20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Whether you’re heading to a dinner party at a friend’s place or visiting family, it’s always hard to figure out great gift ideas for a host of a party. Giving everyone the same old thing, like Christmas cookies, doesn’t really make you stand out from the crowd. In the end, you know it will be tossed into a closet or left on the kitchen counter. Instead, you’ll want to present the host with something unique.

We at Daily Mom have the perfect gift guide that includes wine gift sets, delicious nuts, smooth Bourbon (you can’t go wrong with hard liquor), and fine wines. We have also included more practical gifts, such as dish sets, water bottles, and bath products. We have thought of everything you need for the best gift ideas for a host. 

Fabulous Gift Ideas For A Host

Cliff Family

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Don’t stress about what to get those last few people on your list; a gift box is always a good idea! The Napa Valley Happy Hour set is perfect for the person who likes to wind down their day with a glass of wine and a few nibbles before diving into dinner. This set is a gift from Napa Valley complete with a bottle of 2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay, a bottle of 2019 Bici Red Blend, and a variety of snacks for the ultimate happy hour, so you can just add the cheese!

Pair these gift sets with a thoughtful note on how to enjoy the gift and you are good to go. The sets make great gift ideas for a host as well!

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host
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For the chocolate lover on your list, this decadent dark chocolate trio set pairs perfectly with Gary’s Improv Zinfandel and will make them swoon. The set comes with three chocolates to enjoy: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds, Dark Chocolate Toffee Crunch, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. They use only the finest organic ingredients and your taste buds will know the difference. The set is beautifully packaged, and trust us, these chocolates won’t last long once delivered!

Eat Chocolate, Drink Wine | Napa Valley Happy Hour
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In Good Taste

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Sip your way through the holidays this year with 24 tasty and adorable mini-bottles of wines! Buy the Wine Advent Calendar as a gift, or treat yourself to an amazing selection of premium curated wines from all over the globe. Taste a full range of wine varietals ranging from the standard merlot and chardonnay, to uniquely perfected Languedoc Red and Pinotage. There are 24 different ones! True wine lovers will go crazy over this must-have gift and these mini-bottles are great gift ideas for a host.

Each Wine Advent Calendar not only comes with adorable, yet delectable wines but also is made complete with the extra thoughtful gift of an email each day. Learn which tasting notes to look for, get a list of suggested food and recipe pairings, and other fun surprises to add to the experience. This is a gift that is sure to wow any wine lover this Christmas.

Wine Advent Calendar
In Good Taste | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


The finest gifts for artists are designed to inspire their creativity, regardless of their skill level or whether they are budding or experienced artists. The best holiday gift for the aspiring artist would be the Feeling Creative Gift Box by Goodly. This unique box has a wide variety of items, including a watercolor set, 642 Tiny Things to Draw Book, Prism Colored Rollerball Pens, and Starry Night Women’s Socks. This box of goodies will prompt your budding artist to draw and paint while wearing the included dreamy socks, which feature a van Gogh pattern. 

Every Goodly’s gift box comes hand-packed with its signature yarn and a music playlist to help you roll with the Goodly times. These sturdy boxes are reusable and well-packaged to keep the items inside safe.

Your artist friends and family will be delighted this Christmas with the Feeling Creative Gift Box, which includes hand-packaged artsy gifts for beginner and advanced artists.

Feeling Creative Gift Box
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That’s Caring

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Are you in the market for gifts that give back this holiday season? Find everything you need with That’s Caring Gifts. For every gift purchased, That’s Caring Gifts works with food banks in the USA to provide the hungry with food. Around Christmas, there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season.

