Back To School: Fun and Fashionable School Shoes

Ever think to yourself: $150 for those?! It fits in the palm of my hand for goodness sakes! We want our kids to be stylish, but come on…you’d be lucky if it lasted 2 months before they complain that their shoes are too tight! Instead, we like practicality when kids are ready to go back to school. The fun and fashionable school shoes that fit well don’t make you cringe at the price tag but make you feel like the mutha-shopper of the season. That’s right…the fun and stylish mom passing on her fashion sense. 

Targhee from KEEN


When it comes to quality brands that can style an entire family, KEEN should be your go to choice. Their Targhee line has options for men, women, big kids, and little kids and all are as functional as they are fashionable. Whether you’re biking to school, walking to classes, or planning a weekend adventure, Targhee shoes from KEEN offer versatility and mobility for a large family.

Keen-Shoes-3 Keen-Shoes-4

The Targhee family from KEEN provides premium leather and waterproof options for each member of your family. This line is made for the family that likes to have fun outside and love to have a good adventure in their soul (or sole, depending on how you’re looking at it.) Each shoes is crafted to be versatile, long lasting, durable, and ready to withstand the elements. Each shoe is also designed to fit the personalities of your tribe, with color combination options that everyone will love.


Kids will be able to move quickly and confidently inside of their Targhee shoes and boots. There are many factors to love about this great line from KEEN, with the highlights being:

  • All-Terrain Traction: For powerful traction no matter what your terrain
  • Stability: Keeping your heel stable and secure with every step, making sure that there are no missteps on your path of life
  • Waterproof: Be it puddles or sweat, feet don’t have time to be wet! And thanks to Targhee by KEEN, you can be comfortable all day long

Keen-Shoes-16 Keen-Shoes-2Big kids will delight in being able to wear shoes like Big Kids’ Targhee, Big Kids’ Targhee Waterproof, and Little Kids’ Targhee Waterproof. Both choices offer weatherproofed shoes, all-terrain traction, cushioned support, and full on comfort. Kids will glide in and out of these shoes and love every second between. Bonus: Thanks to the toggle tie, kids won’t have to worry about the pesky problem of shoes coming untied.

Because kids shouldn’t be the only ones to have fun, moms and dad can also relish in this industrial shoe. The women’s waterproof shoe is the perfect choice for the mom on the go. It is ready for off roading and trails while the kids are in school, or to hit the bike baths once the kids are home. If a boot is more in line with what your style, the Targhee line has the mid wide boot. It offers the full support of the shoe, and adds in ventilation to let feet breathe as well as outsoles that will keep you comfortable and on track.


Pediped Shoes

Best-Holiday-Shoes-For-Kids_Pediped (8)

One of our all-time favorite shoe brands is Pediped. Known for their uber-comfortable, and incredibly long-lasting shoes (seriously, these kicks will look new even at the end of the school year), their new fall lineup is every bit as amazing as we’ve come to expect.

Pediped (19)

Pediped (16)For girls, the Flex Naomi quilted Mary-Jane is the perfect timeless shoe for your daughter’s wardrobe this year. Our favorite part is the grippy, bendable rubber bottom, which will allow her to run around the playground as if she was wearing sneakers. These shoes have Pediped’s Flex Fit system, which means that they last long. They come with removable inserts that you can remove as your child’s foot grows up to almost a half size.

Pediped (15)

She’ll also adore the Flex Logan high-top silver sneakers with stretchy tension laces (you’ll love that you don’t have to tie them every morning!). Featuring a cool gray faux fur tongue and a metallic snake print exterior. These are easy to put on, incredibly comfortable, and will keep her looking funky fresh all school year. These also have the Flex Fit system.

Pediped (1)

Pediped’s Flex Dani is another Flex Fit favorite, with stretchy, no-tie laces. With contrasting blue and red accents and a Velcro cross-strap, your little dude will be dashing across the playground in no time flat. These Dani sneakers are also machine washable (can we get an amen?) and vegan.

