Houseplant Safety for Pets

You love your furry kids, your cats and dogs. When trying to add a little more life to your home with the help of some plants, you could be putting your animals at risk. Not all plants are safe for pets, and some can be deadly. Avoid vet bills or even worse, heartbreak from a lost pet, and make sure the plants around your home are safe! We’ve put all the information about plants here for you, including a printable of some common plants you will love and ones to avoid.


House Plants are Amazing

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You may just think you should skip having plants inside your home all together. You don’t have to do that and studies show that you shouldn’t skip the plants. Having plants in the home is actually beneficial!

  • House plants help you breathe easier. During photosynthesis, plants release oxygen, increasing oxygen levels in your home.
  • Plants also release water during photosynthesis. This water increases the humidity in your home and can cause less issues with dry skin, colds, sore throats and coughs. Plants are a natural humidifier!
  • House plants are hardworking and also purify the air. In fact, according to NASA, plants can remove up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds from the air in 24 hours. 
  • By adding plants to your home, you may also see the overall health of your family improve. You will feel less stressed and more focused.

Shop For Pet Safe Plants

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With all those benefits, you need some house plants right away! However, there are a lot of plants that are not safe for your pets. The good thing is, there are a lot of plants that are safe. The ASPCA has a very extensive list of all the plants that are safe and all the plants that are dangerous for dogs and cats. You can access that entire list here. However, we like to make things easier for you at Daily Mom so we put together this short printable list of some very popular plants that are safe and dangerous. Access the printable by clicking here and take it with you to the nursery to do some plant shopping.

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Beware of the Poinsettia during the holidays. This popular seasonal plant is toxic if ingested by animals.

Plants are powerful. Their power can bring more life to your home but it can also do harm, especially when it comes to your pets. Add plants to your home with confidence by checking to see if they are pet safe first. Never bring an unknown plant into your home. Clean up after a plant’s shedding as soon as you notice them so your pets don’t ingest them. Even if a plant is safe, you don’t want your dog or cat eating it. Avoid toxic fertilizers or plant food as those items can make a safe plant poisonous. By ensuring you use plants in the home safely, everyone in your home can benefit, including your pets!

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Kristen Douglas
Kristen Douglas
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