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3 Natural Teething Remedies 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

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Any parent who has ever had a teething child knows that it’s a miserable experience (and it’s no fun for the baby either!). It’s horrible to see your child in pain, and feel like there’s nothing you can do to make it all go away. Infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be a quick fix, but can also leave you wondering about long-term effects, overmedicating, and worrying about the chemicals that are in those medications to make them taste good.

Many of us here at Daily Mom have had these same concerns, so we searched out the best natural teething remedies to help your baby be pain-, and medication-free! Here are our top 3:

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Aside from being incredibly cute, Baltic amber teething necklaces actually do work! Baltic amber has a natural healing property – it’s a live resin that contains succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your baby’s skin. Your baby doesn’t actually chew on the necklace – the amber simply must rest on your baby’s skin, and then the magic happens!

You can read our top 3 tips for Baltic amber teething necklaces here.

Boiron’s Camilia Teething Drops

Boiron is a leading producer of homeopathic remedies, and their Camilia teething drops are a great natural remedy for your little one. The active ingredients are plant-based, and include German chamomile (relieves teething pain & associated irritability), Poke plant (relieves painful gums), and Rhubarb plant (relieves minor digestive issues that are linked with teething). These ingredients are included in Camilia flavorless liquid drops, and the drops come in pre-measured, tiny tubes that are squirted into your baby’s mouth for fast relief.

Mesh Teething Feeder

Any mesh feeder can be used as a teething remedy! Throw in ice cubes, or frozen organic fruits and vegetables, and let your little one gnaw away. Our favorites here at Daily Mom include frozen bananas and frozen strawberries, but test out a variety of foods to find out which ones your baby loves!

What are your favorite, tried-and-true natural teething remedies?