5 Cake for Kids Recipes to Bake & Enjoy Together

If you have been spending loads of time and energy desperately searching for new, educational, and enjoyable things to do with your children at home, you’re in good company. How about making a cake for kids anytime they say, I’m bored?. Baking something together, as a family, has so many benefits beyond enjoying the delicious finished product. Any time spent together fosters bonding and the sweet smell of a cake in the oven might always bring them back to those special moments with you.

5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together

Baking a cake for kids is also an excellent vehicle for children to practice many aspects of math and science. Correct measurements are incredibly important and cake recipes typically call for both dry and wet ingredients that sometimes require different tools and methods of measuring. Science wise, well, baking is entirely the science of how the ingredients interact with each other and with heat. 

By letting children get hands-on experience with the recipes, tools and ingredients, they can more easily understand the process. There is also an art to cakes, particularly when decorating, allowing kids to experiment with different styles, textures and designs and sprinkle in their own creative vision. Being a pivotal part of creating anything lends itself to an immense sense of pride in the finished product, too. It’s wonderful to see the smile on your kid’s face as they say “look what I made!” Here are five different recipes for cakes for kids, all with something different and special to offer. 

Simple White Cake 

Let’s start with the basics with this delicious Simple White Cake for kids that everyone, no matter their particular flavor preferences, should love! The best thing about this recipe is that it’s composed entirely of ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. This recipe is an excellent choice for practicing fractions for older kiddos and using measuring cups and spoons for younger ones.

5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together
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Healthy Banana Cake 

This Healthy Banana Cake recipe isn’t just great cake for kids to bake, it’s good for them too! This cake for kids includes ingredients like fresh banana and rolled oats. Younger kids will love helping you smash up the bananas and older children can be in-charge of pulsing the food processor. Witnessing all the good-for-you ingredients that go into making this delicious cake is a great way to prove fruits and grains are, in fact, delicious. This recipe is also gluten-free!

5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together

Magic Cake 

What could be more fun for kids than magic and cake?! The answer is, of course, a Magic Cake. What makes this cake magic? You mix all the ingredients and pour it into the pan just like any cake but, as it bakes, it separates itself into layers! It’s Cake! It’s Magic! It’s Science! You could have your child develop a hypothesis as to how the custard and cake layers form in the oven. This cake for kids also calls for a generous powdered-sugar top, which a kid of any age would be more than thrilled to provide.

5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake 

This might come as a shock… but some people just do not like cake. If that is the case for someone in your house, never fear, here is an excellent Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for kids recipe just for you. Cooke Cakes are automatically very cool because they take something that is typically a small, single serving and turn it into something giant and excellent for sharing! This recipe also includes instructions on how to make a simple, pipe-able buttercream frosting that kids can use to artistically decorate their cookie creation. When coloring the icing, you could ask your child color questions. For example, what two colors could they combine to get green, purple, or orange?

5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together
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Flourless Chocolate Cake  

The possibility of creating a rich, luscious chocolate cake with only three ingredients and no oven sounds too good to be true. Now, brace yourself, it is also gluten-free! While this cake leans toward more adult tastes with the slight bitterness of dark chocolate, it is an excellent option for kids with a gluten-free diet or just a more complex pallet. This recipe also offers lots of opportunities to practice cracking eggs, calling for over a half-dozen!

5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together
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Cake, most typically, is associated with a celebration but there is no need for a special occasion to celebrate all the unique benefits that baking a cake as a family has to offer. Tie on your apron and call your young humans to the kitchen to try one, or all, of these five cake recipes for kids today! It doesn’t matter what recipe you choose or how the cake turns out in the end. The quality time spent in the kitchen enjoying family, learning together, honing lifelong skills, and feeling pride in and enjoying the final product is the sweetest part.

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5 Cake For Kids Recipes To Bake & Enjoy Together

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