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Welcome to the Daily Mom Guide to Pregnancy!

Whether you are looking to become pregnant or are already in your first, second, or third trimester, the Daily Mom Guide to Pregnancy is the place to go for any information that you need throughout this wonderful time. You may have questions about what you are going through. You may need help with research regarding difficult decisions. Daily Mom is here to provide you with the answers you need. Congratulations during this wonderful time!

Hot Topics

Pregnancy has its ups and downs. It also has very controversial topics! Check out some topics that might be on your mind throughout these (sometimes long) 10 months.

Maternity Leave vs.
Me-ternity Leave
Zika Virus:
What you need to know
Cord Blood Banking:
The Facts
What You Should Know
about Prenatal Depression
Making the Most of Your
Pregnancy Time Frame
18 Ways to Announce
Your Pregnancy
15 Things to Never Say or Ask
a Pregnant Woman

The First Trimester

Finding out you are pregnant can bring on many questions and concerns. In this section, you will find some very important information about your first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Tips for Surviving
the 1st Trimester
Tracking your Pregnancy
5 Great Apps for Pregnancy
and Postpartum
5 Ways You can Help
Decrease Morning Sickness
5 Unspoken Truths
about Pregnancy
Must-Haves for a
Comfortable Pregnancy
Prenatal Genetic Screening:
Is it for you?
10 Best Books to Read
While Pregnant
5 Books that will have you
Laughing through Pregnancy

The Second and Third Trimester

You are well into your pregnancy and wondering what this new baby will be like. Will she have Mom’s eyes or Dad’s smile? While you are imagining these amazing things, remember that there are still things to do. Will you find out if it is boy or a girl? What do you need to pack for the hospital? Plan ahead and you will be so much more calm on the day that your baby boy or girl arrives!

Ultrasound Gender:
To See or Not to See?
Are You Prepared? Top 3
Natural Childbirth Classes
Tips for Optimal
Fetal Positioning
Nesting With Flair
7 Items to Consider for your
Hospital Bag
Things to do 
Before Baby Arrives
20 Ways to Pass the Time
Before your Due Date
9 Things to do After You’re Due

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

You bought all the books and took all the classes about having a baby. Don’t forget that you are just as important as this baby. Make sure you are eating the right foods, taking the correct vitamins, and making time to exercise!

10 Pregnancy Super FoodsPregnancy Safe Fitness
Relaxing Remedies for your
Pregnant Body
7 Ways to get a Restful Night
during Pregnancy
Congestion Relief for Expecting
and Breastfeeding Moms
5 Pregnancy-Safe Teas
for the Tea Lover
Your Vitamins: ExplainedFairhaven Health
Pregnancy Products
Toxoplasmosis & PregnancyTattoos & Pregnancy: Is it Safe?
Boppy Bloom: New Skincare for
Expecting & Nursing Moms

What to Wear

Maternity clothes have come a long way in the last decade. There are so many fashionable and fun things to wear to cover your bump! If you are all set with clothes during your pregnancy, think about nursing bras and what to wear after baby is here.

How to Choose the Right &
Comfortable Maternity Bra
The 411 on Maternity & Nursing Bras
 Maternity Wear
Pink Blush MaternityMelody Lane:
For Every Stage of Womanhood
Transitional Clothing for Mother-
hood by Pinkblush Maternity
Queen Mum Chic Fashion:
From Pregnancy to Nursing
Essentials for a Beautiful BumpMaternity Fashion Guide
Holidays and Special Occasions
4 Sources for Maternity Wedding
Guest Attire
Halloween Costume Ideas to
Dress your Bump!
Slumber in Style!
Belabumbum Nursing Pajamas
Embrace your Belly with Maternity
Swimwear from Ingrid & Isabel
Nursing Moms
Introducing Melody Lane:
Fashion Meets Life
Breastfeeding in Style with
Ripe Maternity
Everyday Nursing Styles with Nom
by Belly Dance Maternity
Fashionable & Functional:
Nursing Tops by Milkstars

Photographing Your Pregnancy & Birth

You may feel like a photograph is the last thing you want, or you may be excited to show off your cute bump! Find out ways to pose and how to remember this special time with our photography section.

 Photographing your PregnancyPosing Guide:
Pregnancy Edition
 Myths about Birth Photography

Preparing for Your Baby

It may feel exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming when you think about everything you need to do to prepare for having a baby. From bonding with your baby before birth to decorating the nursery, we have articles that will help you make these important decisions.

4 Ways to Bond with Baby
before Birth
 5 Early Gender
Prediction Methods
Boy or Girl? Old Wives’ Tales10 Fun Ways to Reveal your
Baby’s Gender
The Perfect Babymoon
to the Southwest
Nursery: Save or Splurge
How to Personalize a Nursery
while Renting

Buying for Baby

Baby showers, blessingways, registries, oh my! Now we are getting to the fun part of pregnancy. You probably have a ton of people asking what you want for the baby. Well, we are here to help you find some great items to buy for your baby.

Not your Mama’s Baby Registry Best Items for your
Baby Registry
What I Wish was on my
Baby Registry
 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts
Creating a Registry for Baby #2 6 Essentials when Expecting
a Summer Baby
The Blessingway:
Celebrate Mom Before the Birth

Preparing Your Family

You already have one love of your life. Now, the second is going to be coming into the picture. How do you prepare your other child, your family, and even yourself? Find out ways to make this transition easier.

10 Books to Prepare your Child
for a Sibling
How to Prepare your Child
for a Sibling
Introducing your Dog
to the New Baby 
Special Gifts to & from Baby
10 Ways to Prepare
for Two under Two 

Labor and Delivery

It is time. You have all the books read, the nursery is prepared, the baby essentials are bought – you have been waiting for this moment for 10 long months. It is finally here. You are ready to bring your baby into this world. Find out the things that you can expect in that exact moment and the moments that follow. Do you have a birth plan? Do you know what you want in a hospital? What should you bring with you? There are so many things that you will want to know before that first contraction!

How to Write an Effective
Birth (and Baby) Plan
 Adjusting for Labor: Prenatal
Chiropractic Care
Books to Prepare & Give you
Confidence for Labor
 14 Essentials for a Positive
Labor & Delivery Experience
Is your Hospital Baby-Friendly? Hospital Bag Necessities
 Benefits of Natural Childbirth Conquering a Fear of Childbirth
 Natural Childbirth:
Coping with Contractions
 Natural Childbirth: Your In-Hospital
Options & Things to Consider
5 Things you didn’t know
about your Water Breaking
 Preparing for a C-Section
 Preparing for a Repeat C-Section10 Reasons to Consider having
a Doula at your Next Birth


You may have heard things from other mothers before. This section looks at real-life parents that are in the spotlight. Find out that they have the same fears and joys!

How Olympians
Handle Parenthood
40 Weeks:
A Must-See Documentary

We at Daily Mom are so excited to help you along this amazing journey. Congratulations on your time of trying to conceive or your actual pregnancy. It is an incredible time in your life, so enjoy it!



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