5 Feng Shui Decor Elements to Inspire Harmony at Home

We could all use a bit more energy-balancing Feng Shui decor at home these days. With work and play, home and school (not to mention everything in between), our homes have transformed into multi-functioning, extremely hard-working spaces. Make your home work for you, and not the other way around, by infusing Feng Shui decor into your space.

“Proper Feng Shui is purposefully arranging the stuff around you to affect you positively,” says Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. It involves using the five elements, wood, earth, metal, fire and water to create balance in your home. “The way to use these elements is to place them in the appropriate area of the home and give intention that they work for your particular cause.”

Explore these five elements, and some of our favorite ways to infuse Feng Shui decor into your home, below.  


Wood Feng Shui Decor

The Wood element is best expressed in colors green and brown, rectangular shapes and beautiful healthy plants,” according to KnowFengShui.com. Incorporate some added greenery into your Feng Shui decor with our picks below.

Miulee Decorative Linen Throw Pillow Covers 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Wood

Between the cozy green fabric and the wood-look buttons, these throw pillows may help to bring in the woodsy element you’re seeking.

Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Hand-woven Jute Area Rug

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Wood

You won’t go wrong with a tan rug made from natural materials such as jute, Sisal, and sea grass.

Kreative Arts Extra Large Canvas Art Print Spring Forest 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Wood

Bring the forest home with this beautiful canvas. Bonus? It’s stretched over a real wood frame, too.

HUABEI Plant Terrarium Wooden Stand

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Wood

A beautiful and eye-catching terrarium–again, made with actual wood–will definitely up the impact of the wood element in your home.

POTEY Ceramic Planter Pots Set

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Wood

Though these are ceramic planters, they too have a wood-look and certainly bring nature into your space.

Fire Feng Shui Decor

The Fire element is best expressed in colors red, purple, orange, strong yellow, magenta and pink; triangular and star shapes and actual fire decor items,” advises KnowFengShui.com. See how you can infuse a little extra spark into your home with Feng Shui decor.

Shiyacraft Mosaic Oil Burner

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Fire

This mosaic oil burner will add a strong fire element, plus an extra pleasant ambiance–as well as the scent of your choosing–to your home.

FenchelShades.com Slant Height Fabric Drum Lampshade

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Fire

In need of some “strong yellow?” You got it. This Linen Curry lampshade will brighten up any space.

nuLOOM Tammara Hand-Braided Oval Rug

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Fire

Get fired up with the red, orange, yellow, pink and purple tones in this durable, yet stylish, braided rug.

Colsen Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Fire

This portable tabletop fireplace is fueled by smokeless, odorless, rubbing alcohol, so it can be used inside or outside. Always use with supervision, of course, and place a red trivet underneath for safety and some added Feng Shui decor.

R.W.FLAME Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Fire

Create real firepower with this electric fireplace. Complete with touchscreen and remote, 12 flame & LED flame bed color modes; 5 flame speed modes and 5 flame brightness levels, this will become the star of the room, when placed appropriately.

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Earth Feng Shui Decor

“Some of the best examples of bringing the energy of the Earth element are the use of color, crystals and stones, pottery, as well as images of earthy landscapes,” says KnowFengShui.com. Ground your space with these earthy Feng Shui decor options.

Sagebrook Home Ceramic Ribbed Cylinder Vase

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Earth

This beige ceramic vase will complement just about any style, and boost your earthy Feng Shui decor.

Safavieh Laguna Shag Collection

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Earth

This versatile rug will work beautifully in any room, in a variety of contemporary, transitional and modern settings. Its high 2-inch pile provides a cozy and plush feeling underfoot as well.

Cremon Yellow Flowers by Bob Rouse

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Earth

Flowers are one of our favorite earth elements. And talk about energy–this stunning print brings it.

MERNETTE Corduroy Soft Square Throw Pillow Covers

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Earth

Need to liven up your space with a little sunshine? Toss these soft, corduroy cushion covers on your favorite throw pillows for a quick much-needed boost.

Designart Little Yellow Seashore Large Flower Wall Artwork

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Earth

A happy landscape scene will do wonders for any drab space. Infuse some earthly energy by adding this bright print.

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Metal Feng Shui Decor

The Metal element can be expressed in colors white and gray, a variety of metallic finishes, in round shapes, as well as numerous decor items made from metal,” according to KnowFengShui.com. Snag some metal Feng Shui decor for added some clear, cooling energy.

Stonebriar Industrial Distressed Metal Photo Frame

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Metal

Double your heavy metal intentions with this metal frame with added rivets, just for fun.

Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Chic Flowers and Plants Can with Handle

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Metal

Need to add the metal element, but prefer a softer look? Try this farmhouse style planter for a more understated, but still metallic, vibe.

Creative Co-op Decorative Round Metal Compass Wall Décor

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Metal

Make a bold statement with this huge metal compass for your newly Feng Shui-ed wall decor.

GIGIZAZA Decorative Couch Pillow Covers 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Metal

Just need a hint of metal? That works, and these pillows with metallic strand do just the trick.

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Round Rug

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Metal

This Moroccan-inspired rug adds a little more chic to your space. The round shape and grey tones are a subtle nod to the metal Feng Shui decor element as well.

Water Feng Shui Decor

The Water element can be expressed in colors blue and black, in a variety of water features, in flowing shapes, images of water, mirrors,” states KnowFengShui.com. Freshen up your home with some flowing water Feng Shui decor.

YaSheng Art 3D Abstract Metallic Bead Light Blue Flowers Oil Painting on Canvas

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Water

This stunning and decorative canvas oil painting will make a statement in any room that is overdue for a water-inspired refresh.

Ocean Abstract Canvas Wall Art Prints Waves Seascape 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Water

It doesn’t get much more appropriate than adding an ocean abstract to your space, to supplement Feng Shui decor with water influences.

Home Dynamix Tribeca Slade Modern Area Rug

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Water

The swirling designs of this rug are not only calming and beautiful, but will create some much-needed flow in a stagnant space.

Kate and Laurel Travis Round Wood Wall Mirror

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Water

Mirrors are a hallmark of the water element also. It’s just a bonus that this one happens to be blue. It’s modern, versatile and will create added light and depth within your home.

COOSA Essential Oil Diffuser

Daily Mom Parent Portal Feng Shui Decor Water

The gentle bubbling water of this diffuser adds water to your space, quite literally. As a bonus, you can infuse your favorite essential oil into the air at the same time.

The five elements can be used within Feng Shui decor to strategically cure any imbalances in your home. As a bonus, they look great while doing so! So take some time to read up Feng Shui principles so you know the proper areas to place these elements, set your intention and, before long, you may even experience some of the life changes you are seeking.

Looking for more ideas to enhance the wood element in your home? Try these 25 Plant Gifts For The Nature Lover In Your Life.

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Photo credits: Unsplash.com

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