Ultimate Guide of the Best Christmas Gifts for Your Posh Friends & Family

If you’re anything like us, you start panicking around mid-November when you realize Christmas is only a few weeks away and you still haven’t bought any gifts. This can be especially difficult if some of your friends or family members are a little bit posher than others. Well, worry no more and make sure your internet connection is stable and you have your favorite wine in hand…you’ve got some shopping to do!

Daily Mom has put together the ultimate guide, of the best Christmas gifts, for your posh friends and family. We’ll show you exactly where to go to make the recipients of your gift ooh and ahh (with tons of hugs included) over your thoughtfulness. And who knows, you’ll probably spoil yourself a bit too this Christmas *wink wink*.

Best Christmas Gifts for Your List of Posh Friends & Family

Sun Valley Saunas

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

When was the last time you just stopped? Stopped the busyness of life? When the heat is on, it’s usually a bad thing. But when you intentionally surround yourself with therapeutic heat...the heat and humidity from a sauna can create a deep sense of relaxation, which can be incredibly beneficial for mind and body alike. In addition, the calm environment of a sauna can be helpful for those who suffer from stress or anxiety.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

The best Christmas gifts are those that give gifts of health, spa-like relaxation, and thoughtful consideration this holiday. When you consider Sun Valley Saunas for your home or for a very special person in your life, you just became a step above. The gift of a sauna for Christmas is such a big-hearted way to show how much you care. Reserve 3 Person Near Zero EMF Far Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is the ultimate oasis in relaxation and health-induced benefits – a great holiday present, indeed.

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Infrared saunas provide a host of benefits when you are searching for the best Christmas gifts, including improved circulation, detoxification, and deep relaxation for you and your loved ones. Featuring a Himalayan salt bar and five infrared heaters, as well as Bluetooth stereo and chromotherapy lighting, the Golden Designs Reserve Edition Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas are brand new for 2022. The most popular model, the Reserve 3 Person Near Zero EMF Far Infrared Sauna, is perfect for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being in the comfort of their home.

The Reserve Edition Saunas use the latest in infrared technology to provide a wealth of health benefits. There are six different heaters providing full-spectrum infrared heat making this sauna ideal for anyone desiring to get a jumpstart on improving their health before their official New Year’s resolution is in full effect.

Remember when we mentioned a spa-like experience? The Himalayan salt bar provides a natural way to ionize the air, and the Bluetooth stereo allows you to listen to your favorite meditation music while you unwind. The chromotherapy lighting system creates a calming environment, within the entire sauna is the ideal environment with eco-friendly materials housing your sanctuary. If you didn’t know, Chromotherapy is a form of light therapy that uses different colors to treat various conditions.

  • Chromotherapy can be used to treat anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.
  • It can also be used to improve circulation and detoxification.
  • Chromotherapy is a safe and natural way to improve your health and well-being.
Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

There are nine different chromotherapy lights in this sauna. They each do different things for the body and skin. Some make you feel calm, some help you relax, and others help detoxify your body. The 9 different colors are blue, yellow, green, red, purple, pink, white, orange, and indigo. Each one has a special effect on the body.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Blue makes you feel calm. Yellow helps you relax. Green helps detoxify your body. Red makes you feel energetic. Purple improves your mood. Pink soothes your skin. White brightens your environment. Orange increases circulation. Indigo improves sleep quality. Based on your needs, set the lighting and mood as you see fit!

Most people are under the impression that they need to go to a spa in order to enjoy a sauna. However, because you are looking for the best Christmas gifts this year, this is not the case. You can purchase a sauna for your home and use it any time you please. Saunas provide a variety of conveniences in the comfort and security of your home. They are also a great way to decompress and practice self-care at a moment’s notice.

With a sauna at home this holiday season, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a spa without leaving your house; saving time on and money. Your loved ones will enjoy the many benefits of this infrared sauna without stepping foot into an expensive spa or committing to monthly or annual memberships for sauna uses (with other people).

