25 Of The Best Newborn Essentials That Every Parent Needs

As a new parent, you want to ensure your sweet little bundle of joy has everything they need. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the right newborn essentials with many products on the market. That’s why we at Daily Mom have made it our mission to introduce you to the best and most innovative newborn essentials. This guide has everything from diapers and super comfy baby carriers to baby soap, breast pumps, and stylish diaper bags. Whether you are a new mom shopping for the best newborn essentials to add to your baby shower registry or a veteran mama shopping for your newest addition, we have got what you need to make life with your little one safe, secure and comfy, cozy for less stress and plenty of snuggles during these newborn moments.

Must-Have Newborn Essentials


When it comes to baby products, few companies have the same level of expertise that Chicco does! They have 60 years of experience providing products that parents trust in more than 120 countries across the world. Chicco is committed to sustainability and families, and they even have a Research Center in Italy that partners with pediatricians, midwives, ergonomists, doulas, parents, and babies to better prepare themselves to make products that are safe, helpful, and fun for little ones.

First, take a look at the OneFit ClearTex All-in-One Car Seat. This all-in-one seat offers plenty of room for baby to grow, with the widest range of height adjustments and an easy-adjust headrest system. There is even a removable head and body support insert for newborns! This seat is designed to be slim and save space, comes with a cupholder, and is made out of materials that meet all regulations. With two layers of protection and a steel-reinforced frame and EPS energy-absorbing foam, your baby will be incredibly safe. It also has top-rated installation features and a five-point harness. Plus, you can choose from a variety of color options!

Now up is the NextFit Max ClearTex Extended-Use Convertible Car Seat. This car seat shines in a rear-facing setup, offering more legroom to allow children to stay rear-facing longer. Materials in this seat include no added chemicals, and the seat shell is reinforced with a steel frame for superior impact protection. It features a cupholder and a machine-washable seat pad. This seat is also designed to be incredibly easy to install, and it also comes in a variety of colors.

The Walky Talky Baby Walker is a unique mobile tool for your little one! This is the first multi-lingual walker, and it uses English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Baby will learn the alphabet and colors with lights and music. The play tray is removable, the padded seat is washable, and there are three height adjustments. It even has brake pads to keep your little one from joining the racing circuit! Parents also love the color options and the compact folding action for easy storage and transportation.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Chicco Highchair 8

The Polly Progress Relax 5-in-1 Highchair is also a great addition to your home! This is a great chair to use long-term – it transforms from a newborn recliner to a toddler booster, to a big kid booster, and then to a youth stool. In fact, it can even accommodate two children at once: one in the booster and one in the stool! With premium fabrics, fun add-ons, a wipeable seat pad, a five-point harness, a removable tray, a zip-off extension panel, fold-away armrests, eight height positions, and four recline positions, this is the ideal investment for all parents.

Chicco offers FAQs for parents on their websites, including everything from installation tips to comparison sheets, care instructions, and product manuals. You can trust Chicco to find the right products for you.

OneFit ClearTex All-in-One Car Seat – Slate | NextFit Max ClearTex Extended-Use Convertible Car Seat – Reef | Walky Talky Baby Walker – Flora | Polly Progress Relax 5-in-1 Highchair – Springhill
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Newborn Essentials

All the new Moms returning to work after the holidays have a lot going on! Getting back to work after being a new Mom is no less than being a superhero. Getting Mom’s milk pumped out and storing it can be a bit of a hassle with large tote bags, various accessories, and unknown storage options. But what if we told you we have an all-in-one solution for this – a hospital-grade gift kind of solution!? We are talking about none other than The Pump by Babyation.

This pump’s cutting-edge suction technology effortlessly and quietly pumps milk out with minimal motor noise – making your pumping session inconspicuous and pleasant. The Tubes are the heart of the patented vacuum-boost technology. Having milk flow through them creates the most discreet on-body experience while maximizing comfort and milk expression.

The tubes are made of a soft, flexible material that is comfortable to wear and ensures a gentle yet effective milk expression experience. Additionally, the unique shape of the tubes allows for a more natural milk flow, which helps to reduce discomfort and improve overall milk yield.