Is there a wine lover on your list? The Tree-Mendous Joy Gift Box has everything they could ever want to enjoy a bottle of wine (or two) and the set makes great gift ideas for a host. This box includes:

  • Brie Cheese
  • Garden Vegetable Cheese
  • Gourmet Mini Party Toasts
  • Wooden Handle Cheese Spreader
  • Woodland Stemless Wine Glasses
  • “Giving Tree-mendously” Coasters
  • A Choice of a bottle from ONEHOPE Wine Selections

Delivered in a beautiful package, this gift is ready-to-give and a note indicates that this box is feeding a child for an entire weekend. Enjoy this gift knowing you’re helping someone in need this holiday season and it makes it that much sweeter of a gift.

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Cocoa and cookies, anyone? The Homemade Cookies & Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate Gift Box is a delectable way to enjoy the holiday season while giving back. This gift box includes:

  • All-Natural Homemade Individually Wrapped Cookies (8) in Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Macadamia, Caramel Sugar, and Oatmeal Raisin
  • Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate (1 Canister makes 11 Cups)
  • Signature That’s Caring Gift Box

Sweet and delicious homemade cookies with a cup of hot cocoa are just what we need when it’s cold outside this holiday season, and the best part is that your gift recipient didn’t have to spend a day in the kitchen baking this delicious batch. This holiday season, gift the gift of delicious flavors and time spent with family while offering the same gift to someone in need with That’s Caring Gifts.

Tree-mendous Joy Gift Box | Homemade Cookies & Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate Gift Box
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Oak & Eden

The Bourbon & Brew is an amazing combination of Oak and Eden’s bourbon whiskey finished with cold brew coffee. The bourbon is aged for two years in American oak barrels, which produces a rich, deep sweet spirit. Rather than finishing the whiskey in a second barrel, Oak and Eden take a 5-inch spiral cut from French Oak and place it in the bottle to finish the whiskey.

A toasted spire of wood also is placed in the West Oak Coffee cold brew coffee before it is combined with the bourbon. West Oak Coffee, which is a Texas-based coffee company, makes the cold brew from Delagua Coffee from Columbia. The toasted spire gives the coffee notes of fruit and vanilla. Together the Bourbon & Brew give you a smooth, rich drink perfect for sipping. It is the 2020 Double Gold winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and these whiskeys are great gift ideas for a host.

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host
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The Toasted Oak Bourbon & Spire is rich and smooth. The bourbon whiskey is aged in new American Oak barrels, which gives it a warm sweet depth. It is finished with a 5-inch spiral-cut piece of American Oak barrel wood, toasted in a fire, and placed in the bottle. The toasted spiral gives the Toasted Oak Bourbon & Spire notes of vanilla and warm butterscotch.

Bourbon & Spire Toasted Oak | Bourbon & Brew – Coffee Steeped Oak
Oak & Eden | Facebook | Instagram |

Fast Penny Spirits

Fast Penny Spirits have curated some amazing cocktail kits that would make great gift ideas for a host who loves a good cocktail or anyone who loves supporting a women-owned business! Fast Penny Spirits is a woman-owned distillery in Seattle. Their award-winning amaro is inspired by Italian tradition and made with organic, American ingredients. Made with west coast grapes and infused with organic and consciously sourced botanicals, their Amaricano is rich with flavors of cocoa, cherries, and fragrant herbs and spices.

Amaricano is perfect for sipping or paired with your favorite cocktail. That is why this season, they are pairing it with 2Bar Bourbon, Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters, Orasella Cherries in their Amaricano x jcoco Roman Holiday Cocktail Kit. Along with all the ingredients you will need to make their version of a Roman Holiday cocktail (recipe card included!), this thoughtfully curated kit also includes five bars of jcoco brand gourmet chocolate.

You’ll have one of the best gift ideas for a host with this amazing Amaricano x jcoco Roman Holiday Cocktail Kit, and you can also feel good about your purchase. Both Fast Penny Spirits and jcoco are committed to giving back – Fast Penny Spirits commits 3% of bottle revenue to support women in business, the community, and industry while jcoco commits 10% of their net profits to Americans affected by food insecurity through food bank partners across the country.