Private, healthful, convenient, and necessary – Sun Valley Saunas has a vast array of saunas for every budget, need, and healthful desire you could want in a sauna. So take a deep breath, melt away the stress and relax…in a sauna!

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Reserve 3 Person Near Zero EMF Far Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

This Christmas give the ultimate gift of health and wellness with the Echelon 8-S Fitbike and the Fitpass membership! With New Years and all of its resolutions for health, wealth, and happiness, the fitbike and workout gear available from Echelon will make the perfect gift. Whether you are shopping for a fitness buff, a new mom who needs an easy way to work out at home, or even an older loved one who likes to stay active, Echelon has what you need to meet everyone’s needs with gifts that will be used and appreciated.

So much more than fitness bikes alone, with Echelon Fitness you can build up your home gym, even within a small footprint. With an Echelon Connect Bike as the core of your workout routine/home gym, and a Fitpass membership to tons of recorded and live classes your loved one can practice cardio, strength, yoga, stretching, and more right from home. They can create a full fitness routine right at home with Echelon!

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

For the ultimate gift, the Echelon ES-8s Connect Bike is the answer to all of your fitness buff’s at-home workout demands. This indoor fitness bike takes training to the next level, providing a low-impact full-body workout right at home. The Echelon ES-8s Connect Bike features:

  • 24” Curved HD Touchscreen Monitor
  • 180-degree Monitor Rotation for cross-training workouts in strength training, yoga, stretching, kickboxing, Pilates, abs, and more
  • 15 LED Light Colors in a Dual-Ring Design that indicate various workout metrics and motivate you as you ride
  • Bluetooth Resistance Controller displaying your resistance stats on screen
  • Easy to adjust motorized magnetic e-drive system with 32 resistance levels for the ultimate cardio workout
  • e-shock Low Impact Support to protect your knees and joints
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Dual weight racks behind the seat
  • Immersive speakers for an intense interactive experience, and the ability to connect to Bluetooth headphones so as not to disturb the family
  • Dual-sided pedals with adjustable toe cages on one side and cycling cleat clips on the other

For new moms, heading to the gym is no longer feasible or even desirable and with the Echelon EX-8s, she can get in the workouts she loves without the hassle of needing a sitter. Combine the Echelon ES-8s Connect Bike with Echelon’s line of strength and weight resistance training gear for a full body workout:

  • 5lb. Kettlebells, coated in vinyl for an easy and comfortable workout
  • 8lb. Slam Ball, ideal for sit-ups, and crunches, featuring a non-slip grip rubber shell
  • Non-Slip Yoga Mat
  • Multi-Level, Adjustable Resistance Cord
  • Mission x Cooling Towel
  • Flat Bands for Stretching and Resistance Training
  • Resistance Stretch Strap perfect for warm-ups, cool downs, and use with Fitpass Stretching and Yoga Classes
Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

No matter who you are shopping for this holiday season, there is no better gift than that of good health so this Christmas let Echelon be your one-stop shop for the ultimate gifting experience.

Echelon EX-8S Connect Bike | Echelon Fitpass Membership | Bumpboxx Flare 8 | Mission Cooling x Echelon Towel | Echelon Yoga Mat | Echelon 5lb. Kettlebell | Echelon 2lb. Dumbbell Weight Set | Echelon Bike Seat Gel Cover | Echelon 8lb. Slam Ball | Echelon Multi-Level Resistance Band 3-pack | Echelon Resistance Band Stretch Strap | Echelon Flat Bands 3-pack | Echelon Bike Shoe | Misson x Echelon Cooling Hat | Echelon 7″ Performance Shorts | Echelon Interlock Performance Jogger | Echelon French Terry Hoodie | Echelon High Waisted Multi-Panel Legging With Side Pocket | Echelon Cropped Legging With Mesh Panel
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Les Mills

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Some of the best Christmas gifts come in really heavy boxes. Though they may be heavy, it’s, functional, beneficial, and life-changing, hands-down. Just imagine, wouldn’t it be nice to have quality fitness equipment in your home while doing virtual workouts with some of the best trainers? Or do you have a fitness freak member in your family who would love an all-around set that meets all their needs?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes – you’d be thrilled to know about the Les Mills fitness collection we are about to tell you for this holiday – making it one of the best Christmas gifts this year! Get ready to take anyone’s (including your own) New Year’s Resolution to the next level.

