Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials for Designing The Best Children’s Bedroom

Are you facing challenges trying to design a fun and functional space for your child’s bedroom? Do you need to make the most out of a very small area? Is there an ideal way for parents to set up their kid’s bedrooms? If you’re looking for answers to any of these questions, we have a few ideas that might help and Maxtrix Kids has everything you need to get the job done.

Design Tips & Tricks for Kids’ Bedrooms

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

First, Home & Gardens recommends parents keep their child’s room similar to the rest of the house. If your home is Farmhouse Chic, try to keep their bedroom within that theme or something that will coordinate well with that theme. Second, Home & Gardens advises against decorating in the latest trends. Designing bedrooms can be expensive. Parents should figure out a setup that will age with their children over time.

Extra Space Storage recommends parents make use of vertical storage such as bookshelves to help control clutter. They also recommend for older children, using loft beds to maximize the amount of space in your child’s bedroom. Maxtrix Kids offers a ton of space-saving options available in timeless designs that will grow with your child from elementary school through middle school.

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Maxtrix Kids Twin High Corner Loft Beds

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom
Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

Bunk beds are great for providing extra floor space in a shared bedroom but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get even more floor space? Maxtrix Kids has just what parents need! The Twin High Corner Loft Bed is two twin-sized, loft beds in an L-shape.  These twin bunk beds are modular and separate into two individual loft beds for when the time comes to put each child into their own room; they also easily configure into a lower L-shape bedroom set up for toddlers that can be raised to the high loft for older children or tweens.

With 52.5” of space beneath the beds, you’ll be able to maximize their floor space, giving them plenty of room to play or do homework. Can your old bunk bed do that?

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

The Twin High Corner Loft Bed also features two ladders on both ends of the loft beds so your kids won’t have to crawl over each other in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. In the name of all things space-saving, both ladders are straight and sit flush against the beds, giving the kids extra floor space and reducing the likelihood of stubbed toes.

Available in three different finishes: Natural, White, and Chestnut, we love the natural finish because of its versatility and fit with the rest of our room. Pick whichever finish is right for your home and try to either blend your furniture with your surroundings or go bold, contrasting your wood finish with your other household colors.

Maxtrix Kids Corner Desk

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

Are you thinking about buying a desk for your child? Do you wonder if they’re too young? A lot of parents ask similar questions and there’s quite a bit of research available on the topic. An article written by Gymboree supports giving children a desk because it helps foster independence and might motivate them to spend more time reading or reviewing work they learned at school. As for what age to get a child a desk, the article only mentioned sooner rather than later. But Gymboree did caution parents to think about where their children feel more comfortable doing school work. If your child doesn’t like to be alone in their room, purchasing a desk for their room might need to wait.

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

For children who are ready to spend more quiet time in their bedroom, add the Corner Desk by Maxtrix Kids to your shopping cart. The masterminds at Maxtrix Kids left nothing to fate when they created the Twin High Corner Loft. The Corner Desk was designed to fit underneath this loft bed. The desk attaches to the frame and its sturdy construction is perfect for long study sessions. Whether your kids use it for homework or assembling their favorite building blocks, you won’t regret getting this Corner Desk.

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Maxtrix Kids 6-Drawer Dresser

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

Cedar Hill Farmhouse lists dressers as one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can invest in. Because they sit lower on the ground they can be placed just about anywhere in the house, especially in bedrooms! Dressers are the perfect piece of furniture to place in rooms for children as young as infants. They are the perfect height for using the top of the dresser as a changing table, eliminating the need for parents to buy a separate changing table they’ll have to get rid of in a few short years.

DecorTips loves dressers that sit low on the ground because small children learning how to walk will have something to hold onto while they’re taking their first steps. For older children, the dressers are ideal because of the extra storage they offer for clothes. And the top surface can be used for holding books or toys.

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or an older child, Maxtrix Kids has exactly what you need. Check out their 6-Drawer Dresser. It’s just shy of 32” in height, making it the perfect height for younger children. They won’t have to use a stool or stand on their tippy-toes to reach the top drawer. It’s also available in the same finishes as the Twin High Corner Loft Bed and the Corner Desk, so the bedroom will have a cohesive look. It was designed to fit underneath loft beds but it will also work as a stand-alone piece.

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Maxtrix Kids 5-Shelf Bookcase

Bookcases are another versatile piece of furniture for your home and your child’s bedroom. They can be used for books, stuffed animals, and artwork. Maxtrix Kids has a 5-Shelf Bookcase that was designed specifically to go underneath one of their high loft beds, like the Twin High Corner Loft Bed. The bookshelf is 51.75” high and has shelves that are 13” deep. Save space by putting it underneath the loft bed or leave it as a stand-alone. Bookshelves are the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom because no matter how old your child is, they will never outgrow needing a bookshelf.

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom
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Maxtrix Kids Tray & Beverage Holder

Bedtime is an event which most parents have a love-hate relationship with. They love the idea of some evening quiet time, they dread the never-ending trips to the bathroom, requests for fifteen bedtime stories, and of course, drinks of water that lead to more trips to the bathroom.

Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom

Maxtrix Kids can’t help with most of these but when it comes to glasses of water, they do have something for kids who sleep on the Twin High Corner Loft Bed. Get the Tray & Beverage Holder and save yourself multiple trips into their bedroom. The Tray & Beverage Holder attaches to the guardrail and can be used for drinks, books, nightlights, favorite toys, and more.

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Maxtrix Kids has a long history of crafting amazing furniture pieces for your children! Offering both high quality and variety, they have something for every age, from pre-school to junior high. Give your kids a piece of independence by creating an amazing space for them to work or play when you design your children’s bedrooms with Maxtrix Kids.

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Maxtrix Kids: 5 Awesome Essentials For Designing The Best Children’S Bedroom
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