Amaricano x jcoco Roman Holiday Cocktail Kit
Fast Penny Spirits | Instagram

Kenefick Ranch

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Whether you are looking for a gift for your family, gift ideas for a host, or just a little something special for yourself this year, wine is always a great idea! This family-owned winery produces wines that are 100% Estate grown. Their 2018 Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road Red is a blend of 60% Petit Verdot, 20% Merlot, and 20% Cabernet Franc. This creates a wine that is slightly intense yet balances tannins with notes of berry preserve, vanilla bean, and fresh cream. Enjoy now or let it age for a beautiful wine down the road.

For a bolder wine select the 2018 Kenefick Ranch Cabernet Franc, Caitlin’s Select; with only 300 cases produced you will want to snag a few of these! Enjoy this wine with firm tannins, and a nose of bright fruits, hints of rhubarb, and bakers chocolate with a decadent meal of coq au vin, chocolate flourless cake or by itself in front of a fire this cozy holiday season.

2018 Kenefick Ranch Cabernet Franc, Caitlin’s Select
Kenefick Ranch | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Calm Joy Candle Co.

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Candle gifts are personal and unique and that’s why they always make for great holiday gifts, especially seasonal scented ones. The Calm Joy Candle Co. is a line of candles made from coconut wax and toxin-free fragrances. These candles provide a much longer burn time because of how slowly coconut wax burns and they are super fragrant. With a 65+ hour burn time, every candle is mixed and hand-poured with natural and non-toxic ingredients that have been carefully selected to create a mood-lifting space in your home.

Fall and Holiday scents like Pumpkin + Persimmon and Peppermint + Cocoa are perfect candles to fit your seasonal vibe but signature scents like Honey Bourbon and Creamy Vanilla + Coconut Sugar are ideal choices from the Signature Collection that are timeless and classic scents to be used year-round. Candles are available in large glass vessels or small tins as well as wax melts to be used on a wax warmer.

Fall Collection | Signature Collection
The Calm Joy Candle Co. | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Pinterest


20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

There are so many benefits to baking with your children. For some parents, it’s a bonding moment. For other parents, it’s an opportunity to explain fractions to their kids. One thing that’s not fun about baking is all the cleaning that needs to be done. The team at DoughEZ® understands this, and that’s why they’ve developed a line of silicone and nonstick bakeware so you’ll spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying the cookies you made. Their products make great gift ideas for a host, so be sure to check out our favorites.

The Non-Stick Silicone Pastry Dough Rolling Mat is 2 1/2 times larger than most baking sheets. It’s BPA free and its silicone design is not only flexible, but it also has a non-slip surface. That means the rolling mat won’t move around when you’re rolling your dough. The bad news is, fresh baked goods are not included with this purchase. The good news is a free recipe eBook is. When you add this to your shopping cart, you’ll get a durable pastry mat that will last you a lifetime and a bunch of delicious recipes to get you started.

Having the DoughEZ® Non-Slip Silicone Pastry Dough Rolling Mat is great. Now that you have something to roll your dough on, all you need now is the DoughEZ® Non-Stick Rolling Pin. The rolling pin features an extra wide, non-stick surface. It’s also weighted to help the bakers in your house evenly roll the dough out. Our favorite feature is that the rolling pin can either be wiped down with soap and water or put into the dishwasher.

Bake perfect baguettes whenever you place your dough inside the DoughEZ® Perforated Silicone Baguette Bread Pan. This three-loaf bread pan is oven, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator safe. Use it to bake baguettes that are 14 inches long.

Save your parchment paper and cooking spray for another occasion. When you bake with DoughEZ® Non-Stick Premium Silicone Baking Mat Liner, your cookies will bake to perfection every time. This mat features a fiberglass weave designed to heat all of the baked goods evenly without burning them.

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The holiday season is here and the talented team at DoughEZ® wants you to be ready! Cleanup is quick and easy thanks to the nonstick and silicone options. Add these fabulous selections to your shopping cart so you can start baking tomorrow!

