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We recently talked about our 3 favorite natural teething remedies, and now we’re back with our top 3 tips for Baltic amber teething necklaces, including how to buy the most effective necklace, and how to use it properly.

In case you haven’t yet read our natural teething remedies post, Baltic amber has a natural healing property – it’s a live resin that contains succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your baby’s skin. Your baby doesn’t actually chew on the necklace – the amber simply must rest on your baby’s skin, and then the magic happens!


Make sure you’re purchasing a REAL amber necklace from a reputable vendor. There are many fake necklaces on the market, and you can even test your amber to see if it’s real.  Do your research, read vendor reviews, and ask questions if necessary, to ensure you are getting a genuine Baltic amber teething necklace.

Constant Wear

The baby should wear the necklace as much as possible, for maximum effect.  The longer the amber is against your child’s skin, the more of the natural healing analgesic he/she will absorb – which means, less teething pain!


Of course, the necklace you choose should be safe for your baby to wear!  One of our favorite Baltic amber teething necklaces that meets all of the below criteria is this one, made by Knickernappies.

Be sure to check your necklace for the following:

  1. Strong thread, such as silk, should be used to hold the beads together.
  2. There should be knots in between the beads help prevent choking. If the necklace breaks, the beads remain on the thread, with one, at most, falling off.
  3. Small beads also minimize choking risk. The beads on your necklace should be so small that even if your baby managed to swallow one, he/she wouldn’t choke.

And finally, make sure you supervise your baby when he/she is wearing the necklace.

We hope these tips help your little one find some teething relief!

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  1. These are great tips! Baltic Amber teething necklaces are also very beautiful, and look wonderful when worn. Reputable sellers will only sell them with knots between the beads for safety.

  2. My daughter has been wearing an amber necklace for almost 6 weeks how do I test yo make sure it is real because I havent really noticed a difference

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