And since they are partnering with industry-leading TerraCycle® on a recycling program for The Tubes – nothing is wasted! Be sure to use the accompanying breast shields for ultimate comfort while pumping. They are designed to be discrete, gentle, flexible, and comfy all at the same time.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Newborn Essentials

Once done, the interior cooler allows you to store ready milk for your baby and keep it fresh until you get home. Not only that, but the entire Pump is lightweight and conveniently portable, allowing you to pump and store nutrient-rich milk for your baby wherever you go.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Newborn Essentials

Get the most thoughtful and ideal newborn essentials for new Moms from Babyation!

The Pump | The Tubes
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Delta Children

Daily Mom Parents Portal Delta 8

For over 50 years, Delta Children has dedicated time and effort to developing high-quality children’s furniture that meets or exceeds safety standards. Every item sold by Delta Children is chemical-free and non-toxic. While your baby is sleeping at night, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe inside a Delta crib. If you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is, check out these must-have furniture pieces for the nursery.

Cribs are expensive furniture that in many cases will only be used for a year. Delta Children understands the investment parents make. That’s why many of their cribs are convertible, guaranteeing children and families will get the maximum amount of use out of them. If you’re looking for a crib but need something for a smaller space, add the Essex Convertible Mini Baby Crib to your shopping cart. This crib is Greenguard Gold Certified. That means it meets or exceeds some of the strictest chemical emission standards. You’ll never have to worry about what your baby is exposed to while sleeping.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Delta 9
Daily Mom Parents Portal Delta 22 1

The Essex Convertible Mini Baby Crib includes a 2.75″ mattress. We love that the mattress is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. As your baby grows, the height of the mattress can be adjusted. When your baby is ready for their first big-kid bed, the Essex converts to a twin-sized bed that features a headboard and a footboard. The modern design of the crib also includes angled feet that come in a natural finish, giving this crib a classy, two-toned appearance.

No nursery is complete without a changing station. Whether you’re using a changing table or the surface of a dresser, you’ll need this changing pad with the cover to keep your baby safe and comfortable during diaper changes. Available in either grey or pink, the changing pad is contoured, easy to clean, and features a safety strap that will help your baby stay secure. The included cover is machine-washable, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

When you invest in products made by Delta Children, you’re getting so much more than furniture. You’re getting peace of mind. You and your children are always in good hands with Delta Children. Add these products to your shopping cart or baby shower registry today.

Essex Mini Crib | Changing Pad with Cover
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81Wn3Cjirrl Sl1500

Having small children is both a blessing and a challenge. If you’re new to parenting, there are going to be days when all you want to do is run. And that’s normal. Just be sure to run with Joovy’s Zoom X2 Double Jogging Stroller. Available in three different colors, this stroller has everything you need to run your stress levels down. Our favorite feature is that the entire stroller weighs less than 30 lbs and can be folded up with only one hand.

Children as young as three months can use this stroller. The stroller will also accommodate two children weighing no more than 50 lbs each. The five-point harness will keep them secure inside while you’re enjoying your time outside. And because Joovy understands that children of all ages have to have their favorite things, the Zoom Double Stroller features a large storage basket that can hold up to 15 lbs of belongings. Not only can you stock it up with diapers, toys, snacks, and more, but the added weight will give you that much more resistance training.

So where can you run to escape your life with your kids in tow? The extra-large air-filled tires on the double stroller were designed to help you conquer any terrain. Trails, theme parks, beaches. No adventure is too small with the Zoom X2 Double Stroller. Just remember, when the temperature outside changes, so does your air pressure. That’s why the Joovy team includes an air pump with every purchase.

Don’t you hate it when you’re traveling with your favorite stroller and then you find out your favorite theme park won’t let you bring it inside? Of course, they conveniently offer you stroller rentals at a cost but wouldn’t it be better if you could use a stroller you knew was clean and you were familiar with? The Joovy team thought of everything when they designed the Zoom X2 Double Jogging Stroller. It was designed with Disney® Theme parks in mind and meets their stroller size requirements.

Stop climbing the walls and start running again! When you purchase the Zoom X2 Double Jogging Stroller, you and your kids will enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Stay jovial with Joovy! Add this to your shopping cart today.