Extra Large 17.5 x 32 Non-Slip Silicone Pastry Dough Rolling Mat | DoughEZ® Non-Stick Rolling Pin | DoughEZ® Perforated Silicone Baguette Bread Pan | DoughEZ® Non-Stick Premium Silicone Baking Mat Liner
DoughEZ® | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok

Well Told

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

The beautiful Home Town Map Slate Server makes a thoughtful holiday gift for loved ones who enjoy entertaining. The natural-edged slate server is etched with a detailed map of any U.S. city. You can pick your hometown, birthplace, or favorite vacation spot. Each unique 11-by-11-inch slate server comes with four small cork feet on the bottom to keep it stable for hors d’oeuvres or charcuterie. The slate is quarried in Vermont. The server is designed and made in the United States.

Celebrate the National Parks with a stainless steel water bottle. Your first choice just might be the Great Smoky Mountains – the No. 1 visited national park with 12.1 million annual visitors. The Great Smoky Mountains 21-ounce Insulated Hydration Bottle is a vacuum-insulated water bottle. It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Great Smoky Mountain National Park from the waterfall hikes and beautiful streams to the mountain views and scenic drives.

Well Told offers the stylish water bottle in six colors featuring 12 popular National Parks including Acadia, Arches, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. The water bottles are precision-engraved with the park boundary, year established, and square mileage. The triple-wall vacuum-insulated bottle keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

Home Town Map Slate Server | Great Smoky Mountains 21-ounce Insulated Hydration Bottle
Well Told | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

A beautifully, arranged ekuBox makes the perfect holiday gift for that someone special. Eku – stands for eat, keep, and use. Each curated ekuBox features something to eat, something to keep, and something to use. The themed ekuBoxes range from gourmet food to spa-inspired. Each ekuBox is packaged exquisitely with a handwritten note so your loved one feels loved and appreciated.

The Gourmet Olive Oil Dipping Set makes for excellent holiday gift ideas for a host. It includes two or four beautiful olive wood dipping bowls, L’Olivier Thym Citronné olive oil from France, delicious Bella Cucina Sundried Tomato Pesto, and dipping herbs. For each ekuBox sold they plant a tree through a partnership with One Tree Planted.

Gourmet Olive Oil Dipping Set
ekuBox| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Grounds & Hounds

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

This holiday season, give the gift of delicious coffee to the dog-lover in your life with Grounds & Hounds. The Grounds & Hounds Sunrise Rescue Gift Pack makes the perfect gift for the coffee drinkers on your list. In this gift pack, your loved one can experience some of the three best flavors Grounds & Hounds has to offer, including Alpha Blend (big and bold), Paper & Slippers (a medium roast with a touch of brownie, nuts, and blueberry on the finish), and Morning Walk (a breakfast blend that features a toasty full-bodied taste).

This kit includes a Grounds & Hounds signature mug and a bag to keep everything in one place. The only thing better than sipping on one of these flavors during the holidays is sipping while cuddling your favorite canine friend.

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Goodness takes time, and after five years of getting this blend “just right”, it’s earned its name. This dark roast blend offers smoky aromatics resulting in a silky smooth sipping experience. This is their darkest dark roast blend and features beans from Sumatra and Peru. Whether you’re finishing off the Christmas dinner desserts or simply waking up before the children on Christmas morning, this blend is a warm cup of perfection you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Finally, Grounds & Hounds is pleased to introduce the new Two Tails espresso roast to your holiday table. Beans from Sumatra, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea work together and cultivate a taste that is rich, savory, and decadent. Notes of milk chocolate, french vanilla, toasted marshmallow, and a hint of honeycomb sweetness make this espresso a delectable treat for any holiday occasion (or simply some alone time). This holiday season, keep up with the hustle with Grounds & Hounds and have yourself a merry little coffee break.

