3 Skull Makeup Looks to Try

If you’re looking for Halloween makeup inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We’re walking you through these 4 hauntingly beautiful skull makeup looks that you can rock this Halloween. Read on to find out how to recreate this look, how to make it last all night, and exactly what products to use.In this post, you’ll find 4 different skull looks that anyone can do this Halloween. There’s a jewel teeth skull using craft jewels, a rainbow skull for a vibrant look, a minimalistic Dia de los Muertos inspired skull look, and a glam pink and glitter skull look. Follow the steps to achieve these makeup looks, and watch the videos for the full tutorials in action.

Jewel Teeth Skull

Start by priming the face — this is the first step in ensuring your make up will last all night. The Veil Cosmetics Sunset Primer is a great option since it’s lightweight but super hydrating. Do your foundation as you usually would, but you can skip under eye concealer, highlighter & contour since you’ll be painting over those parts of your face.

For the eyes, any eyeshadow look will work. You can go classic with a smokey cat eye, or do a cut crease and add glitter for something more dramatic. Map out the eye sockets with a light gray eyeshadow before filling them in dark.

For a “cut crease” eye makeup look, use a light or silver shadow like the L’Oreal 24 hr Eyeshadow and apply that to just your lower lid. Use glitter glue right over the light shadow and apply whatever color glitter you prefer.

Add white face paint for the upper and lower jaws, following along the eye sockets up to the middle of your nose. Carve out your jawline using black paint, as well as painting a triangle on the nose and a rim around the eye sockets for added detail.

Be sure to set all the paint with powder to give it staying power. Fill in your eyebrows as you usually would, or go extra dark to complement the dark skull make up.

Apply liquid latex with a brush in small sections and add glitter to the upper part of the skull– use a holographic glitter for extra sparkle.

Apply tear-drop shaped jewels for teeth, one by one, using a dot of liquid latex where you want each one to stick. Take your time, making sure they are all straight and in alignment. Add winged liner and false lashes for a dramatic look. Finally, go back with black paint and put the final touches on your face — adding lines between the teeth for detail, and darkening anything that needs it.

View the full tutorial in action here:

Rainbow Skull

Start by priming your face with something hydrating. Apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would, skipping the highlight and contour.

Using pink eyeshadow, draw a line along your hairline from your eye down along the jawbone to the chin. Follow the natural contour of your cheekbone as well.

Using black face paint, trace the cheekbone line you made with the pink shadow.

For the eyes, use pink shadow in the upper crease out to the outer corner of the eye.`

Add definition to the outer V of the eye using purple eyeshadow and carry it into the crease.

Apply blue shadow on the lower lid for a cut crease look. Use silver shadow over top of the blue shadow to add dimension and brightness.

Add pink and purple shadow to the lower lash line to finish off the eyeshadow, then add a dramatic winged liner. Gel liner like the Maybelline Studio Gel Liner makes the job a breeze.

Add a rainbow effect over the lip and mouth area using bright shadows. The Morphe Glam Palette is perfect for the vibrant look with shades that easily blend out.

Using a blue eyeshadow, fill in your eyebrows.

Carve out the cheekbones using black face paint.

Draw lines for teeth, then draw a “Hershey’s kiss” shape to finish it off.

Apply glitter inside the teeth for a fun, glam effect. View the full tutorial in action here:

Minimalist Dia De Los Muertos Skull

Start by priming your face and doing your foundation, mixing a bit of white face paint with your foundation to make your skin more fair. Set everything with a powder.

Using black face paint, create a circle shape over your eye where your eye socket is and fill it in. Set it with black eyeshadow using a fluffy brush.

Use a flat brush with a rounded tip to create a scalloped edge around the eye socket.

Use red face paint and the handle of your brush to create circles in the scallops.

Apply red eyeshadow in a cat eye shape, then apply silver on the lower lid for a cut crease look. After you apply a wing, use your eyeliner to trace along the lower lash line for definition. Bring it down at the inner corner of your eye, leaving a bit of space at the tear duct for an interesting detail.

Use black face paint to draw a triangle shape on the nose with two points at the top. Add black eyeshadow where your lips part, creating a more intense look. Use the black paint and a small brush to extend your smile line before drawing lines for teeth. Contour the face with a gray eyeshadow in the hollows of your cheeks, along your hairline and along your jaw.

Use white paint to create a spider web on your forehead as a festive design. Cover the paint with glitter for even more detail.

For the full tutorial in action, check out this video:

No matter which makeup look you choose, you’ll be sure to turn heads this Halloween in any of these skull makeup looks. Don’t be afraid to take risks, get creative and go over-the-top. It’s Halloween, after all!

For more Halloween makeup inspiration, be sure to check out our post, “Not Your Mother’s Halloween Makeup.

Photo Credit: Kristen Love



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