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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Let’s start with Les Mills MBX Mat™ The two sides of this functional mat offer two different features. The anti-slip side in grey is ideal for more strenuous exercises that make you sweat and provide a firm hold. It’s also ideal for functional movements for targeted and isolated exercises. The red side, on the other hand, is intended more for unwinding, stretching, and releasing all of the tension in your muscles and negativity. Altogether, this mat is a win-win with its high quality and practical features.

Whether you want to gain muscles, tone them, lose body fat, or add to your body’s strength, this Smartbar™ & Weight Set is an excellent addition when shopping for the best Christmas gifts for you or a lucky loved one. It comes with three weights: 1, 2.5, and 5 kg, which you can use according to your preference and training. Moreover, its ergonomic handle makes it easier to lift weights, freehand, while allowing for a tighter grip, thus preventing it from slipping off and hurting yourself. The patented ‘gator’ teeth and release design cuts down on weight transitions between sets. Click and lift – easy and effective!  

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Now, to level up your fitness game and workout routine, adding Les Mill’s revolutionary Smart Step System™️ will be unrivaled. The Smart Step System is made of durable material, which guarantees maximum support during foot placement and cardio workouts. It’s the dual-purpose use of this revolutionary system that makes it unique and the ideal gift for your fitness enthusiast.

So rock out and sweat during time under pressure, or hit your maximum potential with strength-inducing movements. Furthermore, storing it is super simple and not space-consuming at all. You can dismantle the risers and deck and place them separately or stockpile them.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

The gift of health, strength, and endurance can’t be beaten with Les Mills and is considered one of our best Christmas gifts for 2022 (and beyond)!

Smart Step System™️ | Smartbar™ & Weight Set | MBX Mat™
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Finding a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft – a perfect balance between the two can be a bit of a pickle. If you are looking to grace a loved one with a new mattress this holiday season – you want one that supports, is ultra-comfortable, and does what it’s meant to do…provide the best sleep ever! When considering if this is one of the best Christmas gifts, for sure, the Element Pro Mattress has every feature you could possibly want in a mattress.

In contrast to traditional mattresses, which can be itchy, uncomfortable, and suffocatingly hot in the summer, Element Pro’s top layer features a functional perforated surface that regulates airflow, resulting in improved sleep throughout the night. Memory foam makes up the second layer of this revolutionary mattress, helping to properly disperse the weight of your body and provide a healthy and pleasant sleeping position. This is exactly what you want in a mattress and your loved one will thank you for it!

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You’ll be pleased to know that the solid base layer contributes to the mattress’ long lifespan; you only need to purchase this mattress once to last for the years ahead. In addition to that, the external finish of this mattress is exquisite; it not only looks good without any bedsheet but also feels out of this world. Overall, this mattress is a perfect bargain in terms of both price and quality, making it a must-have on your best Christmas gifts list to consider.

Now that your body is in heaven, let’s complete the ultimate gift package with some pillows! The width of Casper’s Down Pillow is excellent for your neck, shoulders, and back posture and sleep position. This pillow has the fluffiness and texture of a five-star hotel. Need we say more? Additionally, washing it is simple; all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine – boom!

If a loved one suffers from back pain from spending so much time at a desk or needs a better support system while lounging in bed, the Backrest Pillow from Casper is here to help. Whether you’re working, reading, playing a game, or using your phone, this ergonomic pillow keeps your back supported. Get sleep, lounge well, and dream peacefully with all that Casper has to offer this holiday season and add these gems to your list of best Christmas gifts for {fill in their name here}!

