5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas for Health-Conscious Moms

If you’re a hippie, bohemian, or otherwise free spirit, you also might be the type of mom who understands the value of avoiding gluten while also eating natural and nutritious foods. There’s also a good chance you want your kids to understand the value of such a diet as well.

You can get them started on the path of natural living by packing them gluten-free lunches that satisfy their appetites and taste buds. Here are just a few examples that are recommended by Yumble – the healthy kids meal delivery service.

Apple Wraps

5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas For Health-Conscious Moms

This snack is a great way to provide your kids with nutrients they need, like calcium and protein, while keeping gluten off the menu. Just slice up some apples, top them with a slice of your child’s favorite gluten-free cheese, and wrap a slice of deli ham around the the apples and cheese. It’s an easy-to-prepare snack you may even find yourself reaching for from time to time.

Gluten-Free Kabobs

5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas For Health-Conscious Moms

This is another fun lunch that doesn’t take long to make and never needs to include gluten. Just grab kabob skewers and load them up with veggies, fruit slices, cheese, and meats. Your child will be getting all the beneficial (and delicious) ingredients of their favorite sandwich without any of the gluten. You might also want to pack some gluten-free dipping sauces or dressing to make it even more appealing.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas For Health-Conscious Moms

Being a hippie mom is often about finding unique alternatives to popular meals and snacks. This is just one example.

Kids can still enjoy wraps without having to consume bread. Just prepare a gluten-free chicken salad or shredded chicken recipe of your choosing, and serve it in lettuce leaves instead of traditional wheat wraps.

You don’t even need to pack these with chicken if you’d prefer not to. Plenty of gluten-free ingredients, from vegetables to tofu or beans, can be served wrapped in lettuce.

Veggie Sandwich

5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas For Health-Conscious Moms

Keeping your son or daughter gluten-free doesn’t have to involve avoiding bread entirely. You can simply purchase your child’s favorite gluten-free bread as an alternative.

Offer them a natural, organic meal by toasting the bread and loading it up with hummus, thin carrot slices, sprouts, sea salt, and pepper. You might also want to add pesto if your child likes it. Once more, this is the type of meal even moms will enjoy.

Gluten-Free Meatballs

5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas For Health-Conscious Moms

Lunch isn’t the only meal this snack is perfect for. It also makes a great addition to plenty of dinner meals as well. For this recipe, chop up two garlic cloves, one onion, and 12 slices of rindless, short-cut bacon. Heat up bacon fat in a frying pan, then add the bacon. After frying it for a few minutes, add the onion, and continue frying for a few more minutes. Add the garlic next, frying for one more minute, then add the entire mixture to a large bowl, along with two pounds of ground chicken or turkey.

Mold the mixture into balls and place them on baking sheets. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, then cook the meatballs for about 30 to 40 minutes. Who says meatballs need gluten to be delicious?

As always, feel free to experiment with these recipes on your own, substituting ingredients as you and your child see fit. Although you might assume it’s hard to encourage kids to go gluten-free, these meal and snack ideas prove it’s a lot easier than you think. The natural, health-conscious mom in you will be proud.

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5 Gluten-Free Kids Lunch Ideas For Health-Conscious Moms

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