Zoom X2 Lightweight Performance Jogging Double Stroller
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Feltman Brothers

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Are you getting ready for a christening? Do you want to dress your baby in high-quality clothes that are classically designed? Look no further than Feltman Brothers. For over 100 years, the design team at Feltman Brothers has dedicated its talents to creating finely crafted clothing and accessories for baby boys and girls. If you’re celebrating a special moment or getting ready for a family photo, check out this incredible collection!

Give your baby girl a christening gown set she can pass on to her granddaughter when you add the Girls Pearl Embroidery Special Occasion Gown Set to your shopping cart. Made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this gown set is machine washable and won’t shrink or wrinkle. The set includes a gown, slip, and matching hat. A floral wreath embroidery with tiny pearls takes center stage at the top center of this dress. Vertical pintucks and a lace insert are on both sides of the floral wreath embroidery. The trim of the dress is also edged in lace. Classy, elegant, and the perfect family heirloom. Adorn your beautiful baby girl with this gown.

The only item mission from the Girls Pearl Embroidery Special Occasion Gown set is a comfortable pair of booties. Fortunately, Feltman Brothers took care of that. Add the Girl’s Special Occasion Booties to your baby girl’s wardrobe. These vintage-style booties are embellished with French lace trim. They tie in place with delicate white strings.

Just in case your baby’s christening is during cooler weather, layer her beautiful dress with the Girls Special Occasion Cardigan. This knit cardigan features pointelle designs around the sleeves and along the bottom of the sweater. Graceful buttons fasten down the front of the sweater, making it easy to slip on and off – which is a comforting feature – especially if you’re nervous about pulling clothing over your sweet baby’s head. We love the versatility of this sweater. It can be layered over another top or worn by itself as a blouse.

Help her dress her best when you get her this adorable Flutter Sleeve Knit Longall. Made from 100% cotton, this adorable outfit is machine washable. It features button snaps along the crotch, giving you easy access for lightning-fast diaper changes. She’ll love exploring while she’s wearing this. You’ll love how soft and comfortable it is against her skin. We love this in white but just in case white isn’t your favorite…or hers, the Flutter Sleeve Knit Longall is available in three other colors.

When it’s cold outside, you’ll always worry if she’s cold inside. Thankfully, Feltman Brothers had the same thought. For chilly days when you need to know she’s warm, get her the Velour Bow Romper. This vintage-inspired outfit is made from cotton and polyester. It’s machine washable and available in ivory and pink.

And if it’s really cold outside, you’ll want to pair this romper with the matching Velour Hat. The Velour Hat is made from the same fabric as the romper. It’s available in three colors, allowing you to pair it with different outfits. Available in newborn to large sizes, this hat fits infants to toddlers who are 24 months.

Girls Pearl Embroidery Special Occasion Gown Set | Girls Special Occasion Booties | Girls Special Occasion Cardigan | Flutter Sleeve Knit Longall | Velour Bow Romper | Velour Hat
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Ergobaby recently launched their Evolve Home Collection, a series of devices designed to support a family as little ones grow and develop. The newest addition to this collection is the 3-in-1 High Chair. It’s already taken social media by storm!

This amazing device can easily transform from a high chair to a regular seat to a stepstool, all with a few snaps. No tools are needed! The tray is dishwasher-safe, and the materials in this device are carefully chosen for safety and durability. There is a five-point harness to keep your baby safe and secure, and the seat is designed to be ergonomic and adjustable to maintain comfort as your little one grows. Plus, the whole device folds up for easy, compact storage! It also comes in two different colors, based on your preferred aesthetics. Overall, you’ll be so happy using the 3-in-1 High Chair to help keep your child involved, safe, and comfy for several years!

Ergobaby is headquartered in Los Angeles and is passionately sold by more than 700 retailers across the world. They are a trusted brand when it comes to innovative baby items. Join thousands of parents who have already fell in love with the amazing products from Ergobaby!

Evolve 3-in-1 High Chair
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Tommee Tippee


We all recognize that there never seems to be enough time in the day, particularly when you have children. As such, for those mamas that choose to breastfeed or pump, Tommee Tippee wants to give back, with newborn essentials, some of that time with their new Made For Me™ In-Bra Wearable Breast Pump. No more do moms have to be tied down by the plug – breastfeeding parents can now pump hands—and outlet—free, whenever and wherever.

