#IMOMSOHARD – we mean, what mom doesn’t?? Well, a couple of moms decided to grab a camera, set the stage in the playroom, and talk about how they were screwing it all up –hard! Meet Jen Smedley and Kristen Hedley who discuss the ongoing cycle of criticism, whether real or perceived, that causes moms to lose their confidence. They paired up with Yoplait yogurt to discover new research that suggests moms are internalizing the judgment and even changing the way they are parenting as a result. To judge or not to judge, what’s funny about that? Well, if it has anything to do with these two… you might be surprised!

Whether she’s a stay­at­home mom or works outside the home, breastfeeds or bottle feeds, today’s moms feel shame on multiple levels from multiple sources. These daily issues are at the center of a bold new Yoplait campaign, which disarms mom judgment through a blend of humor, confidence, and empathy for all those going through the most challenging job in the world.

This new survey, “Mom Judgment Today,” commissioned by Yoplait, sheds light on the mom judgment issue across the country. Key survey findings include:

  • Nearly one­third of moms (29%) adjust their parenting decisions in public because they worry others will judge them.
  • Nearly one in three respondents (28%) feel like a bad mom as a result of being judged.
  • 75 percent of moms report they would be happier if they felt less judged.
  • More than half of moms (53%) take judgment of their parenting choices to heart.

Unbeknownst to Jen and Kristen, #IMOMSOHARD initially was simply a way for them to vent out their parenting frustrations. They came together when consulting each other about how they felt about certain issues that would come up with everyday life, something nearly all moms can relate to. The thing is, whatever they happened to be doing together, they would give it everything they got – the best version of themselves, and they accepted that.

It’s bonkers, it’s officially at the bonkers level,” Jen says, “we have a tour bus with our faces on it.”Her response to how living a life of getting it “wrong” as a mom and sharing it with the world just took off and resonated with so many moms across the nation, including us!

Imomsohard Judge Me NotWhen you feel like you just have to talk to your friend about something and lo and behold, she feels the exact same way as you do – this is exactly how Jen and Kristen come up with the hilarious and ever so connecting content that draws us in to say, “yeah, me too!”As moms in general, we really do worry about the same things. Even though moms have varying degrees of different problems, our kids are the
equalizers. As moms, we’ll bend over backward to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Kids don’t care or even like us very much no matter what we do. They don’t know how good they have it.

Kristen and Jen have a powerful message to share to moms, so they partnered up with Yoplait, which became the perfect match to support moms. It’s to show them being at their very best, even if they don’t believe it.As they go live across the nation on stages, it’s more impactful to meet moms right where they are, and Yoplait has made that easy and possible for them.

“Nothing really matches being out there being on stage with them; it’s like a huge party because it’s about all the moms having a good time together.” As these hilarious moms make their videos together in the playroom, it’s literally like being with a third friend. You know those times you are hanging with friends and it’s not about you, it’s really about all of us; it’s really about being with each other, whether or not your hair is washed!

Due to some technicalities, there’s a “blank” spot in the video; watch how they quickly turn it around, just being themselves!

They star in a new, hidden camera social experiment for the Yoplait campaign to see if moms would support or judge each other when given the chance. The goal is to show moms how supportive we really are, show them being at their best, and show them in their loving and kind way. Going live on stage is the way to go meet the people, the moms where they are at.

After all this mom­time, it’s really being happier about themselves. According to the study, moms see the perfect pictures on social media of the “good mom” which increases the pressure we put on ourselves. Thus, we tend to judge harshly, and we as moms are less happy about the job we’re doing with raising our family. Even though we are so hard on ourselves, not only as a mom, but as women in general, we are really good about building each other up. You may be feeling down on yourself, but grab
that friend, the sister, or a woman on the street – she’ll lift you up; women are so good at this innate nature to build up, help, and encourage.

Go check out the social experiment that Kristen and Jen did with Yoplait that shows other moms are definitely willing to step in there and help each other out.

Who doesn’t want more of these two ladies?! Go and learn about their tour at the complete URL:www.imomsohard.com. All the tour info and the latest about their new video is available on Facebook.

Mom, you are doing great, you look great, and you are never alone. If you are having a real crap day, hide in the closet and roll some videos that make you laugh. You just gotta laugh about it, rather than cry.

Mom, next time you’re feeling down on yourself, give yourself a pat on the back, nestle into a comfy spot in the closet with some videos, and discover Why MomsNeed Wine.

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