Sunrise Rescue Gift Pack | Good Boy Dark Roast | Two Tails Espresso
Grounds & Hounds | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Crow Canyon

Add a bit of modern flair to your dinner table this holiday season with Vintage Dinnerware by Crow Canyon. These Vintage Dinner Plates & Small Footed Bowls can be used throughout winter. The dinner plates are handmade and hand-painted to perfection. With their captivating white design, these plates will work with all your favorite linen and create the perfect backdrop to any meal. These plates are wonderful gift ideas for a host.

With the small-footed bowls at your dinner table, you’re ready to start eating. These small and lightweight bowls are available in various colors and are perfect for young kids. Made from porcelain enamel on a steel base, you won’t have to worry about shattering if your kids drop them accidentally. Crow Canyon’s beautiful cookware, dinnerware, and bakeware will take your parties to the next level with their simplistic design. These vintage dinner plates and bowls make great gift ideas for a host and fantastic Christmas gifts for any dinnerware lover on your list. 

Vintage Dinner Plates, Set of 4 | Vintage Small Footed Bowls, Set of 4
Crow Canyon| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Verve Culture

20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

When you are looking for gift ideas for a host, one of the best places to get a unique gift is Verve Culture. The women-owned and women-run company works with artisan partners from around the world to bring you a wide selection of handmade products that are functional and beautiful. The specially curated collections range from Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, and Italy. Verve Culture products represent the culture and traditions of their countries of origin. These handmade gifts, homewares, and gourmet food items arrive at your doorstep with family-friendly recipes, the story of how they were made, and the story of the artisan who created them.

The Molcajete with Tortilla Basket is a mortar and pestle used by Mexican cooks for centuries. The molcajete is great for salsa, vinaigrettes,  guacamole, queso, and more. The molcajete has a rough surface made from volcanic stone, which makes it ideal for releasing flavorful oils from vegetables and spices. When cooked in the oven, the molcajete bowl retains heat for an hour, picking up flavors as it goes, continually enhancing what you’re eating. These pieces are unique gift ideas for a host who loves to serve Mexican food.

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Each molcajete is packed in a beautiful tortilla basket made of handwoven palm leaves. Every basket isn’t mass-produced, so no basket is similar to another, making it unique. It can be used to store homemade corn chips or tortillas. So this Christmas, make a grand entrance with the Molcajete with Tortilla Basket, one of the most unique gift ideas for a host who loves attention to detail. 

Molcajete with Tortilla Basket
Verve Culture | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Inspiro Tequila

The Inspiro Luna Blanco Tequila is a great gift to bring to your next holiday party or gift exchange. Rested in oak barrels for a lunar quarter for smooth sippability, the Inspiro Luna Blanco is meticulously crafted from only the finest 100% Blue Weber Agave and then rested in American oak barrels to create a uniquely smooth tequila that will elevate your cocktail or is delicious simply sipped on its own. These bottles are thoughtful gift ideas for a host who wants to serve only the best products.

When developing Inspiro, the goal was to create a clean, smooth, and sippable 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila without any of the additives often found in other tequilas, and with every detail thoughtfully crafted, from the meticulous production process to the sophisticated and sleek bottle that is easy to hold and pour.

Inspiro Rosa Reposado
Inspiro Tequila| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

The Original EVOO & Balsamic Vinegar Duo make wonderful gift ideas for a host who loves to throw parties, and also delicious gifts for the chef in your family. The Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from the early harvest of Koroneiki olives grown in Southern Greece. It boasts a robust flavor and a peppery finish. Kosterina olive oils are cold-pressed in small batches. In addition, the farmers use organic farming practices. The rich Balsamic Vinegar brings depth to salad dressings and your favorite recipes.