With ConstantComfort technology, which mimics a baby’s suckling motion for a natural and comfortable pumping experience (rather than a traditional “sawtooth” pressure approach), Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump maintains a baseline pressure in the same way that a baby does when they latch, creating a closer to nature and a gentler pressure pumping experience than other pumps.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Newborn Essentials

As an extension of Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me™ breastfeeding line, this In-Bra Wearable Breast Pump is completely hands-free, portable, discreet, fits into any maternity or nursing bra, and has a convenient 4-hour battery life. It also includes an app that allows mom to control the pump’s settings discreetly, customize the intensity of the massage and express modes, and track how much breastmilk she’s expressed.

Another cool feature of this wearable breast pump is that it has a built-in guide that helps get the nipple in the perfect position for comfort and maximum milk production. Once the milk has been expressed, the attached milk collector is compatible with the Tommee Tippee breast-like Closer to Nature nipples, so parents can feed their baby directly from the pump without having to transfer breastmilk into another bottle.


Dishwasher and sterilizer safe, all accessories, with these newborn essentials, are included with the purchase of the pump, including two flange sizes (four flanges total), two Closer to Nature nipples, two milk collector bottles that are nipple compatible allowing parents to feed baby directly after pumping, and two bra adjusters so you can extend the size of your cup while pumping. The pump also comes with a free virtual 20-minute 1:1 product training session so you can fully utilize all the features of the Tommee Tippee Made for You Wearable Breast Pump.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Tommee Tippee 5

Once you are done pumping, go beyond soap and water to fully sterilize all the components. Tommee Tippee’s Ultra UV 3-in-1 Sterilizer, Dryer, and Storage can make your life a little easier in taking care of your baby’s health. The name itself is self-explanatory; it uses advanced UV light to eradicate 99 percent of hazardous bacteria and germs without the use of harsh chemicals or heat. You can activate different settings based on your needs. You can choose between sterilize-only, dry-only, or auto mode, which completes the process in 60 minutes.

Additionally, you can leave the milk bottles and nipples in storage until you need them again to protect them from pollen, dust, and outdoor allergens and toddler’s sticky fingers! So, get yours Ultra UV 3-in-1 and ensure your little angel is safe from bacteria, germs, and any other undesirables that don’t need to be there.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Tommee Tippee 1

All of your newborn essentials are right here with Tommee Tippee!

Made for You Wearable Breast Pump | Tommee Tippee UV 3 in 1 Sterilizer for Baby Bottles
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Mamaroo Custom 2

If you’re expecting your first child (or even your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th), you may have walked by 4Moms’ NEW mamaRoo multi-motion baby swing and wondered if it’s really that necessary. We believe it is! The mamaRoo is the only multi-motion “swing” that moves as you do – bouncing up and down and swaying from side to side, just like any parent would do to comfort their new baby. Inspired by you, the motions of this swing mimic your natural rhythms and movements to become the most familiar space to safely put your baby down when your arms need a break.

Other baby swings on the market claim to provide similar motions, but the mamaRoo does it with unbelievable style in three fully washable fabric options. With five different motion settings that mimic Mom’s (or Dad’s) natural movement (including car ride for those babies who only seem to fall asleep in the car, kangaroo, rock-a-bye, and wave), five different speeds, and four different sounds, even the most difficult babies can find a combination of motion, speed, and sound that works for their mood. These settings can be controlled via the large and intuitive LCD panel or your smart device.

Furthermore, with the new Find Your Roo feature in the 4moms app, parents can adjust the motion and speed combination most like their own to create a seamless transition from their arms to the swing. With smart-home features such as Bluetooth and voice control compatibility, parents can pair the mamaRoo with their Amazon Alexa (Google Home coming soon), allowing the MamaRoo to integrate into their home and life.

One of the most interesting features of the mamaRoo is that it can be adjusted into any position your baby likes. As a newborn, your baby may prefer a full recline. However, as your baby gets closer to the six-month mark, he or she may prefer to sit more upright. Whatever the case, sometimes a fraction of an inch makes all the difference between a happy baby and a crying baby, and the adjustable bar allows you to find that perfect fit for maximum comfort.