Element Pro Mattress | Casper Sleep Down Pillow | Casper Sleep Back Rest Pillow
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Christmas is not too far away (yikes!), which means spending unforgettable time and sharing intimate moments with your loved ones is just around the corner. Whether you grace your kitchen with exquisite cups of coffee or you wish to surprise a loved one with a gift of a lifetime of superior coffee, Spinn is the ultimate and one of the best Christmas gifts for a coffee connoisseur. Adding the spin coffee maker will make the celebration even more special and memorable – as drinks are the highlight of the get-togethers.

Spinn is the world’s most advanced coffee maker, designed for discerning coffee lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. From the sleek, minimalist design to the state-of-the-art brewing technology, Spinn is in a class of its own.

Spinn’s coffee maker can accommodate the preferences of a wide range of guests with its ability to make almost every type of coffee with a rich aroma and delectable taste. You can choose from a variety of premium coffee beans and have them freshly ground right before brewing the best cup of joe.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Since every great cup of coffee starts with fresh beans, Spinn has a built-in bean grinder so you can enjoy the freshest coffee possible. Just add your beans and let Spinn do the rest. The result is a cup of coffee that is rich and full-flavored, with none of the bitterness that can come from over-extraction.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

The best feature of this coffee maker, making the list of best Christmas gifts, is that once linked to its app; you can simply tap your phone’s screen to start brewing your favorite cup of coffee; it’s a coffee connoisseur’s dream machine. Spinn also gives you complete control over the brewing process, so you can customize your cup exactly to your liking. Whether you prefer a light and delicate espresso or a bold and robust cup of coffee, Spinn can do it all.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your coffee experience, step up to Spinn. It’s the ultimate coffeemaker for discerning coffee lovers who appreciate quality and convenience. Choose the ideal Spinn set that’s right for you – add in a frother, carafe, and travel mug for the ultimate coffee experience every single day in the comfort of your home!

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Let the spirit of the holidays comfort your soul as you love on friends and family this holiday season over… a cup of coffee like none other.

Get Spinn
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Are you shopping for a car for a new driver in your home? In addition to the car, you’ll also need car insurance. And of course, there’s the cost of gas and oil changes. Not too bad. Until your new driver runs over a nail. Then you have to shell out the money to fix the tire and those are expensive. Are the added expenses giving you a headache? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. Instead of getting your teenager a car, get them the GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter.

The GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter has a rechargeable battery. That means no oil changes or hefty bills at the gas station. The rechargeable battery is good for up to 45 miles on one charge. 45 miles! Your teenager will be able to ride this scooter to school, work, the library, and anywhere else you allow them to ride it. One of the many things we love the most about traveling on scooters is that there are no federal regulations regarding insurance. No insurance means no additional out-of-pocket expenses.

Say goodbye to speeding tickets! Sooner or later your responsible new driver is going to get their first speeding ticket. It happens to everyone. Speeding tickets are costly and going to court to fight it also costs money. The GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter can’t go any faster than 20 mph. That means your teenager will be kept safe from speeding tickets in school and construction zones.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

When the scooter isn’t in use, it can be easily folded and stored. If storage isn’t available, the GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter features both a digital lock and a combination lock to help keep it secured when it’s not being used. Now let’s talk about safety features. The GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter has an LED headlight and a rear braking light to provide maximum visibility during evening travels. In addition to these safety features, the LED Display lets the driver stay on top of battery life so they won’t run out of power while they’re en route.

GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

It may be winter but we are already thinking of warmer weather, pool parties, and fun in the sun. In order to enjoy your time in the water, you’ll want a clean and inviting swimming pool. The Cordless Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner from Rock Rocker is a lightweight, easy-to-use pool cleaner that makes a great ultimate gift for pool owners.

This pool cleaner is the most advanced cordless residential pool robot in the industry! With a 52.5ft / a minute movement speed, the HJ1103 can clean a pool up to 1076 sq. feet in 90 minutes. This cordless robotic pool cleaner will park near a pool wall when the battery is low or the cleaning operation is complete. It also comes with a floating handle, making it super easy to get it out of the water. Simply plug it into any 110v outlet to recharge for the next cleaning. The cordless automatic pool cleaner has a built-in fine reusable filter tray whose filtration to trap dirt and fine debris while also cleaning and circulating the water- leaving your pool sparkling clean.