Pediped (3) Pediped (4) Pediped (5)

The Flex Logan in chestnut is ideal for your son who loves to look a little bit hipster while also being able to run around. Featuring the same Flex Fit system as all of the shoes we’re showing today, and the no-tie laces, this is sure to be his (and your!) favorite pair of go-to shoes this school year.

Pediped (20) Pediped (22) Pediped (24)

See Kai Run

See Kai Run-2896

A new school year, a new pair of shoes! We love starting the year off on the right foot in a fresh new pair of shoes. And since children need shoes that will keep their feet comfortable all day long, whether they are sitting at their desk or playing on the playground, we want to be sure that we are investing in high quality shoes. This is why we love See Kai Run, a company dedicated to promoting healthy foot development as children grow – from babies, to new walkers, toddlers, children, and youth.

See Kai Run-2767 See Kai Run-2763For toddlers heading to part-day preschool, we love the ease and quality of See Kai Run’s Russell, featuring a rubber gripping outsole for safe play, an extra durable rubber toe cap, and a canvas, jersey, and denim body for strength against all kinds of dirt and play. A double hook and loop closure makes for easy mornings out the door! Classic blue and red colors bring a bright pop of color to any outfit.

See Kai Run-2812 See Kai Run-2810 See Kai Run-2808

For elementary age boys, the Dane high top sneaker is all the rage. Paired with uniforms or your child’s own style, this classic shoe is a choice that everyone will love. Available in red or blue, this classic high top sneaker also features a hook and loop closure that both your child and your child’s teacher will thank you for! A rubber herringbone outsole provides great traction and like all of See Kai Run’s shoes, the Dane is designed to give feet room to move and grow.

See Kai Run-2724 See Kai Run-2708 See Kai Run-2714

For elementary age girls, we chose two classic looks – the Jane and Italya. The Jane in navy is a classic take on the Mary Jane, but with adorable scalloped edges and contrasting stitching. The Jane is an all leather shoe with a rubber sole and a hook and loop closure. For our girls in uniform, or those that simply love a preppier look, this is a must in your child’s shoe closet. But, girls are also adventurous, and every girl needs a great pair of play shoes. For this reason, we chose the ever-easy slip on Italya. The Italya features a beautiful watercolor canvas, trimmed in chambray, and finished with rubber sole for great traction. The slip on design is easy to put on and stays on all day long, through gym, recess, and classroom experiments. Both the Jane and Italya also fall in line with See Kai Run’s high quality manufacturing and promise of room to move and grow, meaning these shoes will last.

See Kai Run


Russell  Dane | Jane | Italya


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People Footwear

People- Footwear- Bts- 2018-5

High-quality, durable shoes are a must for BTS. Childhood is all about moving as fast as possible to seize the day with ferocity. People Footwear are the perfect shoes for kids to do what they do best: play. Dedicated to creating light, comfortable, go anywhere shoes, People Footwear is just the brand to up your shoe game.

People- Footwear- Bts- 2018-4 People- Footwear- Bts- 2018-9

People Footwear has many colors and styles to choose from allowing you to find your perfect pair. The Cypress Kids is one of our favorites with WarmCore insulated making your shoes soft, comfy, and conforming to your foot. They also feature a Skylite EVA outsole and no-tie elastic lace with an adjustable toggle. These shoes are perfect to take your kiddo to the classroom, the playground, and beyond.

People Footwear- Bts

Philips Knit Kids are another crowd pleaser- lightweight and slip one. They are a one-piece digitally knit upper body. They also feature a shock absorbing custom-molded Skylite outsole. Making them easy, fun, and transitional.

People- Footwear- Bts- 2018-6 People- Footwear- Bts- 2018-8

Kid’s Boots from Twisted X

Twisted X Boots (1 Of 1)-6

Cowboy boots are a timeless addition to a child’s wardrobe. Not only are they stylish for your little country kin, they are extremely durable as a back to school shoe. The stigma around cowboy boots has evaporated, and now, they can be worn with practically any kind of outfit, from your daughter’s cute girly dress to your son’s favorite Wrangler jeans.