In addition to motion, sound, and recline features, the mamaRoo also includes a mobile with 2-sided plush, removable and washable balls. This mobile is designed to stimulate young infants’ brains with a black-and-white design for younger infants (infant’s eyes are not capable of processing a 3-dimensional view of the world or being able to see in color until around five months of age), as well as colorful patterns for older infants.

Mamaroo Custom 5

We think the 4Moms’ mamaRoo is a no-brainer when it comes to baby gear, and we think you’ll agree. This product should be on every parent’s newborn essentials list.

NEW mamaRoo multi-motion baby swing
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Tiny Traveler

Daily Mom Parent Portal Newborn Essentials

Did I buckle the baby into the car seat? The baby’s too quiet. Did I put the baby in the car? Is the baby sleeping? Babies bring so much joy and love into your heart. But they also bring sleep deprivation and random thoughts guaranteed to drive you crazy. Before you slam on your brakes or get into a car accident trying to check on your little one while driving, get the Tiny Traveler Baby Car Monitoring System. This 5-inch, HD, touch-screen camera replaces the baby car mirror.

How does this camera help parents keep their eyes on both the baby and the road? We’re so glad you asked! The camera mounts to the headrest the baby faces. The digital display has a suction cup that sticks to the windshield – similar to a GPS, allowing parents to glance at the baby as needed without taking their eyes off the road. With four hours of battery life, parents will have plenty of time to drive the baby around until they fall asleep.

Speaking of nighttime car rides, the HD camera has night vision, allowing you to see your baby without turning on the dome lights in your car. Don’t let new-parent anxiety make you crazy! Add the Tiny Traveler HD Baby Car Monitoring system to your newborn essentials list or baby registry today!

Tiny Traveler HD Baby Car Monitoring System
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Petunia Pickle Bottom

Ppb Backpack 1

When picking out a diaper bag, there are several things to consider. Hangbag or backpack? Luxurious or practical? Will it hold all the things? Will it make your life easier? Luckily, Petunia Pickle Bottom has newborn essentials for every mama, but we particularly love the new Boxy Backpack in Brioche.

This backpack is the perfect accessory for the stylish Mom-on-the-Go. Whether running errands or attempting a family outing, this brioche leatherette backpack has plenty of room for newborn essentials busy Moms need.

Ppb Backpack 4

Designed with mom in mind, the Boxy backpack is spacious enough to carry all of your newborn essentials, but it’s still not bulky. It’s so sleek that it could pass for a professional bag. And the pockets – so many pockets! There’s a built-in padded diaper changing station included, but we find that even after your baby is out of diapers and wipes, you’ll find that there’s a space for everything. With Backpack straps, a removable tote strap for two-way carrying, stroller straps, a washable interior, and a felt-lined pocket for your phone, you can truly have it all!

Ppb Backpack 8

The Boxy Backpack is stylish, soft, and strong enough to help Mom stay tough and be prepared throughout her day, making this backpack the perfect “diaper bag” packed with all the newborn essentials and personal affects for any of the new Moms in your life!

Boxy Backpack in Brioche
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Bibs Ss22 Babyglassbottle Lifestyle Model 8

For over 40 years, the team behind Bibs has worked diligently to create and sell quality baby products internationally. Say goodbye to plastic baby bottles that stain and retain an unpleasant odor from heavy use. Say hello to glass baby bottles that are chemical-free, odor-free, and easy to clean. Say hello to these glass bottles by Bibs!

For babies ages, 4 months and up, gift their parents this Complete Baby Bottle Bundle. The set features three glass bottles with a 225 ml capacity – or 7.6 ounces. The nipples feature an anti-colic design, aimed at preventing unnecessary discomfort that can be caused during bottle-feeding. The durable glass used is borosilicate glass which is thermal-shock resistant. You won’t have to worry about the glass shattering when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Each bottle in the set comes in a different color: Dusky Lilac, Ivory, and Blush.

If you’re expecting a baby or are shopping for someone who is, surprise them with this Complete Baby Bottle Bundle. The bundle features three glass bottles. Each glass bottle in this set can hold up to 110ml or 3.7 oz of formula or breastmilk – perfect for babies ages newborn to one month old. The nipple features an anti-colic design, preventing any stomach irritation that can be caused by bottle feeding. The bottles are made from borosilicate glass that is thermal-shock resistant and durable.

