Room Divider Bookcases: DIY Ideas For Optimizing Your Space At Home

Often times you need to make the most out of the space you have, without being able to add more space.  From a new baby to working from home, or needing space for the children’s homeschool area, and more, you may not have extra room for your needs and find yourself in a pinch on how to make it work.  Room divider bookcases can be a simple solution to your problem and can easily create the space you need with the space you have.  

How to Create The Space For Room Divider Bookcases

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When creating the space for room divider bookcases you must first know approximately how much space you think you need.  Move everything out of the space you intend to use and using painter’s tape, tape off the space you want to utilize.  Once taped off see if it can fit everything you want to put in it.  You can take it a step further and use sheets to section off the space to see how it feels.

It is important when creating this space that you take note of how wide the bookshelves that you will be using are as well.  If you have the room, feel free to use a wider bookshelf room divider.  However, if you are tight on space you should be cognizant of how much space the bookshelf will take up, this is where the painter’s tape comes in handy.  Room divider bookcases might take a bit of moving around in order to find the right spot and configuration for your needs.

You will also want to consider that if you plan on utilizing the bookshelf for books or other items that you will be wanting to have access to, make sure you create the space for that.   Give yourself enough room to move around and be able to access the room divider bookcases on both sides if needed.  

The main goal of room divider bookcases is to create a separate space and you will want to avoid dividing the room too much.   Instead of thinking of it in the sense that you are segmenting off a room, think of it as you are creating a nook within a room and that nook is now your new space to do with it as you need.  

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The Best Types of Room Divider Bookcases to Use 

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When looking for room divider bookcases focus on bookshelves that are sturdy and will look good either way.  If you have the space you can always consider putting two back-to-back to utilize the extra storage space on either side.  Even if you are unable to do this for the whole space you need, you could utilize the back-to-back bookshelves for part of the space.

In addition to room divider bookcases, you can also look into purchasing cubbies for your room divider.  Similar to bookshelves they come in various shapes and sizes, and often are more expansive than a typical bookshelf, so keep that in mind depending on the space you have to utilize.  Cubbies can provide more flexibility with storage for either side of the cubby and can create a different aesthetic look.

For a modern look, that is less closed off, if you don’t necessarily need the privacy you can opt for an acrylic bookshelf.  One that not only opens up the room but also looks posh and very modern.  A geometric bookshelf is the best of both worlds if you want to be able to utilize both sides of room divider bookcases as well as have it section off part of the room.  

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What to Put on Your Bookshelf 

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When looking to decorate your room divider bookcases look at it as not only a spot to decorate but as a spot to maximize storage.  Books are the obvious first choice for your bookshelf room divider but think outside of the box as well.  Display your record collection, work essentials, homeschool necessities, and anything else that might be useful in your space or something fun to lighten up the space.  

Use a couple of shelves to put your games, if you have young kids use the bottom shelves that they might be able to access to put items for them so they are able to occupy themselves with that instead of trying to get items out of their reach.  Display pictures, aways, children’s drawings, and anything else that makes you happy, and proud while setting the tone for the space.  

If you are using room divider bookcases you are most likely tight on space and need to maximize what you have.  This being said, use the bookshelf to your advantage, not only as a room divider but as an extension of the spaces.  Whether you have the bookshelves all facing inward, outwards, or a combination of both.  You can definitely use that space to your advantage.

Add plants, and small home decor items on top of your bookshelf to not only break up the sight lines but also add texture to an otherwise flat surface.  When decorating and figuring out what you want to put on your room divider bookcases, look on Pinterest for inspiration, and even go around your own home and see what you can repurpose in your new space.  Make it your own for what your needs and goals are.  

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Room divider bookcases are a way to not only section off a room and create a separate space within a room.  Also as a way to create more space to store items, and make a unique space just your own for your needs.  From a kid’s corner, work-from-home space, or quiet reading nook the possibilities are endless with room divider bookcases.  

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