Twisted X Boots (1 Of 1)-8Twisted X Boots (1 Of 1)-7

Twisted X is known across the country for their XSD insole for fit and stability and our moisture-wicking, antibacterial machine-washable footbed for all-day comfort. The same attention to detail and quality also carries over to their children’s boot line. The Hooey footwear collection is geared specifically towards competitive ropers and features vivid and bright colors, as well as the Hooey logo. Having a universal design and fit is important to Twisted X, and their attention to detail and comfort carries over perfectly into their kid’s Hooey boots. The washable footbed insert is super simple to throw into the washing machine, so the boots remain looking (and smelling!) good for the entire school year.

  • Available in kid’s sizes 1 through 13.5
  • 100% leather construction
  • 15% lighter than other cowboy style kid’s boots
  • Easy pull-on loop style straps

Twisted X Boots (1 Of 1)-9 Twisted X Boots (1 Of 1)-11

Twisted X was founded in 2005 specializing in cowboy and work style boots, and every single pair of their shoes are constructed the same, guaranteeing a universal fit, as well as comfort, across the board.

Florsheim Shoes


Florsheim Shoes for boys is pretty much everything you love about Florsheim for men, but in a pint-sized form. With everything from classic loafers to wingtips and fresh chukka boots to leather sneakers, no matter what your son’s style, there’s a Florsheim pair to match.




The Curb Jr. Plain Toe Elastic Lace Oxford is absolutely ideal for the dapper little guy who loves staying with the trends, while still being able to hit the playground hard at recess. With stretchy laces, you’ll never need to worry about getting these kicks tied as you’re running out the door in the morning.

Made from smooth, genuine leather, these uber-cool shoes have a light burnished toe for an extra touch of style. These oxfords are lined with moisture-wicking material, and the insoles are incredibly plush with a fully cushioned footbed.



Florsheim’s Curb Jr. Plain Toe Chukka Boot will quickly become a fan favorite in your house. With a higher top going to mid-ankle, and stretch no-tie laces, these slip-ons will add a touch of class to your son’s back-to-school wardrobe. The Chukka Boot is available in black or cognac, with a man-made upper and rubber sole.


Anthozoa by Jambu & Co.


When it comes to shoes that will be comfortable enough for outside recess, athletic enough for the soccer fields, and durable enough to last the entire school year, Jambu and Company is the place to look. The Anthozoa sneakers are a hybrid shoe made for land but appropriate for wetness. The closed-shoe concept keeps toes safe and sound throughout the elements, while the sandal like breathability allows for quick drying and breathability.


Anthozoa girls sneakers are not only adorable but highly functional. Their removable soles allow for machine washing and ultimate freshness. In addition, these shoes are ready for water play and puddle splashing and feature fast drying material. Best of all is the bungie lacing with toggle. If your child isn’t quite comfortable with tying, these are the perfect option for back-to-school feet of all ages.

  • All Terra Traction for superior grip
  • Bungie lacing for ties
  • Water ready
  • Fast drying
  • Machine washable insoles



Jambu and Co. offer shoes for the entire family. Men, women, boys, girls and even little ones will delight in the comfort and versatility of their shoes. Durable for outside wear and fashionable towards complimenting outfits of all kinds, Jambu and Co. is the full package.



Anthozoa Girls Shoes


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Nina Shoes

Nina- Shoes- Jessalyn- Marrissa-Bts-2018-2

Back to school is all about your child following their path and creating their own journeys. Wherever their journey takes them, Nina Shoes are the best for paving the way. Your little girl will love all of their adorable styles, from play shoes to dress shoes.