Complete Baby Bottle Bundle 225ml | Complete Baby Bottle Bundle 110ml 
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The Endless Weekender Diaper Bag is perfect for the Mom on the go, whether traveling with a little one or enjoying a girls’ trip without the kiddos. The best part of the Weekender Bag is the wide frame opening making it easy to pack all your newborn essentials and see everything in the bag. The wide frame stays up and opens as you pack the bag. An optional fold-up divider helps keep your items organized.

The beautiful sleek, black bag boasts 14 pockets, a handy packing cube, and a detachable cross-body strap. Of course, it comes with a wipe-clean changing pad, and 4 of the interior pockets are insulated for bottles. The polyester bag has protective bottom feet and faux leather trim.

The roomy bag is 19.5 inches long by 10.25 inches wide by 14 inches tall. It’s the perfect bag for everything from toys, clothing, and other newborn essentials for you and your little one for a terrific weekend of travel. Now all you have to do is plan your adventure with all your newborn essentials at your finger tips ready to go!

Endless Weekender Diaper Bag
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Tumbum 4

As a Mom, the only way you can get great sleep is when your baby sleeps soundly. And if your baby has been coughing nonstop, keeping you up all night, “great” sleep is like a fantasy dream that you can’t seem to partake in! We’ve been talking about all the newborn essentials you need, but once they become toddlers – that’s where the Incline Tum and Bum come into play – get ready to sleep again, Mommas! This innovative Sleeper will come in handy for those little ones who have difficulty breathing comfortably while asleep when they are all stuffed up.

With its inclined angle and firm surface, Tum and Bum eliminate any discomfort from all respiratory infections and promotes smoother breathing and rest for your babe. Additionally, both sides have to hold handles to make carrying easier from room to room. Which makes it ideal for your little gamers too!

Lounge and sit back while the littles keep their bodies comfortably positioned while watching or gaming.

This sleeper chair is also available in three eye-catching colors. The chair is also simple to clean, as all you need to do is grab a tissue or towel and disinfect the area. Whether sleeping, lounging, or just being, Tum&Bum is there for ALL parents when they need it most! This is one of the most useful newborn essentials you’ll eventually need!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Tumbum

Tum&Bum Incline Sleeper
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Etta Loves

Daily Mom Parents Portal Chicco Carseat

This playmat will take tummy time to a whole new level! Etta Loves, a company dedicated to making sensory-friendly products, is offering this stunning reversible playmat, with a colorful leopard print on one side and black-and-white dalmatian print on the other. It is made with soft organic cotton and it’s padded for extra comfort. It’s also machine-washable and 39 inches in diameter. Etta Loves’ consultant orthoptist helped design this mat to support babies’ visual, physical, and cognitive development in their first year. It’s beautiful and useful, a win for parents everywhere!

Animal Print Playmat
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Tabor Place

The use of plastic cups should be avoided around children or in general due to the potential for contamination. And if you’re confused about what to switch to instead, Tabor Place is the answer. These sippy cups are not only made from glass, but the potential of your toddler breaking them is pretty much nil! The Luca Sippy Cups are incredibly durable borosilicate glass, making them the healthiest option for appeasing your child’s little tummy. The glass is shielded by a shock-absorbent silicone lining, making it shatter-proof and guaranteeing your child’s protection in the event of a fall.

Moreover, it offers extra ease for your baby as the silicon straw extends to the bottom, allowing them to gulp every last drop comfortably. You can peek through the bottle’s measuring scale to check if your baby’s food tank is about to deplete. The Luca double set offers two extraordinary bottles in striking colors. If you wish to buy only one, you can get The Luca – Single. On the other hand, the set of 2 small cups is excellent for toddlers exploring the fun of grabbing things on their own.

The Luca – Double Set | The Mini Cups – Set of 2 | The Luca – Single
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Lillebaby 9

If you have any plans to babywear, look no further than LILLEbaby‘s Complete Airflow. Designed to be comfortable for both baby and parent, the Airflow’s full-body breathable mesh design provides breathable comfort while allowing Mom and Dad to snuggle up with their babies while tackling all of life’s adventures, even in the warmest climates.

