Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom in 2021

Got {great} sleep? If you are struggling to sleep deeply and restoratively, you may want to consider a Naturepedic Mattress this Earth Day while spring cleaning or renovating your home. Think about it…when was the last time you took your spring cleaning to-do list into your bedroom? Did you suck up the dust bunnies, polish the silver and copper, and create a streak-free window to watch the budding trees emerge with new blooms? Of course, right?

You may have done all that and so much more, but Mother Nature, now she has a thing or two to say about “Spring Cleaning” in your bedroom. You see… she’s thinking, What in the world is that horrible, chemical-cocktail still doing on their bed?? Believe it or not, she’s talking about your mattress and no amount of spring cleaning will do the job quite as good as, Mother Nature. After all, Mother knows best and she’s thinking that the new EOS Classic Organic Mattress will do just nicely in your bedroom AND for the planet.

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Problems with Most Mattresses

The moment you slip under those sheets and think about melting into the comfort of unconsciousness, your bed is your haven, your resting place, your solace. Even so, researchers suggest that your 98.6 body heat may actually cause the release of potentially harmful chemicals from the current mattress you are sleeping on. The last thing you want to think about is how many chemicals are seeping into your body or worse yet, your child’s body (as they are more susceptible to those chemicals) while you are trying to restore and rejuvenate your body through a good night’s sleep.

The chemicals in question are called volatile organic compounds (VOCSs) – commonly found from the polyurethane used in the mattress, but also in chemicals used to make your mattress flame retardant (and within the plastics). So, if you happen to be alive because you’re not a vampire, you’re possibly going to have normal body heat (or you’re sick in bed with a fever) and inadvertently release VOC emissions from your mattress – according to tests conducted on eight different types of polyurethane mattresses. However, the main concern is the long-term exposure on the children’s exposure (got snuggles in bed?) to VOCs. They’re certainly not good for anyone or the planet.

Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom In 2021

Even if these nasty chemicals don’t do any immediate harm, there may be a concern that exposure to these types of mattresses will increase the lifelong risk of cancer, according to Dr. Kenneth Spaeth, chief of occupational and environmental medicine at Northwell Health in Great Neck, N.Y. Mattresses that are constructed with cotton, wool, and natural latex will all produce smaller levels of gases…but we want to take it even a step further.

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“The chemicals that are being emitted are not going to be listed in a label that indicates what the mattress is made of. These are byproducts of the materials.”

Dr. Kenneth Spaeth

COVID-19 has already disrupted many lives and has probably left some folks with many sleepless and restless nights stressing about the unknown. Your bed ought to be the haven it was meant to be; to give families the comfort they need, the support that’s necessary, and the assurance that Mother Nature intended – that what you are sleeping on does not hinder your health, but facilitates a strong healthy body, night after restful night. A Naturepedic mattress is the way to go, not only because it’s aligned with sustainability with the earth but with your health…every, single, night!

Sleep Different: Organic Naturepedic Mattress

Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom In 2021

No chemicals allowed. Our immune systems are stressed and compromised enough in this day and age and when it comes to your sleep, that is certainly NOT the time to further strain your body’s defenses. With 70% of adults suffering from an insufficient amount of sleep, the CDC has even deemed that sleep disorders are also a public health epidemic. After all, how do you feel, function, and thrive on a crappy night of sleep? Now is the time to prioritize one of your best defenses for your body and it occurs when you are unconscious. See how easy that’d be with a Naturepedic mattress, loaded with healthier materials.

When parents and children alike aren’t suffering from allergens caused by their mattress (ever feel more stuffy after lying down?), you’re more likely to sleep soundly and restoratively. With Naturepedic experience no off-gassing chemical smells and imagine resting easier when your kids want to pile into bed with you because you know they feel safe in your arms and, now you feel safe on your mattress. The place most people want to feel safest, other than simply at home, is in their beds. Make it happen this year and you’ll definitely sleep better!

We are absolutely thrilled with the EOS Classic Organic Mattress by Naturepedic in 2021. Talk about an innovative way to sleep – from luxurious fabrics with zero chemical compounds or byproducts, to customizing your organically certified Naturepedic mattress exactly to your liking. Made with organic wool for the moisture-wicking properties (yessss) and massage-like natural bounce, you’ll wonder why you ever ignored Mother Nature’s suggestion to go organic with a Naturepedic mattress! Granted, it’s not every day you find yourself discovering that not all mattresses are created equal (and that choosing a mattress is about more than just support and comfort levels).

Additionally, in place of foams and fillings with questionable materials, the organic latex found in the Naturepedic mattress provides unprecedented pressure point relief while still feeling like it was made for royalty. To give you the sleep of your dreams, organic encased coils offer you and your partner a unique system of support that creates an element of comfort without the nasty chemicals (potentially disrupting your body’s natural healing processes). There’s organic, certified organic, and then beyond organic. You may want to consider what a Naturepedic mattress does when it sets a new standard of beyond “organic”.