For an all-around clean outdoor, include other Rock Rocker tools to your gift-giving list like the Cordless Electric Leaf Blower. This is a must-have tool that will keep your porch, yard, driveway, and pool deck free from leaves and debris all year long. With air speed that reaches up to 120mph and a 6-speed variable control, this blower is ergonomically designed for comfort and weighs just 2.73 lbs.

Cordless Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner | Cordless Electric Leaf Blower
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that’s both practical and thoughtful – Larq has some great products to add to the best Christmas gifts list that are sure to please. On our list of gift ideas is the LARQ Pitcher PureVis, which is in no way like your conventional water filter. It ensures the contaminants don’t seep through into your drinking water while nasty germs multiply during the lifespan of the filter.

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With its intelligent two-step filtration technology, the final result is light, fresh, pure water. Additionally, Pitcher PureVis’ long-lasting filter spares you from having to deal with the hassle of replacing it frequently. White is a great way to brighten up your kitchen decor, or deep blue is perfect for showing off the depth of your water’s purity!

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

For the on-the-go folks, start with Darkside Duo: LARQ Bottle PureVis™. It is expressively a good Christmas present for someone who loves spending time outdoors, as it will help them stay hydrated. It makes it one of the best Christmas gifts because the set comprises two magnificent black bottles with an extraordinary insulating feature that maintains the liquid temperature for hours. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce plastic waste.

Similarly, the LARQ Bottle Filtered is a standout innovative invention with a two-in-one feature; it filters the water apart from keeping the water temperature constant. Whoever you give it to will remember you every time they sip and be grateful for this wholesome gift because it allows you to get water from any source and purify it so it is fit for consumption. To ensure that your loved ones receive the benefits for a long with your gift, we recommend getting Bottle Filter for LARQ Bottle Filtered.

Pairing the bottles with LARQ’s Travel Sleeve will complete the set and make these the best Christmas gifts for hiking lovers. This travel sleeve snugly secures the bottle, and the leather strap functions as a handle in a way that makes it easy to carry. Larq is changing the water-filtration game by addressing some of the challenges that come with filtering water – especially within containers that typically favor bacteria growth.

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This holiday, give the gift of unmatched, pure water hydration that tastes clear and crisp from the first sip to the last!

LARQ Pitcher PureVis™ | Darkside Duo: LARQ Bottle PureVis™ | LARQ Bottle Filtered | Travel Sleeve | Bottle Filter | Shop All
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Aria Lattner

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Shopping for “those types” of friends and family is about as pleasant as running a mile in heels. But thanks to Aria Lattner, no running is necessary (heels are definitely a must, though!) because they have the best pieces of jewelry for gifting some of the best Christmas gifts this holiday – no matter who it’s for!

For the person in your life that is obsessed with the moon, the Cresent Necklace is perfect for them. This stunning necklace is a gold chain with either labradorite, rose quartz, amethyst, or lapis lazuli crescent moon. This stunning necklace is 18-inches with a 2-inch extender.

For the girl who loves a simple, yet stylish pair of earrings, these studs are a match made in the best Christmas gifts department for her! The Cresent Moon Studs are the perfect go-to. The bright 18k gold-plated sterling silver posts perfectly hold either natural freshwater pearl or turquoise. The struggle to find a beautiful, simple, and lovely gift for that aunt, mom, or mother-in-law is over with these earrings.

If you need something a bit more eye-catching and unique, the Longhorn Set is the perfect gift for the special lady in your life who loves jewelry and horns! Whether gold or silver, this sexy set is made with carved bone and 24k gold or sterling silver plating. Nothing else says “grab life by the horns” more than this bold set. 

