Must-Haves For A Comfortable Pregnancy

Must-Haves For A Comfortable Pregnancy 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
Pregnancy is a magical time. Your body goes through a great number of amazing changes to grow a new human being. But many of these changes can be uncomfortable. Check out our round-up below of must-haves to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout your nine months.

A Great Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy_Comforts_Sealy_Maternity_PillowOnce your bump becomes noticeable, you’ll likely need to adjust the way you sleep at night. This can be particularly hard on stomach-sleepers. That’s why we recommend investing in a great maternity pillow. Not only can you use these pillows during pregnancy, but they come in handy post-partum as well, for nursing. The Sealy Sweet Pea 2-in-1 pillow is designed for both these purposes exactly. A maternity pillow like this Sweet Pea allows your body to be comfortable and properly supported during what could otherwise be interrupted, disturbed slumber. The soft-woven microfiber supports all shapes and sizes and will be the perfect addition to your nighttime routine post-partum when snuggling with your newborn.

When you’ll need it: As soon as sleeping begins to become uncomfortable, which can begin as soon as your belly starts to show. But most find sleep to be the most difficult in the third trimester.

A Versatile Pair of Maternity Jeans

Pregnancy_Comforts_Boob_Maternity_JeansYou’ll find that you can get a lot of mileage out of a single pair of comfortable, quality, and stylish pair of maternity jeans. Leave dresses and skirts for special occasions only and invest in a pair of maternity jeans featuring an elastic panel at the waistband. Once you switch from using a rubber band to fasten your pants to the comfort of maternity jeans, you’ll never want to turn back! You can also expect to wear your maternity clothes for a bit after you give birth and with a newborn to tend to, comfort will be essential. We love Boob Design’s stretch jeans which feature a panel of jersey that pulls over your belly and stretch leggings for extra comfort.

When you’ll need them: Most likely by mid-2nd trimester.

A Good Lotion

Pregnancy_Comforts_Fairhaven_LotionYou may find that as your belly and breasts begin to grow your skin becomes itchy. Sometimes even the palms of your hands and bottom of your feet can begin to itch, which may be due to changes in hormone levels. A good, natural body lotion, like Mama Mio Tummy Oil that’s unscented or naturally scented can help keep itchiness at bay. You can also make your own lotion out of simple ingredients or try an at-home oatmeal treatment. If your skin is really in need of soothing, try chilling your lotion in the fridge before applying.

When you’ll need it: Second or third trimesters as your skin stretches.

Comfy Footwear

Pregnancy_Comforts_Nike_FlipflopYour feet and arches can take a beating as you add extra weight, so a comfortable pair of shoes is something to splurge on. Look for shoes with good arch support, especially if you must be on your feet frequently. Once your belly makes it hard to bend and reach your feet, you won’t feel like struggling to buckle straps, so shoes that easily slip on and off will be a lifesaver. Your feet may also swell and widen as your ligaments loosen, so when picking out new shoes opt for ones on the wider side and possibly a size larger than your normal size. Memory foam flip-flops are a great choice for running errands and working around the house. For slightly more formal occasions, loafers are a comfy choice that can be dressed up easily.

When you’ll need some: In your third trimester.

A Good Book

Staying comfortable isn’t limited to just the physical. You want to take care of your mind as well and that means lots of rest and relaxation as your body works hard at taking care of your baby. So while the nesting instinct may be urging you to re-paint every room in the house, be sure to schedule in downtime to relax. Pregnancy is a good time to catch up on reading and learn about labor, infant care, and parenting. Check out our list of 10 great books to read while pregnant. When you’re in the mood for something light, check out Books That Will Keep You Laughing Through Pregnancy. For inspiration, also check out Mommy Bloggers Turned Authors for some great recommendations.

When You’ll Need It: Anytime!

Must-Haves For A Comfortable Pregnancy 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If there’s ever a time to indulge your body, pregnancy is the time! Check out ideas for Relaxing Remedies For Your Pregnant Body.



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