Original EVOO & Balsamic Vinegar Duo
Kosterina | Facebook | Instagram


20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Kloveo is an amazing gift idea especially around the holidays and New Year’s celebrations when champagne is the drink of choice for many. KLOVEO’s sparkling wine stopper is smarter than your average stopper. The seal uses a simple but brilliant physics principle. When pressure builds inside the bottle, the plastic nipple expands outward, creating a ‘bubble-tight’ seal. Lay your bottle flat, or stand it upright and the seal works the same. These handy devices are the perfect gift ideas for a host.

Kloveo fits all standard bottlenecks of any shape. It can be used for Prosecco, Cava, some Magnum and 187ml bottles, and many large format beer or cider bottles. Unlike the outdated style of Champagne bottle stoppers (the exploding spring-loaded type), the WAF Champagne Saver is easy and fast. Simply press the cap down (the seal does the rest of the work for you), then lock with the stainless steel safety clip. It’s easy to release, even with arthritic hands! And, the key to max fizz is to seal your bottle right away and keep it ice cold.

Champagne Stopper

Sweet Soap Confections

This Christmas, surprise your sweety with luxurious bath products from Sweet Soap Confections. This dynamic duo of mother & daughter designs handmade soaps, bath bombs, candles, and more, all made in small batches in Florida. Their unique bath products make excellent gift ideas for a host so they can place the products all over their home.

The Coffee Vanilla Bean soap makes the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list. It’s a sweet mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, freshly-brewed coffee, sugar cane, tonka bean, strawberry, heliotrope, coconut, and frothed cream. The soap finishes with maple sugar and vanilla bean. The aroma of this refreshing soap bar will remind you of your favorite coffee shop.

If you love mermaids and the fresh scents of the ocean, the Mermaid Cupcake soap will remind you of the sandy beach and the ocean waves. This stunning cupcake soap has notes of daylily, sea spray, florals, and musk. The soap will transport you to the shores of the Caribbean every time you bathe!

Who doesn’t love the feel of cashmere? The fluffy Cashmere Pear Whipped Soap fragrance is a sophisticated blend of Anjou pear, sweet pea, Tahitian tiare flower, papaya, sugar cane, and white musk. Add a small scoop to your loofah or puff, and watch this luxurious whipped soap lather. Your bathroom will fill with a sweet aroma that leaves you feeling relaxed. These whipped soaps can be great gift ideas for a host who needs to relax after a big party!

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So this Christmas, wash away all the stress the holiday can bring with Sweet Soap Confections’ luxurious one-of-a-kind bath products. Their creative products make excellent gifts for friends & family, and yourself!

Coffee Vanilla Bean | Mermaid Cupcake | Cashmere Pear Whipped Soap
Sweet Soap Confections| Facebook | Instagram


20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host

Kasama Rum: Small Batch Rum will bring the sunshine spirit to the cold weather months. It is distilled from Noble sugarcane and aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels. With notes of pineapple and vanilla, it’s perfect for sipping. Kasama tastes great in your favorite mixed drinks like daiquiris, and mojitos, too. Kasama means “together” in Filipino. You will love sharing this delicious rum that is crafted in the Philippines with your friends and family.

Kasama Rum
Kasama | Facebook | Instagram

Laudemio Frescobaldi

Laudemio Frescobaldi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a pure, cold-pressed Tuscan olive oil, boasts a delicious Earthy herbal grassy flavor. The deep robust olive oil offers an intense bouquet with notes of arugula and artichokes. It even leaves a peppery bite on the palate. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday table to dip fresh-baked, warm bread and these oils are the perfect gift ideas for a host that loves to entertain. Drizzle Laudemio on your salads or finish your dish. Laudemio Frescobaldi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a terrific gift for the chef in your life. It comes in an elegant glass bottle that is a work of art itself.

Laudemio Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Laudemio Frescobaldi

With the holidays around the corner, this means it’s party season.  If you are confused about what to give the host,  don’t worry, as Daily Mom has you covered. There’s plenty to choose from, with endless fine wines, whiskey, gourmet olive oil, and dark roast coffee, this gift guide will impress your partygoers and hosts, so don’t settle for less.   


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20 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Host



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