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Aria Lattner knows that if you need a more delicate gift for the beautifully, simplistic person in your life, the Rainbow Moonstone Lariat is a dainty, yet stunning necklace. This piece can dress up any outfit without being gaudy or heavy. Choose between labradorite or moonstone as your gem and 18 or 24-inches for the necklace length. 

Nothing says classic like a pair of Pearl Stud Earrings. These stunning yet classically simple earrings are set in gold-filled sterling silver posts and the pearls are hand sorted for their size and luster.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

The perfect gift for your stone-loving, posh friend can be difficult but look no further than the Kylie Necklace. This stunning necklace has raw kyanite stone with 24k gold plating holding it in place. The 18k gold or sterling silver-plated satellite chain measures 18-inches with a 2-inch extender. Each necklace is unique in its own way, with different color patterns and shapes. 

Sweet and simple is always best when shopping for the best Christmas gifts for acquaintances this holiday season. The super cute Minimalist Studs (Druzy) are 18k gold-plated sterling silver posts with natural druzy stone. 

If the person you are shopping for has some of the best Christmas gifts already, yet, needs something else to complement their jewelry and loves simple, trendy fashion, then Aria Lattner’s Jumpsuit is the excellent go-to. This sustainable, soft, sexy, and second-best thing to nakedness is the ideal gift.


This Jumpsuit is made with organic bamboo and is handstitched in Austin, Texas. Thanks to the unique design of this piece of clothing, you can go braless without fear of a nip-slip, or, you can slip on your favorite bra to dress up or dress down the Aria Lattner Jumpsuit to suit the occasion.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Aria Lattner has a plethora of choices when it comes to finding the best Christmas gifts for those you love and want to spoil this holiday!

Cresent Necklace | Longhorn Set | Rainbow Moonstone LariatKylie Necklace | Cresent Moon Studs | Minimalist Studs (Druzy) |  Pearl Stud Earrings | Aria Lattner’s Jumpsuit
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and good food, no doubt, but what about the cookware you use to prepare all that food? Or…what about gifting the ultimate (and gorgeous) cookware set for your hosting friends; to ensure they have the right tools for the job? If not, consider gifting a new set of cookware designed specifically for holiday cooking, everyday cooking, and especially hosting! We absolutely cannot deny that this Viking Cookware set is one of the best Christmas gifts for your chef friends, a host, or even a housewarming gift this Christmas.

The Viking Copper Clad 4-Ply Contemporary 9-Piece Cookware Set is a culinary enthusiast’s dream set in every way. This cookware set is a modern masterpiece that is induction-ready and made of solid external premium copper. Its interior is stainless steel, making it easier to clean while guaranteeing chemical-free, safe cooking. Designed to last for years, the Viking Copper Contemporary is durable enough to cook on the stovetop and capable of finishing all kinds of dishes in the oven up to 600°F. The elegant design is what makes it suitable to bring to the table for serving directly out of the pan.

Plus, the Viking cookware set has all the pans and pots you could possibly need to make anything from a simple omelet to dumplings to mouth-watering roasts. Whether you’re steaming or braising, the set includes domed metal lids that help lock in flavor. As a result of the domed shape, condensation falls back into the pan, keeping your food moist while it cooks. The lid for the 8 Qt. is included to make the set even more functional. In addition to the stock pot, there is a lid for the 4.8 quart that fits on the 10-Inch Fry Pan as well. Fry pans can be used covered or uncovered with the Sauté Pan.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

To make this set even more appealing, the interior of the saucepan, sauté pan, and stock pot feature uber-convenient measurement markings – meaning, add your liquids directly to the pot and forgo a separate measuring cup. Moreover, the elegant aesthetic makes cooking in them a delightful experience for your posh friends who love to post Instagram-worthy cooking videos! Some of the best Christmas gifts stay in the kitchen, and rightly so!

Viking Copper Clad 4-Ply Contemporary 9-Piece Cookware set
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Arcade 1Up

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Ohhh, gamers unite! There is no way anyone born before 1985 should not include one or more of the best Christmas gifts by Arcade 1Up! Gift yourself something from the Arcade 1Up Collection and revive your childhood memories, gratify your inner child, and bring on the nostalgia. We also suggest you show the youngsters how it was done back in the day.