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Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom In 2021

If you want the next level of having Mother Nature purify your sleep experience, the Naturepedic mattress is the industry leader when it comes to eliminating those questionable chemicals in favor of nature’s natural, organic, and non-toxic materials. The higher standard for sleep and quality is now here…for you!

Plush or Firm: Let Mother Nature Customize your Sleep

Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom In 2021

Fresh, modern, luxurious, natural, and safe…it’s time to bring Mother Nature in and the chemicals out! Start with how you want to sleep with the EOS Classic Organic Mattress. Do you want the clouds themselves to lure you off to sleep or would you prefer a solid moss-like bedding to support you in all the right places? Of course, with options galore, there’s always the option of “in-between”.

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You’re going to swoon with delight with the customizable EOS Classic Organic Mattress. YOU decide how you want your bed to feel for your personalized comfort and suppleness. Then, have your partner choose THEIR ideal sleep preferences, and viola…no compromising on whether it’s a soft, firm, plush, or semi-firm one-size-fits-all mattress! The EOS Classic Organic Mattress is chock-full of those natural goodies in terms of the fibers that wick away night moisture so every ‘body’ is pleasantly cool all night long. As part of the non-toxic component that makes up this Naturpedic mattress, the organic latex has a contouring support system that draws away the heat, making this a very breathable mattress that you’ll simply love!

What’s NOT included in your Naturepedic mattress is just as important as what it does have. Unlike many conventional mattresses out there, a Naturepedic mattress finds the best materials without compromising safety, comfort, and sustainability. Enjoy your Naturepedic mattress for years to come because with a 20-year warranty, sleep soundly.

  • NO POLYURETHANE FOAM –  Completely eliminated this material from all our products.
  • NO GLUES OR ADHESIVES – Engineered custom processes to completely eliminate glues and adhesives. 
  • NO FLAME RETARDANTS – Every Naturepedic mattress passes all government flammability requirements without ANY flame retardant chemicals or barriers. 

What Covers Your Naturepedic Mattress Matters

Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom In 2021

It wouldn’t be right to have all these high standards of natural goodness without a complete set of Organic Sheets and Pillowcases – but first… the Organic Protector Mattress Pads. Even though you have a backup plan with a 20-year warranty, you’ll want to keep this beautiful mattress in tip-top shape with as little effort as possible. Let the Organic Protector Mattress Pads protect your Naturepedic mattress because you have some amazing sleep to catch up on regardless of any accidents that may occur in bed.

First, the Organic Protector Mattress Pads – it’s a comfortable stretch-knit organic (of course) mattress protector to keep your mattress clean without the chemical yuck to do so. It’ll keep everything hygienic and your mattress dry with the waterproof barrier between two soft, organic cotton jersey layers. It’s so stretchable, it conforms to your body so as not to disrupt the natural contouring of the Naturepedic mattress that you just customized. Featured with the DrySleep™ technology, it’ll block liquids from seeping through to your mattress while allowing water vapors to escape. Yes, that means any night sweats that plague your beautiful woman keeps moisture wicking away from her skin providing a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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For those of you who suffer from common mattress allergens, like dust mites, the Organic Protector Mattress Pads on your Naturepedic mattress are blocked! Plus with the versatile designed handles, it’ll reach a mattress depth from 9″ to 16″, so your Naturepedic mattress is literally covered, top to bottom – chemical-free and super protective!

Once your Naturepedic mattress protector is in place… slip between the Organic Sheets and Pillowcases. This luxury set is… yes, you guessed it, 100% certified organic at a soft 400-thread count sateen fitted and flat sheet set with one or two pillowcases. The subtle, modern colors of natural and white beautifully complement any bedroom decor. Rest easy with the full service of Mother Nature in your bedroom. She’s got your back and she’ll cover you with natural love, the Naturepedic way.

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You don’t know what you got until it’s gone. The same applies to terrible nights of sleep because you definitely want them to be non-existent and have a restorative, healthy night’s sleep night after peaceful night! In the spirit of Earth Day, once you get rid of the chemicals, customize the firmness for exactly how your body needs it, you’ll realize you haven’t been utilizing a full restful night of sleep in months…or worse yet, maybe even years! The Naturepedic mattress combines the health-conscious consumer with Mother Nature’s nighttime lullaby; it’s as comforting as a mother’s voice, lulling you right to sleep like a newborn babe.

There are only 5 Rules to Safe Co-Sleeping with your baby, go check them out!

Naturepedic Mattress + Earth Day: Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom In 2021

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