Available in several color options, the LILLEbaby Complete Airflow has three different seat settings (narrow, medium, and wide) and multiple carrying capabilities (front fetal, front inward facing, front-outward facing, hip, and back) depending on your baby’s development.

But, the best feature of the Complete Airflow is the adjustable straps and lumbar support. Carrying babies can be exhausting and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. With this design, you won’t think twice about scooping up your little one for a ride. The Complete Airflow is also “complete” with plenty of convenient pockets for parents to stash “their necessities” so they can have their hands free. The LILLEbaby Complete Airflow baby carriers are newborn essentials that give for years as it’s durable, stylish, and grow with your little bundle of joy.

LILLEbaby Complete Airflow
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81Ja4Ery 4L Sl1500

Unsure of what newborn essentials to give the new Mom in your life? Lansinoh has some great ideas to help cross off some of her most pressing registry needs, including the Breastfeeding Essentials Kit. This one simple kit is great as a baby shower gift and includes everything a Mom needs to start breastfeeding with confidence.

Soothe and protect sore nipples with Lansinoah’s all-natural Lanolin Nipple Cream. Relieve breast pain with hot and cold Breast Therapy Packs. Prevent leaks and stay confident with super absorbent Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads (48). Collect every drop of breastmilk hands-free with the Silicone Breast Pump (you can use it on the opposite breast while you breastfeed). And safely store and freeze milk in Breastmilk Storage Bags (25) reinforced with a double zipper seal.

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You might also include the Lansinoh Nursie Breastfeeding Pillow along with the kit above for a complete breastfeeding care package for your list of newborn essentials. This nursing pillow can be taken anywhere mom and baby need to go. It’s soft, but the firm core helps support proper breastfeeding positioning without pressing on Mom’s sensitive stomach (particularly if she’s had a c-section).

Breastfeeding Essentials Kit | Nursie Breastfeeding Pillow
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Little Unicorn

Little Unicorn Cotton Squares 1

If you’re looking for practical newborn essentials to make life a little easier with your new baby, let us introduce you to Little Unicorn’s *NEW* Cotton Muslin Squares! These squares are approximately half the size of their best-loved swaddles and fit neatly into any diaper bag. Made from 100% premium cotton muslin that’s soft on baby’s skin, these versatile Squares are designed to handle any need while on the go, including a lightweight blanket, nursing cover, drying washcloth, and more! Available in a variety of artisan prints, the Squares come in packs of 4, and their giftable packaging makes for a perfect baby shower present.

Another baby product we can’t get enough of is Little Unicorn’s Cotton Muslin Car Seat Cover. Redesigned for better fit, function, and style, this lightweight and airy car seat canopy will protect your baby from the elements and keep them snoozing as you go from one place to another. Redesigned with a stretch band to fit snugly around your car seat for a more secure fit that won’t budge, the conveniently designed peek-a-boo window has silent, magnetic closures that make it even easier to peek while your baby snoozes.

Cotton Muslin Squares | Cotton Muslin Car Seat Cover
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Tubby Todd

Dry skin and eczema can be unbearable. The team behind Tubby Todd understands this. Since 2014, they’ve worked tirelessly to create newborn essentials, including soaps and lotions to help soothe dry, irritated skin that’s safe for infants and toddlers. Check out our favorites!

Are you shopping for newborn essentials? If so, help your friends celebrate their new baby when you give them The Baby Bundle. The Baby Bundle includes shampoo and body wash; lotion; a fragrance-free, all-over ointment, and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Rash Paste. We love that Tubby Todd uses natural, cruelty-free ingredients in all of its products. The Baby Bundle is available in two sizes: 8.5 and 25 ounces. It’s also available in three different scents: lavender and rosemary, unscented and raspberry.

Make bath time for your little one fun when you add one of Tubby Todd’s fun bath bombs to the tub. The Bath Bomb Bundle features three bath bombs made from plant-based ingredients that moisturize your toddler’s skin. Your little one will love watching the bath bomb bubble, swirl, and fizz once it hits the water.

