31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Whether you’re looking for a few last-minute additions to your Haunted House, replacing old Halloween Decorations, or trying to add a touch of Halloween chic to your home without overdoing it, we have 31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations that will take this year’s decor from boring to boo-tiful in no time!

Spooky & Fun Halloween Decorations


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Turn your lawn into a spooky cemetery with a few tombstones to make for the perfect creepy entrance into your haunted home. Planning a haunted house? Pick up a couple of these packs to create a whole haunted graveyard area – just add bodies!


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Whether with real flames or fake, candles are sure to set the spooky mood. Here are a few that can take your Halloween décor from Happy to Haunting! These no-fire votives are great for all of your Halloween decoration needs. Stick these in your spooky lanterns, use them as a safe way to keep your jack-o-lanterns lit, or line them up along a walkway to guide guests to your door.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Looking to give someone a fright this Halloween? Pick up a couple of these color-changing bloody bathmat Halloween decorations that are great for giving unsuspecting guests a good scare! Just be sure to remove them before Grandma gets there!


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Point your visitors in the right or wrong direction with spooky yard signs. These are great additions for haunted houses or regular houses wanting to look haunted. Use these along a walkway to lead your guests to where the frights await.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Halloween just isn’t the same without a few dead bones hanging around. Be sure to get a skeleton, or pieces of one, to add to your arsenal of Halloween decorations. This pair makes a scary/cute addition to any mantle or entry table.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Ditch Casper in favor of some of these not-so-friendly ghost decorations this Halloween! This ghost is a great way to take advantage of a tree in your yard. Try hanging a few ghosts from the branches as well to give a sense of a supernatural flight.

Throw Pillows

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Throw pillows offer the right amount of cute or chic Halloween décor to set the Halloween mood without being tacky or gaudy. The best part is that with these throw pillow covers, you can repurpose your regular throw pillows by dressing them up for the season!

Outdoor Tree Decorations

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Got a great tree in your front yard? Dress it up for Halloween with these fun tree wraps. Show your guests and neighbors that you aren’t an amateur by taking your front yard to the next level.

Mantle Décor

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

If you’ve got a mantle, use it! Try one of these mantle coverings to add a bit of haunted house charm to your living space. Use this black drape for an Addams Family feel, or cover your mantle in spiderwebs for a Tales from the Crypt look.

Fog Machine

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

What spooky house would be complete without a fog machine? Add one of these to your haunted house for an extra element of mystery. Set it to run automatically and it will create 2,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. Just be sure to stock up on fog fluid to keep the party going!

Halloween Doormats

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Doormats are a great way to let your visitors know you are in the spirit… or to scare their socks off! This doormat is a sure way to scare your guests with a number of spooky sounds that activate when stepped on.

Fantasy Decor  

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Looking for Halloween décor that’s more fantastical than frightful? Start with this color-changing crystal ball and you’ll be headed in the right direction. This little ball is perfect for an entry table. Just be sure to stock up on AAA batteries!

Halloween Trees

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Large or small, trees are trendy for every holiday. Check out this little black tree to add to your tabletop décor for Halloween. The 48 purple LED lights turn on with the magic of 4 AA batteries.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Got Zombie fans at home? Satisfy their imaginations with body parts like these hanging around the house for Halloween. The long plastic chain makes for easy hanging so feel free to move them around for maximum effect.

Halloween Doorknob Covers

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

This doorknob cover is the perfect addition to a hair-raising Halloween home! Shake hands with this door zombie every time you enter the house or move the hand to random doors to scare unsuspecting family members.

Small Scale Animatronics

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

This crawling monster hand is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party as it makes its way through the room on its own. It is sound activated so be sure to keep track so that no one steps on your hand.

Creepy Kitchen Microwave Decoration

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Who says all the decorations have to be outside? This kitchen microwave decoration is perfect for those fun Halloween parties or creepy haunted houses. You’ll look like you’re frying a zombie’s head just in time for appetizers.

Bloody Unrestroom Sign

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Warn your guests that before they under the restroom, they might not be coming out. Rest(room)in peace.

Glitter Bat and Gauze Kit

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Decorate your mantel with creepy cobwebs and bats coming out of the chimney with this gauze web and glittery bats kit. It’s a simple add to make your Halloween home even creepier.

Bloody Bathroom Toilet Paper

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Nothing is safe- not even the bathroom. Someone was in there before, and with the looks of this blood-spattered toilet paper it looks like they didn’t make it out. Creep out your guests with the bloody toilet paper- they will never look at another roll the same again.

Disco Mirror Ball

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Halloween parties don’t have to all be creepy and scary. Do the monster mash with this 16” mirror ball. Your guests will be dancing the night away as it spins and creates a beautiful light show all around.

Blinking Cat Eyes Light Projection

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

If an easy light show is your thing, this Blinking Cat Eyes Light Projection is simple to install and adds an especially spooky look to your outdoor decor. Keep it on for trick-or-treaters or as your guests arrive to your Halloween party.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Your door sets the tone for the décor in your home. Show your guests your Halloween style at first sight with one of these door wreaths. Halloween decorations on your door are also a sign that your place might be a good place for trick or treaters to score some candy.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Nothing says Halloween quite like a jack-o-lantern. Add a couple of these to your Halloween decorations and avoid the mess of carving one out. These could also be used as a stand-in until closer to Halloween when you carve your own unique jack-o-lantern.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations
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These window decals and stickers are a quick and easy way to show your Halloween spirit without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time. They are a great way for little ones to get in on the decorating fun as well. Your little one will appreciate not getting in trouble for ‘decorating’ the walls in the house.

Halloween Lights

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Lights add the perfect touch to any season’s décor but make this Halloween especially festive with a projection light perfect for the occasion. From generic small bulbs to hanging ghosts and pumpkins, to lighted projections, these lights will be sure to thrill your neighbors and trick-or-treaters this year. These projector lights are also a no-fuss way to light up Halloween without the trouble of having to hang up strings of lights.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Spiderwebs add an eerie factor to all Halloween décor – Arachnophobia anyone? Add these to your bushes, porches, and doors to let people know they are entering a dreadful abode. These web packs are filled with easy to use stretchy material that will stick to almost any edge, corner, or branch. The spiders add an extra bit fear-factor to the Halloween decor.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Spiders can make almost anyone jump if you have the right one. Check out these creepy arachnids to frighten even the bravest in your group. Channel Hollywood horror with these larger than life spiders or have your guests asking themselves whether or not the spiders are real with smaller, more realistic versions.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations
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Garland is one of the most inexpensive ways to add bling or boo factors to your       Halloween décor and it comes in a variety of designs. Jazz up your doorway, bannister, or porch column with some of these garland picks! Simply wrap, drape, or hang your garland for instant party decor.


31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

What office would be complete without a spooky Halloween mug to use for your daily dose of caffeine? These mugs are sure to attract attention or warn others to beware! Show off your Halloween spirit with a spooky mug like this one.

Candy Bowl

31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations
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If you plan on handing out treats to the little ghouls and goblins in your neighborhood, be sure to get a candy bowl that looks good and holds enough treats to get you through the night. This animated candy bowl doubles as entertainment. Watch as candy-grabbing guests give a jump when the skeleton reacts to their motions.

No matter what style of Halloween decorations you choose, have fun with it! Get yourself, your spouse and even the kids in the decorating mood to celebrate the changing foliage, the cooler weather, and the beginning of a fun-filled holiday season. Cheers and Happy Halloween!


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31 Must-Have Halloween Decorations



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