Breastfeeding Snacks For Mom: Uncommon Foods That Can Upset Your Breastfed Baby

When picking out your breastfeeding snacks there are a few things you might want to know about what could upset your new baby’s tummy.  Most new moms have heard that certain foods you might eat can affect their baby negatively through breast milk, such as dairy, spicy foods, and gluten. However, do you know about the uncommon food items your new baby could be sensitive to? From certain meats, and fruits, to even cucumbers, and more, there are a lot of foods that might be the culprit of your new baby’s upset tummy that you might not know about.  

Fruit as a Breast-Feeding Snack

Breastfeeding Snacks For Mom: Uncommon Foods That Can Upset Your Breastfed Baby

Fruit is one of the perfect, self-contained breastfeeding snacks, however, there are some fruits that could cause an upset tummy. Breastmilk is the most nutrient-dense food you can feed your newborn.  At the same time, babies’ tummies are still maturing and often certain foods can cause a reaction in them.  Keep this in mind when eating and picking out your breastfeeding snacks.  Everything you eat gets passed along to your baby, even the smallest bite of food you eat could negatively affect your baby.

So before you reach for the apricot, keep this in the back of your mind especially if your baby is showing any signs of a food reaction in your baby.  These signs could be but are not limited to-fussiness, gassy baby, colic-like symptoms, uncomfortable, spitting up, additional night wakings, and/or slow weight gain. 

The fiber in apricots is great if you need to move things along and is high in vitamins, however, that extra fiber can be hard on a baby’s small digestive tract.  Prunes are also a natural laxative, which is great postpartum as your body gets back to its normal rhythm, but make sure you are cognizant of how much you are consuming as your breastfeeding snacks.  

The high sorbitol amount in peaches can have the same effect as well.  Sorbitol can also be found in toothpaste, sugar-free foods, and some medications, a not-so-hidden ingredient that could cause upset.  Pears also contain sorbitol, high levels of fructose, and pectin (a type of soluble fiber) which can cause bloat or other colic symptoms.  If you are craving a sweet treat and avoiding refined sugar, dates can be a great substitute for your breastfeeding snacks.  

Be cautious of citrus as well, babies are unable to digest the acid found in oranges, tangerines, lemons, and limes.  Other fruits that are high in acid are tomatoes, pineapple, cherries strawberries, and raspberries.  Pork can also be high in acid, depending on how it is prepared, if bacon is a favorite breakfast food, you might need to take a look at that as well.  Alkaline fruits such as bananas and apples are great breastfeeding snacks that can be easily eaten with one hand, a must for nursing moms!

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Vegetables and Starches to Be Aware Of 

Breastfeeding Snacks For Mom: Uncommon Foods That Can Upset Your Breastfed Baby

Vegetables are a must in your daily diet, especially for nursing moms who need to eat nutrient-dense foods to pass on to their babies.  Breastfeeding snacks that you can eat with one hand and don’t need to open a package are ideal, but some veggies could be the cause of your baby’s unease. 

You have probably heard that corn is hard to digest and this goes for adults as well, this is due to the cellulose found in corn.  The cellulose in corn is a fiber that humans can not digest, even if you are not a huge fan of corn, corn is found in a lot of gluten-free items, can be found on pizza crust, and don’t forget tortillas, tortilla chips and popcorn of course.  

If you are a fan of garlic and onions, you might need to revisit your favorite fragrant ingredient.  Babies are unable to break down the garlic and it can cause discomfort, on the flip side, garlic can help increase your milk supply and output.  Onions have high levels of fiber and fructans, which is considered to be a probiotic.  Minimal onions generally don’t cause too much discomfort, but you should be aware if your baby is showing signs of food sensitivities.  

You have probably heard that gas-producing vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, bell peppers, onions, and cauliflower can be passed on to babies.  Did you also know that cucumbers are in that same category?  If munching on these vegetables with dip was one of your go-to breastfeeding snacks, you might need to find something new to grab instead.  Be wary of carbonated drinks as well, the extra gas from the carbonation can also upset your little one.  Pair your breastfeeding snacks with plain water instead.  

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How to Spot the Signs of an Upset Tummy and What You Can Do

Breastfeeding Snacks For Mom: Uncommon Foods That Can Upset Your Breastfed Baby

A mother’s intuition is the best thing you can have when it comes to taking care of your baby.  It is strong, powerful, and real, if you think something is off with your baby, there probably is something.  If your baby seems off and can’t seem to be calmed, or mellowed, or has other issues, food sensitivity could be the issue. Some signs to look out for are fussiness, gassy, loose stools, colic, uncomfortable, blood or mucus in stool, spitting up, reflux, uncommon night wakings, and slow weight gain.

  It may just be one food or group of foods or it could be many, every baby is different and the good news is that most babies will grow out of the food sensitivities as they are not allergic. Surprisingly babies are not usually born with allergies, they actually develop as they get older.

With everything including an elimination diet, it will take time for everything to get out of your system.  The “easiest” way to do an elimination diet is to eliminate all possible culprits from your diet and then slowly add one back in at a time.  Or you can keep a food log, logging all meals and breastfeeding snacks and your baby’s reaction following nursing sessions.  Always consult your doctor if any of these issues get worse or don’t seem to get better despite eliminating items from your diet.

It is also important to know that when picking your breastfeeding snacks, don’t overdo it on any one food.  Just as with adults, too much of any one food can upset your tummy, the same thing can happen with babies.   Keep a close eye on your baby following nursing sessions to see if there are any adverse reactions. Also, know that most food sensitivities are short-term issues, babies usually grow out of most if not all of them. It is just another phase you will have to get through!

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Breastfeeding snacks are an important part of your daily routine while nursing your new baby.  You will need to make sure you stay well hydrated as well as well nourished.  Picking the healthiest breastfeeding snacks for both you and your baby is important.  Keep an eye out for the warning signs and make sure you follow your mother’s intuition, mom truly knows best!

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Breastfeeding Snacks For Mom: Uncommon Foods That Can Upset Your Breastfed Baby

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