The Baby Bundle | The Bath Bomb Bundle
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Momi Bottles

Even if you plan to breastfeed, oftentimes, you need to have a few bottles on hand for those moments when you want to step away. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many bottles that claim to simulate the breastfeeding experience don’t always live up to their expectations…until now. Momi’s NEW revolutionary baby bottles are engineered like a woman’s breast, so they actually mimic a mother’s body to reduce any nipple confusion, bottle refusal, and stress.

Check out their 1-bottle Starter Set that includes all three nipple flow rates (slow, medium, fast) along with a 5 oz bottle and nipple cleaning tool to see if Momi works for you!

1-bottle Starter Set
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Moby Wrap

If you have a baby on the way (or you’re shopping for newborn essentials for an expectant mother), you may already be thinking about how you will get anything done once the baby arrives. But if you’re like us, baby wraps are a little intimidating. Simple, safe, and super comfy, the Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier combines the closeness of a baby wrap with the ease of a baby carrier, making baby-wearing easier than ever before.

Designed to slip on like a t-shirt and buckle at the sides, the Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier easily adjusts and accommodates all sizes of parents and caregivers to offer hands-free convenience, plus two positions for carrying your baby. We find that Moby is by far the sweetest and easiest way to carry your baby during those first few months! This super comfy carrier should be on every new parent’s newborn essentials list.

Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier
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Pink Stork

Pink Stork, a company founded and led by women who understand the difficulties and complications mothers face, strives to provide a quick and straightforward solution to lactation issues in the shape of a Nursing bundle. The Nursing Bundle comprises three crucial products to facilitate and support lactation. Fenugreek and anise, two ingredients in Lactation Tea, increase the flow and production of natural milk, making it easier to extract the milk smoothly. Lactation Sweets containing milk thistle stimulate the mammary glands and increase milk production. Moreover, the alfalfa in the Total Lactation ensures that your baby angel receives the most nutritious and best-tasting breast milk.

So, whether you have a baby on your way or someone in your friends and family, this Nursing Bundle is one of the best newborn essentials every Mom needs!

Nursing Bundle
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Millie Moon

Welcome to Millie Moon Diapers – the perfect choice for your little one’s comfort. At Millie Moon, they understand just how important it is to keep your precious bundle of joy dry, comfortable and secure. Their diapers have been specially designed with efficient absorption technology to lock wetness away and keep your baby feeling dry for up to 12 hours.

The convenient wetness indicator will show when it’s time for a fresh diaper, so you can easily take care of business and keep your little one feeling good all day long. And if that wasn’t enough, they also feature double leak guards plus a snug and high waist and secure grip tabs so blowouts can be avoided while a cozy and comfortable fit is ensured. With a pH-Balanced Layer and Dermatologically Tested, rest assured that the Millie Moon Diapers are gentle on sensitive baby skin. Make sure your little one stays happy, cushioned, and comfortable with Millie Moon Diapers!

Millie Moon Luxury Diapers
Millie Moon | Facebook | Instagram

Rascal + Friends

Rascal And Friends Diapers

Every parent needs a diaper that can handle the realities of parenthood. Rascal + Friends’ premium diapers take care of the mess so we can fully enjoy those precious moments. These diapers aren’t just another variation of what we’ve seen in the past. They don’t include any harsh chemicals, latex, lotions, or fragrances. Instead, they only use feather-soft materials and water-based inks that are dermatologically certified to be safe and ultra-gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Give them a try! These premium diapers should be on every parent’s newborn essentials list.

Premium Diapers
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KeaBabies is a well-trusted brand for all your newborn essentials! They have innovative, thoughtful products, like this compact diaper-changing mat. You can easily fit in a diaper and other newborn essentials, so you can simply grab this and go with the removable carrying strap! Or, keep it as a backup in your car for those last-minute diaper emergencies. It’s lightweight and neutral in color, making it a great accessory for all parents. KeaBabies is so confident in their products, like this one, that they offer free shipping, a money-back guarantee, and a warranty.

EZEE Diaper Changing Mat
KeaBabies | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Our goal at Daily Mom is to alleviate your stress of finding the best newborn essentials by assembling this guide. We have done all the heavy lifting to find products that you would need the most, including compact changing pads, diapers that will keep babies dry for up to 12 hours, baby bottles, and comfy blankets. Use our newborn essentials list and click on the products you need, and they will be delivered right to your door. This way, you can spend time enjoying your new bundle of joy. 




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