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With the winter holidays here, most of us are starting to dread the travel rush, the eternal dilemma of what to pack, the hours spent in cars or airports, the sheer exhaustion that shows on our faces when we finally arrive at the destination and, of course, the challenge of travelling comfortably but in style. Today we would like to present to you a few tips on how to travel light and comfortably without sacrificing style.

Rule #1: Invest in quality pieces

If you’re a frequent traveler or one that takes trips home for every holiday, it is important to have a collection of travelwear and luggage that will last you for years. It is much harder to be replacing suitcase after suitcase, or  worse, finding out that your luggage is unsuitable for travel. For chic looking quality luggage, check out Garnet Hill’s collection of expandable rolling luggage, which is small enough to use as a cute carry on. This girly Vines and Berries patterned suitcase spells style and convenience inside and out. Water resistant coated canvas with a matte finish on the outside gives the carry-on a like-new feel and polka dot olive green lining inside with plenty of pockets for everything from underwear to shoes represent quality luggage at its finest.

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Rule #2: Find good travel shoes

Leather boots that can stand up to frequent travelling and crowds are an essential piece of your travel wardrobe. They can put together an outfit and make it look just a little cuter, cozier and travel appropriate. These Garnet Hill boots have a low heel that’s perfect for travelling in style, because it elongates your legs, while keeping your feet comfortable. High quality of the leather is apparent when it comes to both its looks and fit. They have an adjustable buckle that comes in handy, when sitting for long periods of time as it allows you to loosen up the calf for more comfortable feel.

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Rule #3: Pack smart and Wear your bulkiest items

  • That means that  the heavy warm cardigan, those jeans and boots should go on and everything else ends up  in your suitcase.
  • Remember to stuff your shoes with socks and other small items to save some space.
  • Rolling clothes rather than folding helps avoid wrinkles and saves space in the luggage.
  • Don’t forget to utilize those outer pockets as they are perfect for shoes and accessories, like belts and scarfs.

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Rule #4: Layer Up

Layers are important while travelling, because temperatures might change drastically inside and out. Using a thick open Sparkle Cardigan like the one pictured below from Garnet Hill will mean that you can adjust to the changing temperatures from cold to warm to hot by bundling up, opening the front or taking it off completely. The sparkle all over the cardigan adds holiday shine and dresses up any outfit to feel more festive, as well as ensures that you still look presentable, if you don’t have time to change when you get in.

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Rule #5: Be prepared to go from the airport to a party

Another important lesson about holiday style is, with frequent flight delays, you might very well have to literally step off the plane and into a holiday party wearing the same outfit you traveled in. Make sure that you look appropriate by wearing a loose sequined top, like the knit top by Garnet Hill, with your jeans and packing a pair of flats or heels to swap when you arrive. The top will dress up your jeans enough to wear it to a holiday party but won’t look travel-inappropriate under an equally festive but comfortable cardigan.

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Rule #6: Skip foundation, accentuate the eyes

If you’d like to arrive fresh looking and rested to your destination, follow these simple rules. Don’t apply concealer or foundation because it is likely to wear off and cake during travel. Instead keep your face well moisturized and clean and focus on the eyes. By applying heavier eye make up than usual, you will ensure that by the time that you step off that plan, you still have some eye make up on, perfectly toned down by travel. Minutes before arriving to your destination, apply light foundation, bronzer, lip balm and freshen up mascara to finish up the look.

Rule #7: Remember the right accessories

Bring a clutch with you so that you could have all your necessities like make up, breath freshener (try WOW packets), floss, wallet, hand and face creams (we love beDelectable hand creams) and your phone ready and easily accessible. At the security check points rather than rummage through your bottomless bag, you can effortlessly unzip a pocket of your clutch, like the Annalisa leather clutch we are featuring here by Garnet Hill, and pull out just the item needed. Plenty of zip up pockets of the Annalisa clutch will make it easy to find just the right item while looking stylish and chic.

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A scarf can be a life saver while traveling because it can double as many things. Adding a scarf instantly changes the look of an outfit so you don’t have to pack as much. It can double as a blanket on those cold long plane rides. A cute cashmere scarf by Garnet Hill will not only last many years providing warmth and comfort but will look gorgeous on almost any outfit.

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Packing the right belt is just as important as it can make an outfit casual or dressy in an instant. This leather Eloise belt by Garnet Hill can be worn several ways so you only need to pack one. You can wear it at waist height or slouchy low, you can showcase the round belt loop or turn it a bit to feature the buckle.

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Rule #8: Add a punch

Skip jewelry and instead add a punch of color or sparkle in your clothing. Jewelry will only hinder and slow down your travel at security check points while making you uncomfortable and opening the possibility of loss. Bright jeans with winter/fall or trendy colors like burgundy or coral will draw attention to any outfit. We absolutely adore these Slim Stretch  Jeans in Lilac Mist and Rhododendron, as well as the warmer coral you see here. These mid-rise jeans are comfy and will stand up to a lot of wear. Skinny but not too skinny, it will last well past when all your other jeans have all faded and gone out of style.

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Rule #9: Grab a set of comfy PJs

When you’re in a cold, impersonal hotel room, there is nothing better than a set of cute thermals or flannel pajamas for you and your man. Remember to pack your favorite PJs.

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This holiday season treat yourself to the softest thermal long johns we have been able to find: Garnet Hill Modern Long Johns. Other PJs will pale in comparison when you put on this set. Forget scratchy thermal PJs, this is what women’s pajamas are supposed to be like. For a flannel alternative, check out the Signature Flannel PJs, currently on sale.

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For your favorite guy, pack the manly looking Heather Grey Flannel Pajamas or a fun skiers pattern sleep pant that will also make a great gift this season. The soft flannel looks great on any guy and will become his favorite lounge and sleep wear.


Rule #10: Relax and Breathe

There is nothing more attractive than a confident relaxed person. Breathing deeply while travelling also helps you stays healthy and keep holiday germs away by activating your immune system. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable, warm, safe and on time – everything else is not essential. The pieces by Garnet Hill we recommended in this article will help you take care of the first two, the latter two are up to you. Safe Travels!


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All the clothing pieces in this article are courtesy of Garnet Hill.


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