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We all know the obvious things about car seats as in, children need to ride in the backseat, and make sure that the harness is tight, with no slack, etc. But below are some not-so-obvious ways to keep your child even safer in their car seat.

5 Common Car Seat Mistakes 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal{Photo credit: The Art of Making a Baby}

1. Placement of car seat

  • Car seats need to be as far away from airbags as possible, which is why they are always to be used in the backseat. What some people don’t know though, is that it is safest for the car seat to be placed in the middle seat, away from either doors. “Child occupants seated in the center had an injury risk 43% less than children seated in either of the rear outboard positions.” (Source) If you have the ability to place them in the center seat, do so. The added bonus is that you still have two full-sized seating options for other riders in the backseat.

2. Do not use bulky coats while child is in the car seat

  • The puffy jackets or snowsuits can hinder the effectiveness of the safety harness. Place your child in their car seat wearing a light jacket, or sweatshirt, and a hat, and use blankets to keep them warm, instead of their coats.

3. Keeping loose items in the car.

  • Any item in the car can become dangerous projectiles if you were in an accident. Do you keep your windshield scraper on the backseat floor? How about your laptop bag? Secure everything as much as possible. Check into getting a backseat organizer to keep everything secure.

4. Using aftermarket accessories

  • Plain and simple, if it didn’t come with the car seat right out of the package, avoid it. Using items such as strap protectors (you know, those adorable little puppy heads that keep the strap from irritating the baby’s skin?) or head stabilizers, may actually void the warranty from the manufacturer. If your car seat came with an infant insert, that means that it has been tested and is approved for use.
  • As it gets colder, parents turn more often towards bunting items. Try to find items that go over the car seat (“shower cap” style) and do not interfere with the harness placement. If having this item is a necessity, watch for the thickness on the under-side. If you have to loosen the harness considerably (as in, more than you would have to for a regular light-weight jacket) think twice. Once again, check your manufacturer’s warranty for specifics.

5. Read your specific car seat manual

  • Many suggestions or recommendations are made for proper car seat usage. Consult your specific manual to see where the straps should be placed, or at what angle to place it, etc. There is a ton of good and useful information in it, and so often it gets misplaced or discarded immediately after installation, you should know car seat history and possibly read everything concerning it.