Did you know that 30% of all children are affected by eczema?

A serious bout of eczema is not only concerning, but it can be painful and uncomfortable for your baby as they have no way to express the source of their discomfort. This dry, itchy painful rash affects up to 20% of all newborn babies and is on the rise. However, a proper skin regimen can help keep baby’s delicate skin healthy and happy, and keep flare-ups at bay. 

With that in mind, let us introduce you to Skinfix; a Canadian company that makes healing balms and daily care products that treat skin’s most irritating conditions. Today we’ll look at a few of their infant and toddler care products that will make life with eczema so much more tolerable.

About Skinfix

Skinfix started in 1850 when William Dixon got tired of complaining about how messy the “magic balm” was, and took an old family recipe, a secret formula, and the finest ingredients the world has to offer to create a healing balm. Today, Skinfix combines Mother Nature with the best of modern medical knowledge to solve skin’s most vexing problems.

Their philosophy is simple. They believe that healthy skin is possible; and while they don’t suggest that a topical skincare product can cure all skin conditions, they do believe that an effective topical product can make a huge difference. Skinfix products use a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, emollient oils and powerful, active, natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients that restore the lipids, protect the skin barrier and heal all at once. No other skincare products contain the number of active natural ingredients that Skinfix does; and they do it all without fragrance, irritants, and most importantly, WITHOUT STEROIDS.

Infant and Toddler Eczema

Infant/Toddler Eczema is a skin condition caused by inflammation of the skin. Also known as Baby Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis, it is a very common condition for babies. About 20 percent of babies will develop eczema, but many will outgrow it during childhood. Symptoms often include dry, red, cracked, and itchy skin. For babies, eczema often presents itself on cheeks, scalp, joints of the arms, and backs of the knees.

What Causes Infant/Toddler Eczema?

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Eczema is often a hereditary condition that can be passed down from one or both parents. Allergens or irritants in the environment and stress can cause eczema symptoms. Defects in the skin’s outer layer, known as the epidermis causes moisture to escape from skin, which then leaves the skin at risk of having germs enter through these crevices. Some experts believe that food allergies play a role in infant eczema, which is why Skinfix avoids nut and soy ingredients in their Gentle Eczema Balm formula.

If you believe your baby may have eczema you should visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Tips to Keep Baby’s Eczema-Prone Skin Healthy

Physicians sometimes prescribe ointments with steroid drugs. These often help temporarily, however, steroids can cause the skin to thin leaving the skin more compromised and at higher risk for recurrent flare-ups.

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To keep eczema under control, develop a gentle cleansing routine that includes the daily use of products that provide not just temporary moisture, but barrier protection. The following tips may help ensure healthy, happy skin for baby:

  1. Don’t bathe your baby too often. Contrary to popular belief, your baby doesn’t need to be bathed everyday. Check with your doctor to see how often you should bathe your baby.
  2. Avoid water that is too warm as it dries out the skin.
  3. Avoid bath or skincare products containing alcohol or perfumes. Stick with products labeled “free and clear.”
  4. Avoid soaps and cleansers containing sulfates and synthetic ingredients.

Gentle Hair & Body Wash

Daily Mom Spotlight: Skinfix 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesSometimes giving a baby a bath can do more harm than good, especially when they are sensitive and prone to eczema. Therefore, Skinfix recommends that you start with their Gentle Hair & Body Wash; this dermatologist recommended and pediatrician tested, 98% natural, mild and gentle daily cleanser is formulated specifically to cleanse a sensitive baby’s delicate skin and hair. 

This gentle 2-in-1 formula uses natural botanical based cleansers that are tear-free and won’t strip away the skin’s natural moisture or irritate, making it a perfect gentle skin fix for babies and toddlers prone to eczema. It’s also free of nut ingredients, fragrances, soy, parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

In a clinical test run by a pediatrician:

  • 94% of Moms felt this product was very gentle on their baby’s skin and hair
  • 90% of Moms felt this product left their baby’s skin feeling clean and did not feel harsh
  • 94% of Moms felt this product left their baby’s skin feeling soft and protected after bath

Beyond the bath, you will want to:

  1. Dry your baby’s skin by gently patting dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing.
  2. Moisturize after each bath with a barrier cream that contains colloidal oatmeal and is rich and emollient.
  3. Choose a rich barrier cream that is fragrance-free and made with nut-free ingredients.
  4. Avoid essential oils like lavender that can cause sensitivities.

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Gentle Lotion

Daily Mom Spotlight: Skinfix 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesIn collaboration with the Gentle Hair & Body Wash, pat skin dry and apply Skinfix’s Gentle Lotion to your baby’s skin.

Baby skin can be so finicky that often standard baby products just aren’t gentle enough. Many times, your pediatrician will recommend a fragrance free moisturizer, and some will suggest not to use anything at all because in many cases it’s not really necessary. However, if your baby’s skin shows signs of eczema, a gentle lotion is in order.

Much like the Gentle Hair & Body Wash, this Gentle Lotion is 98% natural and specifically formulated for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone baby skin. Free of fragrance and irritants, this silky lotion is infused with vitamins, minerals and natural soothing botanicals that quickly absorb and banish dryness on contact.

In a clinical study run by a pediatrician, 94% of moms felt that this lotion left their baby’s skin protected. Skinfix Gentle Lotion is the perfect texture for all-over body application and the key to a regimen that keeps baby skin healthy and supple after bathing.  

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Preventive care goes a long way towards keeping eczema flare-ups under control; but when your baby’s skin turns red and itchy, it’s time to act quickly. Rather than pulling out the hydrocortisone cream, try Skinfix’s Gentle Eczema Balm.

Gentle Eczema Balm

Daily Mom Spotlight: Skinfix 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesSkinfix’s Gentle Eczema Balm was formulated specifically for baby’s delicate skin, and helps reduce chronic flare-ups while soothing irritated dry skin on contact. Formulated with 2% colloidal oatmeal and emollient oils, this nut-free balm has the magical ability to calm and relieve both babies and moms.

Apply directly to affected areas, especially after bathing. For stubborn flare-ups use frequently throughout the day.

In a clinical study run by a pediatrician, 82% of Moms agreed their baby’s eczema rash was soothed and less red in just three days after using Skinfix’s Gentle Eczema Balm. Of course, for best results, use with Skinfix’s Gentle Hair & Body Wash and Skinfix’s Gentle Daily Lotion.

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Finally, Skinfix offers a gentle solution for diaper rash. A diaper can be a hostile environment regardless of the type of diaper you’re using; the constant exposure to wetness can leave baby’s skin raw and irritated.

Diaper Rash Balm

Daily Mom Spotlight: Skinfix 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis super-rich healing balm was formulated specifically to safely and effectively halt diaper rash on the spot and can fix even the most vexing diaper rash. Clinically proven to heal diaper rash in just one application, it works fast to soothe redness with zinc oxide and healing botanicals, while replenishing essential moisture with emollient protective oils.

Apply rash balm to clean, dry diaper area with every diaper change. For overnights or prolonged exposure to wetness, be sure to apply more generously.

Like all of Skinfix’s products, the Diaper Rash Balm is formulated without nut-ingredients for those babies with tree-nut allergies. Used daily, this formula provides the ultimate barrier against wetness to ensure baby’s bottom is rash-free. In fact, a clinical study found that 94% of Mom’s agreed that Skinfix’s Diaper Rash Balm healed their baby’s diaper rash in just one application.

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Routine use of these skincare products along with a natural diet is one of the best ways to avoid eczema and diaper rash.

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