternative stylish and easy but also a super smart move.

Flip Sequin Christmas Tree

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

There’s a reason these flip sequins are so popular. They are just so darn fun! This Christmas tree alternative is perfect for those of us with small children who have curious minds and sneaky hands. You won’t be worried about your heirloom ornaments being broken or finding out the cat pawed at the tinsel all day while you were at work. You can draw fun patterns, write cute sayings, or even simply enjoy the sensory aspect. Feel free to use any combination of Christmas colors, traditional or not! Either way, you won’t have to sacrifice that Christmas sparkle.

Balloon Christmas Tree

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

Want to be a little bit extra? Sometimes it’s fun to do something really, really out there. Be the talk of the town by creating this colorful balloon Christmas tree alternative! Sugar & Cloth makes the process of creating this fun arrangement look like a breeze. This is definitely a more modern approach but it is sure to be a great conversation starter!

The Antique Minimalist Tree

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

Was going extra a little bit much for you? Do you lean a bit towards the opposite side? We have something for those of you who prefer the minimalistic approach as well! Simply use weathered book pages to create your tree shape for an uncomplicated and contemporary Christmas tree alternative. Let inspiration guide you! Use illustrations from your favorite children’s book, a moving poem, yuletide sheet music, or title pages to holiday tales. Simple doesn’t mean stuffy, especially not in this case.

The Modern Charlie Brown Tree

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is getting a major upgrade! Staying true to the humble feel and meaningful sentiment, this Christmas tree alternative has a modern twist with a sophisticated vibe. Carefully place a scrubbed, foraged branch in an oversize jug or vase and decorate with your favorite ornaments or textures. It’s the perfect mix of minimal, modern and clean.

Hanging Installation Tree

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

Ok, fair warning, this one is a project. That being said, the materials themselves are super affordable! This Christmas tree alternative is a literal work of art and can be hung anywhere in your home. With ombre greens and gently hanging pieces, it’s hard to believe this was created with paint stirrers! Sit comfortably by the fire, snuggle up with a book and watch this hanging tree softly glide in the slight breeze of Christmas spirit.

Geometric Paint Chip Tree

Since you’re already at the hardware store let’s get the supplies for another Christmas tree alternative! This Geometric Paint Chip Tree is a nostalgic throwback to your school days when you played with Tangrams on the floor. Plus, it will be just as much fun to put it together! The color swatch samples are free and completely customizable! Make it a family activity and do it together for a sweet holiday memory for years to come.

Felt Christmas Tree

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

Are you still feeling crafty? Having a Christmas tree alternative that doubles as a toy is a huge added bonus! You can gear up and follow Two Twenty One’s free pattern and customize it as you see fit! Love the idea but not the work? We have you covered there too! Grab this similar one online and start the holiday play right away!

Christmas Tree Wall Print

11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season

Love the holiday feel but have no time to trim the tree? We completely understand. Grab this elegant, canvas Christmas tree print to adorn your walls! Easily spruce it up with a simple garland or fairy lights and you’ll have those holiday vibes in no time! Need a little inspiration for that added pop? Try pairing your print with this garland or these fairy lights to make the magic happen.

Whether you’re feeling like trying something new or simply wanting to keep more space open during the holiday season, these Christmas tree alternative ideas are here to help! Don’t be afraid to do something different or go big with your Christmas tree choice. Whatever gets the spirit of the holiday into your home, go for it!

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11 Whimsical Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Season



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