Nina- Shoes- Jessalyn- Marrissa-Bts-2018-8 Nina- Shoes- Jessalyn- Marrissa-Bts-2018-5

The Marissa is perfect for your ballet loving, little princess. These shoes are fancy enough to compliment her favorite dress and comfortable enough to be worn all day long. The straps embellished with velvet cross delicately atop her feet creating the perfect ballet flat. They have a back zipper for ease of getting on and off, and are cushioned with a memory foam footbed to get her form math class to gym and more.

Nina- Shoes- Jessalyn- Marrissa-Bts-2018-10

Fun, funky tennis shoes are all the rage right now. They offer the best of both worlds: style and comfort. That is why we love the Jennalyn. Sparkled to the max and adorned with two side zippers for extra pizzazz these shoes are sure to be an A+.

Nina Shoes Collage


Marissa | Jennalyn


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Western Chief

Western Chief New-2

Sunshine and blue skies don’t fill all of our days, sometimes it rains, but that doesn’t mean it has to pour. Rainy days can be just as enjoyable as those long sunshine filled days. Its all about perspective but a cute rainy day outfit, like those from Western Chief, never hurt anyone.

Western Chief carries adorable rain gear from firefighters to flowers and even light up rainboots. Western Cheif takes great pride in keeping your little one dry. Thus all of their products are handmade to ensure the utmost quality. All of their products are made to upstand all the wetness the weather can throw at you. All while being affordable, adorable, and functional.

Western Chief New

Your little one will arrive dry and ready to seize the day in their F.D.U.S.A Rain Boots and Firechief Rain Coat. He/she will love jumping from puddle to puddle using their imagination to halt local fires. No job is too big or too small for your favorite firefighter.

The Firechief Rain Coat boasts such features as:

  • Waterproof outer shell or 100% polyurethane
  • Moisture absorbent lining made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • Easy to use snap closures

The F.D.U.S.A Rain Boots boast such features as:

  • 7″ Height
  • Moisture-absorbing cotton lining perfect for keeping feet dry
  • Two handles for easy pull on and off

Western Chief Collage

Nike Subscription Box from EasyKicks

Easykicks-Nike-Subscription-Box (17)

How many times have you let out an exasperated sigh, noticing that your child’s new sneakers are too small (already!) or worn out after some heavy play sessions? Let’s face it – sneakers are expensive, and kids outgrow them way too quickly. Enter EasyKicks, the subscription shoe service for children.

Easykicks-Nike-Subscription-Box (10)

Easykicks-Nike-Subscription-Box (20)

EasyKicks is a subscription service. You pay a monthly fee, and you can swap out your child’s shoes whenever you want, for whatever reason. Too small? Trade them in. Want a new style? Trade them in. Worn out? Trade them in. EasyKicks adds new sneakers to their inventory every week, so if your child doesn’t find anything one week, fresh styles will be added the next week.

Easykicks-Nike-Subscription-Box (14)

With plans beginning at $20 a month, EasyKicks takes the hassle out of buying new sneakers for kids. No need to drag the whole family out to the mall, in and out of the car, and trying on shoes in a crowded store. Simply log on, have your child pick whatever Nike or Converse sneakers he or she likes best, and boom – sneakers at your doorstep in a matter of days. Old pairs are mailed back and either recycled or donated to children in foster care, depending on condition.

Easykicks-Nike-Subscription-Box (24)

Easykicks-Nike-Subscription-Box (23)


Sneakers (selection changes weekly)


EasyKicks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Back to school is filled with excitement, fear, and apprehension in and of itself. Especially if it’s your first year sending your little one off. Shopping for shoes shouldn’t add to the emotional (and kid) drama you’re about to enter (in a very good way of course) for the next nine months. Stay stylish, stay sane, and still stay within budget with your new fun and fashionable shoes this school season!

Fun And Fashionable Shoes For Back To School

Now that your kids’ shoes are prepped and primed for school, Prepping Your Home For Back To School can make all the difference to perfect school mornings.



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