Whoever remembers the famed “Finish It” gravelly command to defeat your opponent with an action-packed blow, will swoon over having Mortal Kombat right in their home. Ditch the handheld devices, turn back the clock, and challenge each other for the ultimate high score bragging, kung-fu rights!

After all, how else are you going to get the kids to “play nice” together?!

If you’re a football fan, watch out, because the best Christmas gifts for the guys (and gals) just landed! Arcade 1Up’s newest release this holiday: the NFL Blitz Legend Arcade Game. It is football fans’ dream arcade game – with spectacular graphics, efficient controllers, and an impressive gaming experience.

Throw the winning pass, dodge, and spin through the defensive team while pouring your heart into playing this family-fun arcade game.

Arcade 1 Up is also offering exciting sales. For retro game collectors and enthusiasts with an old-timey flair –  bring in the fun with Killer Instinct™ Arcade Machine and The Simpsons™ Arcade Machine in an attractively affordable price range. These arcade machines are simple to put together, entertaining and include bonus games with top-notch animation that make you feel like a kid again – an experience that makes the best Christmas gifts.

Design your own setup at home with The Speakeasy Bundle, The Garage Setup Bundle, or The Fighting Gym Bundle, and have a blast with your school-time buds. Designate a corner of the playroom for the Arcade and bond with your kids and family members –  enjoy impressive arcade cabinets and pinball machines with exciting games. 

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Celebrate the Festival of Lights with the elegant and sleek Metal Bubble Menorah. The unique menorah made from solid aluminum and polished by hand reflects its surroundings as you light each candle during Hanukkah. The shiny aluminum spheres reflect the flickering flames and the colors of the room, so it shines differently depending on where you place it in your home.

Tchotchke blends art and beauty to create an elegant Judaica collection – fine collectible pieces when you are shopping for the best Christmas gifts for Hanukkah. The Metal Bubble Menorah is 8.75 by 2 by 2 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds. The elegant artwork will make the lights of Hanukkah shine even more brightly as you celebrate the tradition of lighting the candles each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. While not reflecting its surroundings, the Metal Bubble Menorah looks silvery and elegant.

Metal Bubble Menorah
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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family

Do your kids love carnival games? Do you hate going to carnivals? If so, we’re pleased to announce that Pop-A-Shot has the solution you’re looking for. This holiday season, get your family the Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot. It’s all the fun of the carnival in the privacy of your own home or backyard. On rainy days or bitter winter days, bring the Indoor/Outdoor Dual shot inside so your kids can stay busy and active. Bring it outside during warmer weather so your kids and friends from the neighborhood can enjoy it too.

The Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot is designed to survive inclement weather. It’s made with a UV-coated return ramp so you won’t have to worry about sun damage over time. The plexiglass backboard and water-resistant frame and electronics will survive summer wet weather. What does all of this mean? You won’t have to bring it inside in the middle of a rain storm. Its design also features powder-coated frame tubes that will resist rust.

Now let’s talk about the fun features. The Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot has 16 game modes. Never worry about keeping track of the score! Let the infrared scoring electronics help you figure out how many points you have. Seven basketballs and two hoops are included, ensuring that everyone will get a turn to play. For seasons when you want to bring the Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot inside, the wheels make it super easy to transfer it.

Bring your family together for fun inside and outside when you add the Indoor/outdoor Dual shot to your shopping cart. This is the perfect gift for Christmas because your family can use it all year long. What are you waiting for? Shop Pop-A-Shot and you’ll score big with your kids.

Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot
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Whether you have a bestie who is posh through and through or you want to make a statement and gather all of the best Christmas gifts you can find – what matters is the thoughtfulness and time together as a family. The best Christmas gifts aren’t always physical things, but when they are, they will surely mean so much to those you love. Happy holidays with your best friends and family!

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Ultimate Guide Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Posh Friends &Amp; Family



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